Logan (Wolverine 3) – Trailer Discussion

Once again I woke up believing that I will be catching up on my Harry Potter reviews when once again, twice in one week, the internet has blessed us with another trailer to talk about. When I would walk to college with a friend of mine we would have no new banter to talk about well now in one week we are being hammered with trailers. One for GOTG too but that is too short to talk about. But anyway yeah they dropped a trailer for the final entry into the Wolverine trilogy and Hugh Jackman’s last go at the character. Fuuuuuuuu! Anyway yeah its called Logan and here we go!

Straight away the trailer starts with the Johnny Cash song ‘Hurt’ which gives a perfect mood for this film and the mood I hope they go for (are going for). I immediately downloaded it on iTunes after watching the trailer. We are almost straight away shown the Jack man as Logan and he looks like utter sh!t. Which is good (for the film). He looks absolutely terrible and it breaks me to see him this way. We usually see him looking like a bad ass indestructible badass but now he looks total sh!t. Mutants are also gone apparently and by the looks of things Logan attends a funeral for someone (a mutant?).

We then see Logan in front of a mirror… what? Cleaning his wounds? WTF?! This is so horrible too look at. We’ve gotten so used to him crawling through a river of knives and guns and coming out clean on the other side that to see him now with bloody knuckles (from his claws) and scars all over his back that it really taps into our feels to see him this way. It turns out Logan isn’t the only one looking like Sh!t. Charles… poor old Charles. Why do they do this to us. They know we love these characters too much so they make them look terrible and now we want to see how they do. Good plz be good.

Looks like Logan and Charles are hiding out in an old collapsed water tower. Warner Bros inside joke? Anyway, yeah they ae hiding out in one of them and it looks super cool. But they are not the only one hiding there as it appears they are hiding away with a little girl which looks like she’s going to be X-23 (female wolverine with three claws). A guy appears that looks like he was ripped straight out of Fallout. I think he is Steve Merchant’s character as he is all white and his face is heavily disguised in the trailer. Logan has to look after X-23 it seems… a proper good ol’ road trip with the lads. In other words… IT LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE THE LAST OF US! #JACKMANFORTHELASTOFUS!

Then the song picks up with some action scenes. Troops appear to be coming for X-23 after she escaped from them (it looks that way anyway). A car chase takes place which is a change from the usual Wolverine action. A good change as it doesn’t look explosive it looks very human much like this entire trailer does. Another fallout dude enters the trailer who looks like the main antagonist of the film. He has an awesome looking robot arm and looks a little like Sean Penn. Looks very antagonistic and evil though; perfect. Was Charles at gunpoint? No plz 😦

One of my favourite shots is Logan, Charles and X-23 all round a table. They seem to be having a good laugh as they are all smiling. However, it seems X-23 is genuinely smiling and Logan and Charles are smiling but it is a sad smile. You can see in their eyes they have seen and felt some sh!t. It is very emotional and made me do a little sad giggle. There is a small shot backing up my Last of Us claim (#JACKMANFORTHELASTOFUS) where Logan rests on X-23. Awwwww. I cry every time.

There is a shot of some guy running up some stairs but the quality of the camera is pretty poo so it makes me think this is like some head mounted camera first person scene. I like this stuff though I think it immerses an audience more if used right. There is scene where the troops look to be capturing X-23 and scenes of Logan kicking some ass and kicking some ass in a forest again it seems. This looks better than that poo poo though. We are also shown some R rated action where Logan stabs his claws up a mans face and out the top of it. Dead as dead can be and finally the Wolverine we’ve all been waiting for. I’m just glad I’m old enough to see this film because as a kid I would be pissed that I couldn’t see this film. Sorry kids it just worked out well for me.

On the theme of killing and death. Logan appears to be holding a spade. Did he bury someone? Did he bury Charles? Please don’t be! That would kill my face if he buried Charles. He also attends a funeral so if Charles is being buried by Logan that funeral isn’t for Charles. Maybe its the other way around and Logan is burying someone else. Think he might be attending Jean or Scott’s funeral though and he is burying Charles but I don’t want it to be either but as they are the last mutants (so it seems) it is most likely and they truly are the last of us… #JACKMANFORTHELASTOFUS! Anyway this film looks amazing and it looks like it can top DOFP and has topped Episode 8 for my most anticipated of next year. God it looks good!


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