Captain America: Why Assassin’s Creed is Underrated (Spoilers)

Assassin’s Creed is a film that I was hyped for ever since I played my first AC game (Assassin’s Creed II) before it was even announced there would be a film. I always thought a film would be great and when it was announced, you bet I was hyped af. Then Fassbender joined, great. Then Kurzel joined as director, ok. Then trailers, interesting. Then reviews… riiiiight. Then came watching the film and would you believe it, I liked it and it would seem everyone but me and my father hate it.

But then it occurred to me that these people who hated this film are the same people who loved Captain America: The Overrated and Sloppy Civil War. Each to there own, it’s just hard when you like something, to see why others hate it. Or hating something others love and can’t see why they feel this way. I think Assassin’s Creed is a new and unique action thriller that isn’t afraid to go dark and stay dark with hardly any sign at all of relief. Whenever things started to get tedious outside of the animus, they went back in and gave us our dose of action. Most importantly what this film did which I think everyone is missing, is that it kept us wanting. It draws us into the animus for sequences of action and pulls us out (having introduced us to this fantastic and forgotten works), leaving us wanting more, and getting that each time they re-enter it. 

People say to keep us in the past. If that happened, it wouldn’t be Assassin’s Creed. Having a present time story line and going back in time using the animus is part of the magic of the series and is what sets it apart from other game franchises and/ or franchises in general. I’ve even heard the idea of having the first issue in the movie franchise to be set in the past and then introduce the animus in the second. This would be so jarring for a non gamer audience and may be so for the gamer audience also.

The action I thought was filmed well and I could always tell what was happening. This is not Megaton style bad. People expect super polished fights now, just like in Civil War. I felt no tension in the airport battle as the action just flowed too well (like a prequel lightsaber battle) and you just knew they weren’t really full on going at each other. I believe, the tag line for Civil War was ‘choose a side’. Not even the characters chose a side. It meant nothing. The action in Assassin’s Creed was intense, with every swing of a sword or spear and every jump from a building to another, it felt real. 

Just because it isn’t sparkling clean looking and owned by Disney doesn’t mean it’s a bad film! Do I prefer the Assassin’s Creed film to Rogue One? Yes. Another overrated, tension lacking, slightly pointless blockbuster. Assassin’s Creed is dark and gritty. It’s different. Get over your CGI ridden films. Yes AC had CGI but so did Civil War and Rogue One had AC did it just as well as them so SHHH! Don’t say it’s bad because it isn’t. It’s utilised very well and enhances the immersion of the Spanish Inquisition (the past). Music being loud is good. They are complaining the film is too loud. You’re in the cinema! It needs to be loud! If the music isn’t getting you in your stomach then your cinema or the film you are watching falls in comparison to Jed Kurzel’s score here. 

People say the films end, makes the film pointless. One film springs to mind here… CIVIL WAR! A letter from Cap to Tony saying everything is sound, then Cap coming to break everyone out of the prison. What was all that for? Civil War = Fight, new characters, fight, twist, fight = Nothing changes. Assassin’s Creed = Fight, new characters, fight, twist, fight = The Assassin’s are reborn and the Templars are onto them, the rivalry endures! Why can’t you see this world? Let go of your Marvel filled eyes and look at other ways films can be made. 

We don’t need charismatic protagonists in order to carry a story. We can have dark and tortured ones too. Take down your Steve Rodgers shrines and lets go out and experience a new style of action/ adventure film this new year. AC RULES!!!


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  1. Jason Munn says:

    Totally agree. You’re not the only one who feels this way. I think Assassin’s Creed hit too close to home regarding society’s power brokers and that’s why it is being overly derided. Just take note of the films that seem unusually attacked over the last several years. More often than not it’s because they have a subversive undercurrent. I love the film.


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