From Now On (Blog Update)

This is simply a short post on what I plan to do from now on with the future of my blog and what the content/ focus will mainly be.

I have found myself writing reviews for films when I don’t even want to write the reviews. I am finding that writing about films and not necessarily criticising them to be much more fun for myself. This does not mean that I won’t review films. If a film comes out that I feel like I have to review I will. Or, I may simply discuss things about the film. Either way I will continue to write on this blog but not how I have been doing so far. I will however review many films in one post like my previous five in one review. This will allow me to get the review out and not waste time doing something I find myself doing just for the sake of it. 

Also look out for my mini review of Doctor Strange. I’m not going to review Fantastic Beasts as I don’t have much to say about it. I’d give it a 3/5 though. Also I’ll be doing something related to Rogue One eventually. Thanks for understanding, unless you don’t 🙂


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