Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Spoiler Review


The third chapter of the Harry Potter series catches up with Harry in his third year at Hogwarts. Once again he and his two besties Ron and Hermione are up to no good, causing trouble in the neighbourhood. This year is quite different though as this year there is a murder on the loose with only one target on his mind. It’s Harry. It’s once again up to Harry and his friends to solve a mystery, defeat evil (not Voldemort this time) and pass their exams. Just kidding when do they ever have exams in this school?


One of my favourite story devices in films ever is the idea of time travel. The amount of times I wished I could go back and change things. Almost every day there is something I would like to go back to and do differently. Harry Potter shows off one of the most fun and exciting scenes of time travel in any film ever. Watching Harry go back and change events that have happened shows off a dark story that changes into a light one. It could feel repetitive but it doesn’t and speaking of a dark story…

Harry Potter’s so far have been more or less kids films but as the children in the series grow old so do the fans and as this happens the tory goes from a fun magical adventure to a dark journey of murder and misfortune. I do prefer a darker story to a light one and I do think the previous Potter’s are perfect for introducing everyone to the world of Harry Potter but having a darker story introduced at this point was the correct choice and gave us just the right balance between scary and cheerful.

This film gave us one of the greatest twists in cinematic history. No it is not on par with Darth Vader being Luke’s father but it is great for this series. First we do know that Sirious is after Harry but we don’t know why. Then we find out that Sirious gave Harry’s parents to Voldemort and is the reason they are dead. Then it is revealed he is Harry Potter’s godfather. Then it is revealed that he didn’t give Harry’s parents to Voldemort but was framed for it by Peter Pettigrew who has been disguised as Ron’s rat for as long as we have known him. BOOOOOM!


This is my second favourite Harry Potter and there is nothing outstandingly wrong with it. Buckbeak is awesome btw and the dementors are some of the scariest geezers I’ve ever seen. I mean that train scene OMG M8 $WAG. I just want to take this time to acknowledge a small thing during the werewolf attack. Snape has been seen s nothing but a prune throughout the films up until here but as soon as a werewolf is about to kill Harry and his friends he throws himself between them and holds them, protecting them. “Awww” I said.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 4.5/5



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