Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Review (Spoiler Free)


Harry’s back at Hogwarts for his fourth year and this time (if it didn’t go down already) it is going down for reals. Everything seems fine at the start of the year; Harry goes to the Quidditch World Cup, he finds a girl he is attracted to and that’s about it really. Deatheaters attack him and it turns out some geezer put his name in the Goblet of Fire meaning he has to take part in three dangerous tasks. Will he survive? Yes they made four more films. But that’s not the point as it really does go down in a flash. PUN! PUN! PUN!


Speaking of the flash… it is awesome. This is spoiler free so I cant really talk about what it is but it is amazing. It only comes to be called the flash in the next film but it is the only way I can talk about it without ruining it. From the point of the flash and onwards we know this series is going to take a dark dark turn and it does. The sh!t that goes down and the conversations that take place and the battle that takes place is great to finally see. Yes we see it. It? Yes… it.

Of the three trials Harry faces my favourite is by far the second challenge. I am genuinely creeped out by this scene. It does play on my fears quite a bit as where it takes place is the thing I fear the most. In that situation I would suck and I would die and it wpuldn’t be sad because no one would know it would just be under assumption. Creepy music, creepy sounds in a creepy place with creepy creatures… and Victor Krum. Well doen for creeping me out but for the little bit of wee wee running down my leg no thank you sir.


This film is a little confusing to me. Not the plot or anything like that just how I feel about it. The film does get a little repetitive with everything leading to another trial. This means that the plot and story is set in stone/ we know what’s coming. It is good in order to build hype but when you know the film inside out it does drag a little. It was good to experience the film again but no surprises occur until the end of the film. It is a very good surprise though #theflash.


Although the flash is great to see, knowing what is coming it is a little pale in comparison. It also drags a little knowing it is coming and what eventually happens and then the actual fight is a little short but the finale is handled very well and is very bitter sweet which is what I like. And is it just me who realises that [INSERT NAME] is wrongly accused of [INSERT TEXT]. He didn’t do it so give him some slack jeez!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 3/5 


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