Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Spoiler Review


So as poo went down in the last film that poo has carried into Harry’s following year at Hogwarts and he is getting some serious poo for that poo that went down. So yeah I am going to talk spoilers s I have now come to realise that it is really hard to fully review and fully express my appreciation for the series if I do a non spoiler review. Consider that a spoiler warning and I cant wait to talk about this film. So Voldemort is back and that’s all you need to know going into Order of the Phoenix.


Now I’m going to go full on Film Studies nerd because something that really stood out to me in this one was the cinematography and the editing. Right from the start we are presented with a different style than all the other Potter’s. It is really analytical and Film Studies nerdy and that I really like. I can say this film is very well and almost perfectly directed. Every shot is very dramatic and striking which impacted me straight away. The editing is also amazing and always very fast paced with every shot seeming different from the last giving the film a very fresh feel constantly.

Sound is one of my favourite parts of cinema and can really deeply impact me if done well and this film does it well… very well… very very well. There is a part where some of Harry’s professors come to rescue him after he is expelled form Hogwarts. They fly through London accompanied by an amazing score. The score and the sound of them all flying through London came together greatly and made me very emotional. It’s the most emotional this film has moved me since Harry left Hogwarts in the first film.


Again this is a very Film Studies review as a problem I have with this film is the narrative. Things that would have received more focus in earlier films were glossed over in this film and things were employed in this film that are clearly just their as narrative devices. Grawp for example. He is a massive pile of nothing to me. I don’t like him, I don’t like his design, I don’t like his animation and he is just their to get the pink b!tch into the woods and get rid of her. He looks like something from the first Potter (which isn’t good). People criticise this for being the longest book but the shortest film. NERD ALERT! It is not the shortest, it is the second shortest. Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the shortest! And I loved being a nerd at the start when the guy sat behind me with his girlfriend and was like “this is the shortest film but the longest book” in a moody voice. “Hahaha!” I said to myself.


I thought I disliked this film more than I did. In fact I don’t dislike this film. It’s good, not great but good. Dumbledore battling it out with Lord V was amazing to see and is the best wand duel we get. So cool looking with no music which made it as awesome as it was. Sirius’s death was amazingly handled and the fact that they muted Harry’s scream was a brilliant decision but I have heard they did so because Radcliffe’s screams were too emotional for the film. Little details and easter eggs scattered across the film were great to see and I only noticed them this time round. I LOVE LUNA! SHE’S SO WEIRD!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – 3/5


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