Most Effective Music in Film (Spoilers) 

A Real Hero by College feat. Electric Youth (Drive)

Driver has wanted nothing through his life than to be a hero. There are times in his life where he thought he was one, but his life always dragged him back down. Seeing no other way out he becomes the hero at a cost; leaving Irene. A single shot shows Driver coming to terms with this, as the song slowly creeps in and he drives off into the night knowing he is a real hero. With Irene knocking on his door and going in for a second knock but deciding not to. They have both accepted it and both have to move on. 

Time by Hans Zimmer (Inception)

Cob has had a horrible life since he started hopping in and out of people’s dreams. His wife committed suicide thinking they were still in a dream and killing themselves would wake them up. Being framed for her death and not being able to see his kids for years. One last thrilling job and he’s free. As Cob wakes from the dream the song begins and doesn’t end till the end of the film. The journey we have been on all coming together with a magnificent piece of music (my favourite composition). 

On the Nature of Daylight by Max Richter (Arrival)

Arrival is a film I only saw one week ago but deeply impacted me nonetheless with its use of this song. Why are the aliens here? To give Dr Louise Banks a gift. What is the gift? Time. Time is non-linear. Knowing her future as/ and her past is the only way to save the world. With the belief her daughter died before the aliens arrived, revealing it is yet to happen and could be avoided, but will start a war… Having Louise accept this and have it happen anyway is truly moving. Topped by the song which makes the scene. 

Main Theme by Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Revenant

Hugh Glass has been torn apart by a bear and has had his son murdered. Having to track across the perilous landscapes alone, just to survive was a long, relentless and tedious journey that can be felt in the score. Every time the music picks up, it fades away. It carried the film for me as it was included many tones and I loved it more each time. The song is 2:41 long but never bores. It perfectly describes Hugh Glass’s story in the form of music. 

Leaving Hogwarts by John Williams (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P2)

Notice I have said it for Deathly Hallows P2 and not The Philosophers Stone. It was used in it for the first time but it is in Deathly Hallows P2 where it moves me the most. First heard when Harry first left Hogwarts and last heard when Harry sends his own son (for the first time) off to Hogwarts. All the emotions we have felt over the entire series are bridged by the use of this song, and all come together in this final scene. Wanting to cry right now.

Rise by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises)

Bruce Wayne has been on a journey of nothing but pain and tragedy all his life. In these final moments, with his ‘sacrifice’, Gotham can rise again. All we have been through in this perfect trilogy, cumulated in these final scenes with this track covering them all as they come together. Alfred’s sadness and discovery Bruce is alive. Gordon having to keep Batman’s identity secret still as the statue of Batman is unveiled. Blake turning the injustice into Justice. Bruce finally living a life. A perfect ending with the perfect track to follow it through. 


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  1. Erised Moon says:

    Very accurate! Leaving Hogwarts is probably what made the end of Philosophers Stone and Deathly Hallow incredibly bittersweet. Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dajawrreview says:

      Glad you like it. And glad you agree.


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