Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Mini Review (Spoilers) 


Dumbledore’s farewell had to be one of the saddest things ever to be in s film ever. It’s done so well that you feel all the emotion. There’s no denying it’s the score that does it and that we all hold our tv remotes in the air every time we watch it. Professor Slughorn is close to Kenneth Branagh for being the funniest professor in Hogwarts. A brilliant performance by a brilliant actor that makes the film for me. It wouldn’t be as rewatchable without Jim Broadbent. Dumbledore and fire… need I say more. And the opening POV deatheater shot is a cool little thing. 


However, this entry into the great series has the slowest pace of all the entries. It’s the performances that carry it but it does drag a lot even when the run time is fairly average for a modern blockbuster. The romance between Harry and Ginny is also pants which is kind of pants but pants keep everything in their place so there’s something good there.

Half Blood Prince – 3.5/5 


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