Hell or High Water – Review (Spoiler Free)


Chris Pine and Ben Foster are brother bank robbers. When their bank robber shenanigans catch the attention of Jeff Bridges,  he is keen to catch Foster and Pine and make them answer for their shenanigans. It is a simple story for a simple but great film.


The cast in this film was on point. There was not one bad performance. The three of the main cast (Pine, Foster and Bridges) of course all bring their A game and give us an A level pay off. Even the supporting cast of little parts like a waitress, another waitress and a guy they have a chat with all caught my attention. The stand out in the cast to me was easily Chris Pine’s eyes. God they are beautiful! But second to Chris’s ocean blue eyes comes the performance given by Ben Foster. Every time he was on screen he brought energy that I haven’t seen from any film so far this year. Even though he was a criminal because of his laugh and his charm and charisma I was drawn to hi  in almost every scene he was in. Everyone was great but Ben Foster was really great. Probably the best performance I have seen so far this year.

Who knew the cinematographer from the sh!t pile that was Battlefield Earth could produce such beautiful cinematography as this? I was glued to the screen from start to finish. In the cinema I am sometimes distracted by my own thoughts and ideas but I never was I was always glued to the screen. Giles Nuttgens showed me a world that I could truly immerse myself in and never be distracted. That would be if a monitor wasn’t always coming in and standing in plain sight staring right at me for some reason. Also walking up the stairs for no reason and walking back down doesn’t help mr monitor of noreasonness you useless little turd faced poo. But yeah good job Giles Nuttgens!

It’s always good to me when a film starts off with some great music and that is exactly what this film did. Once again I delve into my love for the music of films and Hell or High Water has given me some more great music for my library. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis are names I’ll have to remember. Though I have heard their work before in films like Lawless it is only in Hell or High Water where it stood out to me and made an impact on my film experience. Watching over the amazing western landscapes perfectly chosen and done by Nuttgens and director David Mackenzie with the music from Cave and Ellis swelling in the air just enhanced the scene and furthered the emotions you should be feeling. It was great.


I seriously can’t think of anything bad with this film. It is nothing big or huge that will be remembered forever but it is what it needed to be and it is what it is and what it is is a great film filled with nothing but greatness.

Hell or High Water – 5/5

Thank you Dave Mackenzie and Taylor Sheridan (writer), I will now be watching you.


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