Dunkirk IMAX Exclusive Clip Discussion (Potential Spoilers)

So last night I went to see Rogue One again at my local IMAX. Unbeknown to me I and the rest of my theatre were treated to an exclusive (I think) clip from Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Dunkirk. I have heard of a clip from the film being released in selected cinemas to be shown with Rogue One but I had no idea my cinema would be selected. Nevertheless I saw the clip and this is what I remember from it…

It opens on a beach with some soldiers, carrying an injured/ dead body on a medic bed. They walk through a crowd of soldiers and cross a wooden plank over a broken bridge. The soldiers cheer as they make it across. A young boy is helping out Mark Rylance and another boy with their boat. The boat begins to leave without the first young boy but he jumps on. The second boy asks the first “Do you know where we’re going?” as if he is stating the obvious. Tom Hardy seems to be playing a pilot and he and two other pilots take down a plane while Hardy’s plane is hit. We see the back of what seems to be Kenneth Branagh’s character (I can’t remember if we see the front of him). Then we are presented with shot from the trailer where a bomb seems to be nearing and a whole group of soldiers brace themselves. Also, Tom Hardy’s plane’s engine runs out but the trailer ends before we see what happens.

A ticking sound is played all throughout the background of the clip and gets faster as the clip progresses. It isn’t an ordinary ticking sound though, it may even be Hans Zimmer’s score. If it is it is amazing and works so well with this clip. It looks like we may be exploring multiple different storylines at once with the story which is great. It reminds me of Spielberg’s War Horse but instead of going from one storyline to the next, we hop back and forth between the story’s as they take place at the same time. Looks like Nolan has an Oscar on his hands! Because Slavery and War films are award magnets.


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