Swiss Army Man – Review (Spoiler Free)


Hank (Paul Dano) has been stranded on an island for god knows how long and has basically had enough with living alone just waiting to die. He only sees one way out and the only way out he sees is if he ends his life. He has the rope and he has the box and just before he is about to hang himself a body washes up on shore (Daniel Radcliffe). After technically saving his life, Hank finds there is more to this person than meats the eye… So begins a journey about life and how we live it and one of the best films so far this year.


If you have read my previous Harry Potter reviews I’m sure you’ll get some vibes that I am a fan of Daniel Radcliffe in those films. In this film… he is absolutely brilliant! So is Dano but Radcliffe was truly amazing! This is probably the best performance I’ve seen so far this year. Yes his character is very bland but that is why it’s so good. He delivers every single line perfectly and I loved watching his character throughout this film. It is his best performance so far and I think it is up there with my favourite performances of all time (Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York & Christoph Waltz in Django: Unchained). Go see this film purely for Radcliffe and his extremely likable and sympathetic character.

Farts. Farts have been the plague of films for years but this film managed to do something with farts that I never thought I would see or ever thought I’d think about. It may sound dumb but believe me it is not, the messages this film leaves you with are told through the idea of farts. It is so good that I really want to talk about it but I don’t want to spoil it. It I a very powerful message and a very true one at that. It impacts you very deeply with something I’m sure we’ve all experienced and I know I have but the sad truth is you still find yourself unable to do it which is the sad sad truth about the message of this film.

Comedy has been very repetitive an uncreative in most films in recent years (exception being Deadpool) but this film brings I  all new humour the likes of which I have never seen. It mostly comes from Radcliffe’s character and I have to say it had me giggling to myself the whole film. The humour peaks in the middle of the film when the story and characters begin to develop but it is very consistent throughout constantly surprising you with new jokes from someone who has no idea what anything is.


There is honestly one bad thing with this film and it is so disappointing that it happened as the film was almost perfect up until then. The ending of this film to me was so annoyingly wrong. To me it felt like the film had been heading in one direction the entire runtime and then it just stopped and went in a direction that to me was just wrong. I can’t talk about it again without spoiling it but I was so annoyed by the ending, it just didn’t work with the overall narrative and didn’t have the pay off that I was hyped for the whole film. I would have been so happy if it ended the way it was going for but it didn’t and it made me sad… And so pi$$ed off FFS!


Despite the ending this film is incredible. Its messages are so important for modern times and are vital for everyone to know. I wish I could talk more about this film but I can’t. After watching this film I would have scored it lower but it just doesn’t seem right as the film on a whole is incredible and is incredible up until the finale.

Swiss Army Man – 5/5


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