Fixing Suicide Squad 


Suicide Squad was a film that I think we were all pretty excited for. Fun looking characters and a fun looking trailer. And with Bohemian Rhapsody you can do no wrong. So when I finished watching it I was extremely disappointed. Some people liked it and that’s fine… but I didn’t. So, here’s what I would’ve done.


We see Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Croc, Anarky and (a character I entirely created) Ransack (who is also Anarky’s broseph). They are the original Suicide Squad (SS) and are on a practise mission (before Amanda Waller proposes the idea) supervised by Rick Flag. It all goes wrong and civilians die along with Ransack as Flag was ordered to kill one of them so they could take the blame. The SS is no more.

Act One (5 Years Later)

Captain Boomerang is established as the main protagonist. He’s funny and likeable with weapons that become part of the comedy. He meets an old friend who says he has a job… but his mate now works for Waller and it was all a set up. Boomerang is interrogated by Waller and is forced to join the new SS she is forming as she has already planted the bomb in his head.

Boomerang is enrolled at Blackgate prison and reunited with Deadshot who is in the SS thanks to Boomerang. We see a flashback of Deadshot being assigned to kill Boomerang but was lead on a chase and caught by the police (with Boomerang escaping). Boomerang’s introduced to the rest of the squad (except Anarky who doesn’t leave his cell) and we are presented with a fun montage of them trying to escape the prison (all except Harley). 

While Amanda Waller is proposing the SS there is a breakout at the prison. Eventually, Flag and his troops manage to suppress the situation but Anarky has escaped. Waller orders for all prisoners to be transfered to other prisons and for Boomerang, Harley, Deadshot and Croc to be transferred to Arkham Asylum (AA), on the other side of the city. 

Act Two 

Flag drives the 4 in a prison truck (with escort) through the city to AA. Day turns into night and the convoy is ambushed. The escort and the attacking thugs die leaving the SS and Flag the only survivors. The ambush was planned by Anarchy who announces he wants Flag brought to him (coz he killed his bro) and the SS dead. The city is evacuated and locked down. Waller gives the SS their mission; protect Flag and get him out alive or die (via head grenade). Simple story. Tada!

They wade through the abandoned city fighting swarms of thugs in arenas like a shopping centre, a theatre and a park with a part where a thug could clearly kill Harley but doesn’t (why? Patience). Eventually Flag is captured (leaving his walkie talkie to Waller behind) and taken away but the SS are still alive and have to save him. But how? Harley operates on Boomerang and gets the bomb out of his head. Why Boomerang? Harley is the only one who can operate as she’s been patching up the joker for years, Croc’s skin is too thick, Deadshot don’t want Harley operating on him but Boomerang will because he’s an idiot.

Boomerang goes alone into Anarky’s base (the others waiting outside and listening). Anarky is about to execute Flag when he enters but is haltered when Boomerang enters. He fake surrenders and says the code word (they sorted out beforehand), signalling Deadshot to call Waller and tell her Boomerang is escaping. Waller pushed the explode button on Boomerang’s bomb as Deadshot screams “Now”! Boomerang was holding the bomb in his mouth and spits it towards Anarky and it explodes. 

The rest of the SS enter. Flag goes to them. Anarky emerges alive through the smoke. He is about to shoot Flag when he is shot. He falls revealing The Joker behind him. Harley escorts Flag to Joker as Joker says they’re going to kill him anyway. They drive off as thugs attack/ distract the 3 SS members. 

Act Three 

Deadshot explains Joker was behind it all and he (Deadshot) won’t kill Harley because she’s innocent. He planned the breakout at Blackgate (from the outside), it’s why Harley didn’t try to escape and why Anarky had his hands on so many thugs and weapons. Joker was behind it all. During Deadshot’s talking Boomerang ran off. 

Joker is holding Flag hostage at the fun fair and will kill him when the song ends (Bonnie Tyler – Hero). Deadshot and Croc attack the thug guards and eventually Boomerang rejoins them. They save Flag but Joker and Harley escape. 


The government has the Suicide Squad approved. Flag is back as Wallers (let’s say) main man. Boomerang, Deadshot and Croc are all enrolled into Arkham Asylum. Joker and Harley drive off into the night as the bat signal is shone into the sky.


So yeah I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while and have been writing this on my phone in bed shattered so excuse me Dave if there are some mistakes. I haven’t gone into as much complex detail as I wanted to but I kept it simple enough (I think) for reading. Thanks.


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