Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – Review (Don’t see this film)


This is going to be very short because I hated this film and it has been around 3 months since I saw it and didn’t have the courage to talk about it until now. New Tim Burton film… who gives a crap?


Ella Purnell who plays Emma in the film is the only good thing o could find in this film. The cast and their director are riddled with talent but they just don’t pull together. However Ella Purnell did a great job when acting across from lifelessness.


The humour was so so bad I wanted to run out of the cinema. I couldn’t stand it I wanted to throw up. I wanted to get a lighter and some deodorant and burn all the reels of film to dust. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t even funny because it wasn’t and it wasn’t funny because they tried. 

One name… Samuel L. Jackson. Can you go wrong?! Yes you can. This film is proof. Miss-cast and not even taken in a SLJ direction of monologues and shouting (or a combination of the two). It’s Mace Windu all over again! Everybody run! Also… F**K THOSE STUPID MOTHER F**KING SKELETON MOTHER F**KERS! < SLJ done right. 

No build up meant I gave zero sh!ts about what happened at the end. The movie never peaks. I wanted to leave so badly. Go see Arrival! What a film! 


It’s bad. 

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – 1/5


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