Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – Review (Spoiler Free)


I (like most people out there) am a huge Harry Potter fan. I love all the films even if one or two or three are a bit shaky. That is one or two or three of the films not the first three films just so ya know. I have decided to do a spoiler free review as I imagine most would do a spoiler review so I am doing this for those who want a spoiler free review of the Harry Potter’s.


I think it goes unsaid that the young cast are great in all the roles. Maybe except for Neville but he does grow into his role eventually. I have never read any of the books because reading so I don’t know how they are in the books but they seem pretty good on film. Daniel Radcliffe is great as Harry… maybe a little iffy in some places but he is a child so we cant blame him for the iffyness. Emma Watson is probably the best out of the three in all the films and in this film she does give a great portrayal of a teachers pet who can also stand up for herself but cant take on troll’s. Lil scrub. Rupert Grint gives a great dopey performance as Ron, the best we could’ve asked for to be honest. Great cast… safe.

Time for me to geek out once more about the scores of films. John Williams is such a master of scores. Such a genius. How does he do it. Me and my little cousin make soundtracks up on our granddad’s keyboard but we can never match this. How does he do it? Throughout the film I kept on getting goose-bumps because of this and I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t. I found myself almost, almost, almost tearing up because of it. Especially in the mirror of erised scene, the scene where harry looks out the window like he’s in a music video and at the end. Round of applause for John.

Credit also needs to be given to Chris Columbus for directing the first film of this gigantic franchise. Not only was he under so much pressure to live up to the hype of the books and to give just a good film to everyone. But he did it and gave this film such a magical charm that later instalments are missing. Every scene just gives of a mystical and magical atmosphere which works to give one of the most immersive worlds ever put to film. Also I’m British so this is something I can say that happened in this land. It is real stfu!


The animation in this films is so dated though. I give the film praise for some of its use of practical effects, especially with the Goblins. However, scenes like quidditch game are filled with terrible character animation that just makes me want to laugh. It’s seriously PS1 graphics stuff. The characters look plastic and makes me want to cry as only two films later the animation is just perfect. And that’s just a gap of a few years. The troll is also very CGI and Harry in that scene also looks very fake af. Neville is poo too. However, Fluffy isn’t that bad and I was surprised howwell that held up.

This is something I want to touch on very much because it is something I don’t like from this film and I think it holds it down. I will be talking SPOILERS so consider that your warning. When you see spoilers in caps again I am done with it. The house cup sub plot with points and that is a load of rubbish. When it comes round to the house cup at the end it just takes away from what the film has been leading up to and just ruins the story for me. It also drags the film on quite a bit. It doesn’t add anything and it makes Dumbledore look like a right arse. In my opinion just take the whole points thing out from all the films because by the 3rd or 4th one no one gives points anymore anyway. If it went from Harry, Ron and Hermione reuniting to them leaving Hogwarts would’ve been better in my opinion. SPOILERS.


This film is as detective and investigation story which is strange for a kids film but it is not a kids film and even if it was that would be great all the same. The guy who gave me my ticket thought this was a juniors film also which made me feel small and weak which I am. It is also quite long for a kids film and it does drag a bit but not too much but my friend did get bored half way through so there’s is your evidence. The cast of teachers is amazing and this is a great introduction to a great franchise and just some good old films.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – 4/5 or 7.5/10


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