Assassin’s Creed – Trailer 2 Discussion

So there I was expecting to go home after college and catch up on my Harry Potter reviews when I receive a message in Media Studies that there is a new trailer for the Assassin’s Creed film (my most anticipated film of the year). I made a promise to myself not to watch anymore footage on this film as from what I have read, the film mostly takes place in the real world and just to save the experience for the theatre. But just as always I failed and I watched it and if the first trailer didn’t hook you then this one will. If this one doesn’t then you must be dead inside.

It opens revealing Fassbender’s character in prison. From here we see the humour that will be injected into the film. I don’t really want humour that much but what I got was ok. Your typical film trailer lines but it was ok. Lil’ cheesy but humour isn’t important. We do see what looks like his arrest and a little rumble and tumble between him and a few guards. Looks good and looks like it is one take which is great to see. We now know that Fassbender’s character stumbles across the whole animus business and we get a first look at the outside of Abstergo which looks like a fine ass piece of architecture.

We get some more shots of the animus which has grown on me. It has just occurred to me that Fassbender seems to be being forced into the animus because Abstergo. We see some underwater business going on of which I have no idea. An underwater animus? We’ll have to wait and see. It also appears that whilst using the animus Fassbender is wearing a hidden blade. I don’t know why you need to use a hidden blade whilst in the animus as isn’t the point of the animus just to simulate? Anywho I hope they touch this subject. What’s great though is that Fassbender looks scared entering the animus. Who wouldn’t? Look at that thing!

Again the inquisition looks immersive and very Kurzel like. I’d think I’d be a little annoyed that the backgrounds were full of sun blasted cloud, some may see it as cheating. I think it looks great and adds to the atmosphere of the inquisition. I also hear they will speak full Spanish when they go back which makes sense and will be immersive but I can understand why people will be pi$$ed but I also hear that when we’re in the inquisition it is mainly action so there wont be many subtitles to read. Fighting looks good and it looks we will cut from real time animus fighting to what is going on whilst this is happening in the inquisition which is cooooool! Knife throwing seems to be a major thing here but it isn the games so hey hey!

We are shown some parkour again which looks real (because it is) and is done in long take by the looks of things. Yeah 3X. We see an air assassination as plain as day in this one and not just the jump but the kill as well. Great to see but should have been saved for the film just saying but we all knew it was coming. The bleeding effect also looks like it will be appearing which is great and probably the most interesting and dangerous aspect of the animus and if you know what it is you know what is going down and if you don’t then I hope you’re in for a ride… looks that way anyway.

What I hear is we’re getting three action sequences from the inquisition. There is an escape a parkour run and a cart chase. We see a little of all three in the trailer and they all look brilliantly done. The execution escape looks dark and scary, the cart chase looks grand and very well done with elements of that car chase from Uncharted and as previously stated the parkour looks great. Also appears we’ll be getting some action outside of the animus in the real world which to me looks like the subjects are fighting back against Abstergo. Everyone loves a revolution.

Jeremy Irons as Alan Rickin is perfect! He sounds and looks so evil and commanding which is exactly what is needed. He is going to kick so much ass with his voice. We also see an extended look at that leap of faith from the first trailer and bts footage. I was wondering if he will swing on something because I was wondering if they really are going to have a haystack jump. But it looks like he will land in a haystack which is great but also wtf. Great because that is full on loyalty and wtf because it doesn’t make any sense. Also seems looks like Fassbender ends up liking the animus which is not good news. Keep track of reality Fassbender and don’t expose yourself to the animus too much #bleedingeffect. Still my most anticipated film of this year. Can’t bloody wait!!!

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