Top 5 Michael Fassbender Performances


Wiki: Michael Fassbender (born 2 April 1977) is an Irish-German actor of stage and screen whose career includes roles in both independent and blockbuster films. AKA… My favourite actor of all time. And since Assassin’s Creed is on it’s way, I shall count down the best of MF! LET US BEGIN!

5. Steve (Eden Lake)

One of his more unknown roles in an all around brilliant yet unknown film. Eden lake is a definite 5/5 and Fassbender (for his part) is a contribution to this role. I studied this film for my A Level and I loved it. Introduced me to another great Fassbender performance and a film I may not have seen otherwise. Haunting, likeable and sympathetic… my love goes out to Fassbender and I hope he recovers from the knife to the mouth 🙂

4. Stelios (300)

STELIOS!!! Fans will know. 300 was Fassbender’s break out role and 300 is another definite 5/5 with Fassbender being a huge contribution to that (to me) even though he has a small role. What a small but great performance to have/ do to show yourself to the world. Definitely had an impact on me. So natural, much wow. The emotion he conveys in the final act rips me apart to see him like that. I think I have a man crush(?) Dear god :/ #abs 

3. Magneto (New X-Men Trilogy) 

Fans of the original X-Men trilogy and myself loved Ian McKellen as Magneto, the villain behind all their major battles and could see no one else as him or topping McKellen’s performance. Enter Fassbender who (to me) knocks McKellen’s performance out of the water. Fassbender handles every emotion in this trilogy with each film having a stand out moment, proving every time how amazing he is at acting (FC (4/5): Rage and Serenity, DOFP (5/5): “You abandoned us all”, A (3/5): The Forest). 

2. David (Prometheus)

Who knew playing an emotionless android could evoke emotion in people. Maybe you did, maybe I did I can’t remember but I know now that Fassbender does this magnificently as David, the android with a mission of his own. From his first moment on screen to his last his performance is truly hypnotising… even when he has had his head torn off. 5/5 Film easy!

1. Brandon (Shame)

In Shame (5/5), Fassbender plays Brandon who I can only see as a sex addict with extremely serious family issues. He seems to live for sex, therefore family and friends have faded into the background. So when he doesn’t have sex he turns crazy (and seems to turn crazy with family issues also). The simple solution of a girlfriend I hear you say. Seems relationships of any meaning are something he just can’t do. I saw a review of this film and simply had to see it because of Fassbender and I am so glad I did. My favourite performance from him and one that left emotional scars on me. Especially after that crying in the rain scene #powerfulstuff

Thanks for reading with your eyes in your head. Might do reviews for some of these films, might not. Depends if I can be arsed. Can I? Maybe. I could to do this list because Fassbender is God and I think we all know he is. Go now and watch your favourite Fassbender performance and see the future.


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