Five Reviews in One 


Yeah I’ve been a bit of a bum lately seeing a load of films and not reviewing them. Well sh!t’s been going down lately. I’m caught up at college, caught up in a production and haven’t had time to write any reviews. I’m saving my Harry Potters and a certain film (MPHFPC) to review as two I love and one is the worst film I’ve seen so far this year. So here ya go five reviews blah blah blah. 

Hunt for the Wilderpeople 

Comedy that I love and rarely see in films anywhere lately and unbeatable chemistry between the whole cast but especially with the two leads. However there was no emotional kick and a kind of bumpy lazy story (kind of) but it is hard to hate on… 4/5

The Girl On The Train 

Emily Blunt & Haley Bennett really bring in the performances and were great. I am dumb and didn’t guess the twist but everyone else did apparently. However the film never escalates in tension or storytelling, the pacing and execution of some scenes can be floppy and Luke Evans was under-utilised (I love Luke Evans) but is a film that gets a little too much hate… 3/5

The Infiltrator

Bryan Cranston was as always great and the idea of attachment in the story was great but never used to its full potential leading to a confusing and repetitive film that I don’t have much to say about… 3/5

The Girl With All The Gifts 

Performances from all the cast were really really good, use of sound and score better than any film I have seen so far this year and a unique vision of a zombie infested world bring light to this film. However there is a stupid, unnecessary plot device in the third act, stupid character choices and an ending that was not satisfying… 3/5

Kubo and the Two Strings 

Stellar voice acting from all the cast, excellent animation to bring it all together and some kick ass action to top it all off. However with a confusing twist an end credit bts moment that brings you out of the film and a storyline that doesn’t feel fulfilled as I believe it should have. Gets a little too much praise me thinks… 3/5


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