Are Spoiler Free Reviews Ruining Movies?

There have been plenty of articles and videos on if trailers are ruining films but I have heard no one bring up whether reviews are ruining films. And I’m talking about spoiler free reviews. They could give audiences false opinions about a film. They could give you relief when an anticipated film of yours gets a  great reaction but then when you see the film and it isn’t as good as what the reviews said and the build up from your expectations were, that it wasn’t as good as it seemed. I had this problem with Rogue One, I don’t seem to like it as much as everyone else and that may be because my expectations were high after the great response. This could have been the same with my Civil War reactions also. But can spoiler reviews improve a film? Maybe. I have taken it upon myself, due to the negative response, to use this film to test my idea.

This morning I watched a spoiler review for Assassin’s Creed and I now know everything that happens. Knowing what happens and knowing that everything that happens is apparently rubbish, my expectations might be low enough to make the film actually good for me. I will have to wait for the 1st of January to find out. Obviously trailers can do the same. I hated the trailers and the money grab sense of Passengers and I saw it and I liked it and it may be because I was expecting absolutely nothing. Which is why from now on, I plan to restrict myself when it comes to reviews and trailers. I will watch teaser trailers to get a feel for the film but will not look into any reviews until after the film so no one else’s opinion is in my mind apart from my own. I’ve watched the teaser for Bladerunner 2049 but I wont look into anything else about it. I hope I continue to do this and I hope it makes films better and saves big moments in the film for the cinema experience.


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  1. librarian25 says:

    Interesting idea. I feel like it’s the hype people create surrounding a film within their reviews are what’s actually giving people higher expectations. I don’t think a simple, this film is good, would leave you with more expectations than, this is the best star wars film yet, would. Personally I haven’t read reviews before seeing a movie unless it’s one I’m questioning, and those spoiler free reviews didn’t affect my experience.


    1. dajawrreview says:

      I have read spoiler free reviews prior to seeing a film I was anticipating (Deadpool) and I completely agreed with everything that was said. But you are right with hype. A positive review can get someone just as hyped for a film as a good looking trailer would. It’s just sometimes it doesn’t live up to the hype and can lead to a disappointing cinema experience. Which is why I’m limiting my exposure to reviews and trailers until I have seen the film and after I have written my review. Thank you for your reply 🙂

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