3 Changes to Improve ROGUE ONE/ Review (Spoilers)


I have seen Rogue One only once and my initial reaction was it’s ‘good’, but the more and more I think about it the more I really want to see it again. However, I can’t watch a film nowadays without wanting to change things. Rogue One is a solid entertaining film, but here are the small changes I would make.

1. Have Vader constantly on their tail throughout the film

Imaging no Vader in trailers and no naming Vader throughout the film adds mystery and anticipation. But, having Vader constantly after them will add urgency to their mission. It could be that we see less of Vader earlier on and more of him is seen as the film progresses, just like in Godzilla (2014) directed by Edwards also. First we see just the aftermath of his destruction. Second we see the destruction but don’t see him or hear him. Third (in the final battle), glimpses and in the background. We wouldn’t see him front on until the scene at the end of the film, giving the Vader hype a massive pay off. We could have a scene of him being ordered by the Emperor to go after them, having the Emperor in the film also. This could be forced and could give away its Vader so maybe not.

2. More Tragic and/ or More Fulfilling Character Deaths 

I don’t think Rogue One is as dark as everyone says it is. I don’t think they really went for it but if they did they would have lost some of their audience. But it’s Star Wars, it’s going to make loads of money so just go for it and make it an R with blood and scary Vader. Having tragic, different and spaced out deaths would be great for the rogue one team. K-2S0 holding off troops to get the plans (like in the film) is perfect. Chirrut while walking to switch could be hit repeatedly by laser fire but the force allows him to continue to walk. Would be sad, honourable and really show how powerful the force is. One death should just be tragic and unjustified. Baze could be crushed by an AT-AT. Tragic and will get the horrors of Star Wars wars across. Bodhi crashes ship into shield controls so ships can help on the ground/ sacrificing himself. One escape pod with room for one person on island could be free. Cassian pushes Jyn in, saving her. He walks out onto the beach as the Death Star destroys the base. An honourable outing for a shady character. 

3. Ending/ Jyn’s Fate

Having one character escape will impact on the films theme of hope. One person survived so there is still hope. Which is great for the way I would have ended it. Jyn will have been wounded by Krennic and seemingly has escaped in the pod. After the Vader scene of awesomeness and ending that there with no Leia we catch up as Jyn is picked up on her escape pod by a rebel ship. They say they are taking her somewhere safe and to patch up her wounds. They tell her she’ll be fine. She asks where they are taking her to be treated. They say “Alderaan”. Ship flies off into the distance of space as we watch on, knowing what inevitably lies ahead for her. END.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 4/5


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