Stranger Things: Season 1 – Review (Spoiler Free)


When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, his brother with his crush and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back. Yes this was copy and pasted from IMDB I am tired ok. #dufferbrothers


I have to start this review off with my favourite part of this show which was my favourite character. That was the chief. I know everyone is raving about eleven but to me the chief was the best part of this show. David Harbour did an excellent job of portraying a good man who is damaged by his past and every moment he was on screen I was hooked. To me his storyline was the most interesting and I know eleven can do all sorts off stuff and the heart and soul of this series is the kids but the chief stole it for me.

Even more so than the kids but not as much as the chief, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan’s (Charlie Heaton) story line was very interesting also. Probably because I found it relatable. Yes I am pathetic and yes I like that I am. Just kidding I cry evertim. But in all seriousness I loved seeing them interact but that asshole didn’t need what he was given, he should’ve just been eaten or just have gone away. I hat people like him and you who have seen the show know what I’m talking about.

Now onto the kids… Shout-out to them all! Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Noah Schnapp (Will)! Five great performances from some great up and coming actors and actress. Who is my favourite? I don’t know. I could enever really relate or find myself attached to any of them which is a bit of a poo. Not to say I didn’t enjoy the interaction between them all but my favourite is probably Will who isn’t in it much for reasons known or to be found out.

People have complained about the homages to obvious inspirations to be a bit too obvious. An example being a bike scene being like ET. In fact the while thing was kind of like ET but more expanded on an the truth is if I hadn’t heard somebody thought this I wouldn’t have thought it myself. Might be because I am stupid but I loved the homages. If you love something then go ahead and homage it. But don’t make it too obvious. To me… The homages weren’t obvious or forced at all. They were good. You like the ET bike chase. Why complain when you’re getting something like it that isn’t too much like it? This is why we don’t get good fantasy films anymore because they are afraid of ripping off other properties. Go ahead and rip them off but change things to make them your own way and/ or how you would do them.


I loved Doctor Who when I was a kid. Not so much now. So when I go back and watch them I can kind of get over poor animation because of the nostalgia. Not so for this as I am missing the nostalgia. I love the design of the monster in this series it’s just the animation for the monster was a bit TV for me. I don’t like animation very much, I’d rather see a practical monster than a CGI one so this didn’t do much for me and there were points where I was like “that could’ve been practical” but it’s a new TV series so I can forgive. Hopefully there will be better animation in Season 2 if there is going to be one.

The ending to one of the characters in the story was a bit poor in my opinion. Actually it was kind of the ending to two of them. It was anticlimactic in my opinion and was kind of the laziest way you could have had it done but it was what has been developing over the episodes to the finale but I saw it coming from a mile away.


There was only two major issues that came out to me and that was them. Winona Ryder also gave a terrific performance as the mother of Will. I love the 80’s music and theme. I love 80’s music, it’s my favourite kind of music. I really do talk a lot about soundtracks. Yay for Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein! 80’s music with 50′ fashion. Yeees. I’m getting off track. It was just the overall payoff which dulled it down for me and I’m starting to think special effects and CGI have to be really really good to impress me now! Sad 😦

Stranger Things: Season 1 – 7/10

I think I’m going to rank TV shows out of ten as it is the only way I can rate such a large amount of stuff (in terms of length/ hours). So TV shows will be ranked out of 10 but films will be ranked out of 5. Also when it comes back to reviewing ‘Game Of Thrones’ I think I’m just gonna do  a review of the whole series. But I may do small thoughts after each episode but it’s a bit early to be worrying about that. Ok. Thanks 🙂


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