Sausage Party – Review (Spoiler Free)


The idea for this thing is bonkers and totally and utterly stupid… which is why it worked so well. An amazing cast consisting of Seth Rogan, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and James Franco just to name a few. They all play food who believe us humans (hopefully you’re a human) are gods and when we buy them from the store they go to heaven. Well we know what happens and they only just find out and so the great quest to save their food friends begins.


The voice acting goes unmentioned as the cast is so good. Full of comedic talent that bring each of these foods to life in their own hilarious ways. Rogan and Wiig are good as the main protagonists. Cera had more to do than I thought he would which was nice to see as he hasn’t been doing much lately. But the stand out performance to me is Bill Hader who did multiple voices but especially as Tequila who just made me laugh every time he talked. Just sooo good. We need a Tequila spin off. James Franco as the druggie was good too.

Maybe this wasn’t done in the best way it could have possibly been done but the film did address issues we have in our common society. Being gay, being lesbian, racism and religion are some of the things this film addresses and puts them in a new light. These issues struck me in this film and it is good that they do. It’s the best film to do it as well, a film that teenagers will go to see and hopefully will understand it is ok to be who they are and ok that we are all different.

In the trailers I wasn’t sure whether I liked the style of animation this film was going for but as the film went on it grew on me and I started to see it as for what it was… great. It is the perfect level of animation. Does it match Pixar? No, but it is what it needed to be for a film like this. The food were done better than the humans but we knew that was going to be the case because animating humans is difficult as anything to animate.


I like raunchy comedies but in my opinion tis film may have gone too far. After an hour or so of crudeness and horribleness I got a little bored of it all and wanted some legit laughs that didn’t require the word ‘tight’ or ‘juice’ involved in it. I had heard talk of the end scene to this film and thought it cant be as bad as they are saying… I was wrong. It might be the most raunchy thing I have ever scene in the cinema. I wont spoil it but it is just like ‘Wow. They went there’. I did find it hard to believe they were allowed to do this but am I glad they did? Let’s just say I wont be forgetting it any time soon.


It’s a shame that the bad outweighs the good in my opinion. The film definitely went for it and I give it praise for that but it just made me feel awkward and has scarred me for life. Don’t get me wrong it does have it’s funny moments especially with Tequila. The end joke which made me smile more than anything is out of the blue but I did kind of like it but it did miss just one more shot from the film that could’ve been a good laugh but I understand why they kept it out. Edward Norton! Had no idea it was him! Edward Norton! I’ll leave you to find out if you don’t know. Edward Norton! Wow!

Sausage Party – 3/5


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