Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Review (Spoiler Free)


I love Assassin’s Creed. It was my favourite game franchise up until Unity (enough has been said about that game) so I was hasty to buy Syndicate. It has been almost a year since the game came out and I didn’t buy it just in case it was another Unity. I remember being in London when the game was coming out in October 2015 and seeing posters everywhere and being hyped. I didn’t play it until last week though and I can say that Syndicate is a return to form for the franchise. This story follows twins Jacob and Evie Frye in London 1868 as they attempt to free London from Crawford Starrick’s gang and find yet another piece of Eden.


Our two protagonists Jacob and Evie are very entertaining in their own different ways. Jacob isn’t all for that piece of Eden nonsense he just wants to liberate London which gives him some nice Edward Kenway vibes which I love. Evie is all for that assassin stuff and wants to fin the piece of Eden and just seems like a genuine nice person… even if she does kill people for a living. Their opposite personalities worked so well with each their that I wanted to see  ore of them together but they more or less go off and do their own thing and reunite now and then throughout the game.

London is one of their most beautiful cities they have ever made. It is miles above Unity’s world which confuses me when they say ‘Syndicate is a good Unity’. Whaaaat?  Paris had Notre Dame and London had Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s Column, St Paul’s Cathedral, The River Thames, London Eye and The Gherkin. Maybe not the last two but the ones before and many more. A big land mark in London and you’re probably going to find it. It just felt alive and I liked going to Platform 9 3/4 pretending I’m Harry Potter going to Hogwarts in Kings Cross Station.

The combat is now enjoyable where as every time you got into combat in Unity you were like ‘FFS!’ The gadgets and reward a re cool as well. I recommend not crafting and just take the rewards and level up so more rewards and better equipment come your way. The rope launcher is something I was sceptical about. to me the whole point of being able to explore these worlds is that you can climb famous landmarks yourself. But no the rope launcher was very helpful and I use it more and more every time I play. Plus new outfits as you play including a top hat which is awesome.


Every time a historic figure came into the game it felt very shoehorned in and was like ‘really?’ It is cool to see them in the game world but they seem to be all introduced very quickly and early on kind of overwhelming you and making you think it is impossible I just happen to encounter all these people. ACII did it right with just Da Vinci turning up and Black Flag by having all the well know pirates working together as they would and not just meeting them all on coincidence.

The story over all was a little confusing and all the missions and sequences were very short and easy. No point was I determined to get past something or felt challenged I was chilled the whole way through. The stand out mission is one when you’re in a theatre and one when you’re in The Tower of London. However, you can’t revisit it… why not? It’s part of London. But they are short and Evie does feel a little side-lined towards the end of the game and a forced romance that comes out of the blue doesn’t help that. Though I don’t hate it.


People have also been talking a lot of smack about the ending. I wasn’t sure whether they meant the London or Abstergo one but both to me were fine. The London one did feel a little abrupt and nothing really happened after all the stakes were built up. The villain doesn’t do much either but no matter its still a good game. The Abstergo one ends on an intriguing cliff-hanger that I am so interested to find out more about #returningcharacter. Though I did come across one glitch in the game during one cut scene where characters were in the wrong place and Henry Avery just wasn’t there but was talking and carrying books like a ghost. Funny how I didn’t encounter one glitch like this in Unity but it is forgiven as it happened once.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – 8.5/10

It’s good 8.5/10 though almost a nine but I considered wat I would score other entries to the series and it put it around here. The music on viewpoint’s is also magical. The track’s called ‘Peace and I are Strangers Grown’. I was also wondering if the film coming out will tie into the games hmmm. The ‘Ezio’s Family’ score also makes a very brief appearance and I was like ‘why?’


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