3 Films that Get Hate but Deserve Praise

Films are good. Films are life. I love them just as much as any man and maybe just a bit more than the average man. Hey, I don’t mean to brag but I may enjoy them a lot more than the average man. I use films as a way of escapism and (the way I see it) the better the film, the better the escapism. Anyway, when I hear of hate for the films I love to immerse myself in, I lose my shit so, I have decided to list three of my favourite films that get too much hate.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Ok. I’m just gonna get this out there… I love this franchise man! Am I the only one buzzing for the fifth instalment coming next year? It would seem that I am. The whole franchise would be on this list for getting too much hate but… I can understand why people can hate on three and four, one doesn’t get all that much hate but two… Two does. In my opinion, ‘Dead Mans Chest’ is the best in the franchise. I recently watched back all of the films and to me it is clear that two is by far the superior film. I can’t understand why people don’t like it. It’s got great action, great acting, great set pieces, great CGI (yaay) and of course Jack F**king Sparrow! Why you hate on film? Films is good. And of course Hans Zimmer’s score… “Da da da da! Da da da da! Da da da da! Da da Da Da!” Ayyyyy


I love this film. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it in my opinion. I could watch it over and over again and never get bored. Excellent action choreography, both in battles and duels. Brad Pitt gives a great performance as the main character whose name I can’t pronounce. Sounds like Hercules but isn’t Hercules. You know what I’m saying right? If Brad Pitt doesn’t win you over then maybe Brendan Gleeson will. I mean Orlando Bloom. Maybe BG if you’re that type of guy… which I am btw. Sean Bean is in it too. Sean Bean is always a win. An even bigger win is that he doesn’t die. Yaaay! The only thing I really hate about this film is that I can’t find the theatrical cut on Blu-Ray, only the Directors Cut which changes things that I didn’t want changed 😦

The Dark Knight Rises

Hans Zimmer’s score… Ok I wont write it in words but it is so good and you now what I’m talking about. Ayyyy. To me this is ‘the’ Batman film and Nolan’s trilogy is ‘the’ superhero franchise. But back to TDKR. This film hasn’t got a bad write up but people hate on it a lot. Too much. Yes there are many plot holes and the plot/ story is no where near as clever or awesome as ‘The Dark Knight’ but I love ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ even more. It is the king of superhero films to me and when people hate on it I am so pissed off. I was going to say how TDK is overrated but after recently binge watching Nolan’s trilogy I am sorry. It is a 10/10 but so is TDKR to me. I feel like the love for TDK and the hate for TDKR makes people forget about Batman Begins which is sad because it is also great!

I really do love the escapism films offer and I would rather spend my time immersing myself in the worlds that films offer than go have a nice chat. No friends not you we don’t chat we just say random stuff and laugh at it whenever we hang out for a while. Seriously guys when have we ever had a normal conversation?


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