Batman vs Superman: Re-Written

The world engine – Metropolis. People run away – Bruce towards
He’s on the phone to someone
Bruce “I’ll be there soon honey”
He runs through the streets
He turns a corner to see a building
It is leaning against another
Bruce “Oh god”
Phone “Bruce. Where are you”?
Bruce “I’m here I’m outside”
Phone “I see you”
Bruce begins to cry
Phone “I love you, so much”
The building begins to fall
Phone “Don’t add…” – cuts out
Bruce falls to his knees
He sees Superman fighting Zod
He stares at him in deep anger
‘Batman v Superman’
News montage/ opening credits – Superman, return of the Batman, mutant crimewave and Lexcorp and Waynetech joining deal
’11 Months Later’
Mutants are robbing a mall
Batman takes them out stealthily
He breaks bones and draws blood
He brands one of mutants – leaves
Batman returns to Batcave
Observes footage of Superman
News – Lex Luther interview
Lex’s a figure of peace and safety
Crowd cheers when Lex comes on
News “Everyone loves you Lex. You have helped this world become greener and helped this country become a safer place. How do you plan on protecting us, if protection is needed, from Superman”
Lex “I am working on that”
News “Some call him a God amongst men. What do you think of that? Is that a good thing”
Lex “I think the wisest of things to say would be what my father told me… God is all powerful, he cannot be all good”
News “Well… Superman is clearly all powerful but… Is he all good”?
Robbers have robbed the Bank of Metropolis
Police are in pursuit
They almost drive into ocean
Superman catches the police car
Robbers believe they’ve escaped
Superman lifts/ flips their car
Police arrest the robbers
Superman has trash thrown at him
He does nothing and leaves
He arrives home to Lois
Lois “I saw you on the news”
Clark ignores her and sits down
Lois “What’s wrong”?
Clark “No matter what I do, no matter how many life’s I save people still hate me. I don’t know what else I can do Lois”
Lois “There is nothing else you can do and you don’t need to do anything. You have done nothing but save life’s with nothing but good intentions. It’s just…”
Clark “I had no choice. I did what I had to do Lois. It was them or him you know that. I had to kill him”
Lois leans in and embraces him
Lois “Death can affect people. It can drive people crazy. Even more when they have someone to blame other than themselves. Even if those blamed are innocent”
Lex is sat in his office
He looks at a file only titled ‘BW/B’
Knock on door – hides file
Lex “Yes” – man enters the room
Lex “Ahh. Thank you for coming”
Man “No problem” – shake hands
Lex Luther has meeting with man
Lex has access to one world engine
Man has access to the other
Lex wants to buy mans company
Man “Listen Lex, I do admire you, you have done a lot of great for this city and this world. I can see you only want what’s best for this world but this company has been in my family for years. One day I’ll be happy for you to continue my work”
Lex “What about Bruce? He was always your favourite”
Man “I don’t know what’s happened to Bruce. He won’t talk to me anymore not since his wife died. I’m not sure Lex…”
Attempts to buy company – refused
Company has shipping from India
Punches man – transition to…
Mutant Leader (ML) KO’ing mutant
ML “Is there no one else to challenge me?! Huh? No one”?!
M “I’ll fight you. Though it won’t be much of a challenge”
A mutant (m) steps out
He is tall and 2x as masculine
The ML and mutants laugh
ML “Very well”
The ML and M fight/ scrap
M had the ML’s head in his hands
Squeezes until ML’s head crushes
The mutant is now the ML
ML “I am your leader now! Us mutants have grown scared! Only going out in small groups because of one man in a cape?! Not us mutants. The batman will fear us. He will scream out for help when we haunt his dreams. He will learn…  we are the night”!
The mutants cheer
Bruce is asleep – in a dream
He flinches and jolts awake
He catches his senses – TV
News – Superman saving police
He hears a noise downstairs
The batcave entrance is open
He goes in ready for a fight
Alfred “What is all this”?
Bruce “I thought you’d left”
Alfred “Seems you need me now as your masquerade is back on”
Shows newspaper – battered men
Bruce “How’d you know”?
Alfred “You think I can’t recognise a punch from the batman? However, 6 broken ribs, a broken ankle and a cracked spine”?
Bruce “I’ve done it before”
Alfred “All on one man? What are you doing? What do you call this”?
Bruce “Practice”
Alfred notices Superman footage
Alfred “For him? I know she…”
Bruce “Don’t Alfred just don’t”
Alfred “Don’t you think there are bigger problems at hand here”?
Points to newspaper – Mutants
Bruce “You can’t stop me Alfred”
Alfred “I thought not. Oh well… You’re bloody well not doing it without me”
Alfred scans his hand – batsuit
Alfred “Dear god”
Bruce “And the car’s out”
Alfred “Of course it is”
Man crashes car – staged by Lex
Lex is sat at his desk writing a letter
Knock on door – Lex “Yes”?
LM “It is done sir”
Lex smiles
Lois wakes up – Clark is gone
She looks for him – finds note
‘Couldn’t sleep, went for a walk. See you at work. Love you’
Lois gets dressed and goes to work
Clark enters the DP late
Perry “Kent! I know you’re new here but that doesn’t mean we don’t expect you to he head on time”
Clark “Sorry sir”
Clark glances at Lois
She smiles back at him
Perry “Good. Right. Everyone gather round. It has been released that two nights ago night there was another claimed sighting of the Batman in Gotham. That is all it was a claim. There was no proof of him returning. Now, having the first sighting of Batman in our newspapers is just what we need to get people buying them again. So… Kent, you will cover it”
Everyone returns to their work
Clark follows Perry to his office
Clark “Sir, I would appreciate it if I got to do a piece on Superman”
Perry “Oh no. Superman is a very delicate topic right now Kent. The batman is perfect for you. The re-appearance of a famous masked vigilante… Exciting, perfect for a young reporter such as yourself”
Clark “But you just said this news could bring the planet back into business. Why give it to me? If it means this much give it to someone like Lois and let me deal with the old news of Superman”
Perry “Old news is about to become new news again. It’s almost been a year since he showed up. Since he and his friend toppled buildings like they were domino’s. Since hundreds of innocents died. It is a very delicate subject only for veteran reporters”
Clark “At least tell me who is going to write about it”
Perry “Your girlfriend. She knows him best and I trust her to write a non biest article. Not that I don’t trust you it’s just… Listen Kent. You are new here and are unfamiliar with our neighbouring city. It’ll do you good to get to know it, and it’s caped crusader. Seems like all the cities round here are getting them”
Clark walks over to Lois’ desk
Clark “You got the Superman”
Lois “I know”
Clark “Don’t… Don’t make me look like the good guy”
Lois “What do you mean”?
Clark “Your article”
Lois “But you are the good guy”
Clark “Maybe”
Lois “You want me to make you look like the bad guy”?
Clark “I killed him Lois”
Lois “You didn’t have a choice. It was him or a family Clark”
Clark “He was the only family I had. The only one of my blood. Me and him… The last survivors of our race… And I killed him”
Lois “Clark. You are a good man. Just yesterday you saved two more life’s… Two fathers”
Clark “Just before I had a bottle thrown at my face”
Lois “This is a tense time Clark”
Clark “You sound like Perry”
Lois “Well he’s right. You’re a figure of controversy! Half the world loves you! The other half loathe you”!
Clark “I only wanted to do good. That’s all I want for this world. I’ve already lost one to carelessness and almost lost another by having maniacs take power into their own hands. I won’t let it happen again”!
Clark grabs his bag and leaves
Bruce brutally working-out
Alfred “Bruce?! Bruce”!
Bruce stops and turns to Alfred
Alfred “I’m sorry Bruce”
Alfred hands a letter to him
Bruce “Lex Luther”?
He opens the already opened letter
Slight sadness covers Bruce’s face
Bruce “Have the car ready Alfred. I’m visiting an old friend”
Bruce drives away in his car
Clark is taking the ferry to Gotham
The differences are clearly seen
*sun shining through white clouds*
*dark clouds with barely any sun*
Clark steps off – looks at streets
Graffiti, tramps, kids, litter, drunks
He walks the streets to Gotham jail
He goes to the receptionist
Clark “Hi, Clark Kent DP. The men who claim to have seen the bat… They in here or…”?
R “Sure? You want a word”?
Clark “If possible”
R “Not possible sorry”
Clark goes to talk – door opens
Gordon steps out and leaves
Clark chases after him
Clark “Commissioner Gordon”?!
Gordon “No not me! Must be thinking of someone else”
Clark “Please commissioner just a few seconds of your time”?
Gordon “I’m guessing this is about the batman. Yes his bones are broken yes he is very badly injured and no I don’t know if it was him”
Clark “If I’m not mistaken you and the bat were close? You worked many cases together”
Gordon “I needed help for my cases and he did them for me”
Clark “You worked with him for up to ten years I’m sure you would recognise a beating from the bat”
Gordon pauses – sighing
Gordon “Yeah. I would. The same broken bones? Yeah. The bruises in the same places? Yeah, they look like the bat. All on the same guy?(!) If this was the bat. He’s not the same bat we used to know”
Clark “You still believe in him”?
Gordon “We still keep the light out on top of the old GCPD building… Gives me hope sometime. Truth is I don’t know kid. Truth is… he’s the most dangerous man I’ve known”
Clark “Thank you commissioner”
Gordon enters his car – drives off
A nice car passes Clark as he walks
Bruce drives through the streets
He pulls up at Lex’s office/ house
He is escorted to Lex’s office
Lex “Bruce” – Holding out arms
Bruce “Lex” – Embraces him tight
Bruce “It’s good to see you”
Lex “You too old friend. It’s been too long… Too long”
Lex offers Bruce a drink – takes it
Lex “He was here you know… Just before the accident”
Bruce “What was he like”?
Lex “He was good. Better than ever. Hard to believe really”
They exchange a small smile
Lex “I’ve been meaning to say. I’m sorry that I haven’t said before but I knew you weren’t the sympathy receiving type but I feel like I must”
Bruce “It’s ok Lex. Thank you”
Lex “You know if you ever need anyone to talk to, any help at all… You can always call on me”
They exchange another small smile
Bruce finishes his drink
Bruce “I guess we should start planning the funeral then”
Lex “No Bruce it’s alright. Leave it to me. It’s the least I can do”
Bruce “Thank you Lex”
Bruce exits the door – stops
Bruce “Lex… It really am glad to see you again”
Lex “You too old friend”
Bruce leaves
Lex takes out a contact lens
Scanning device – puts lens on it
Device reads ‘retina recorded’
Lex smiles and downs his drink
Clark stands next to the memorial
It is for the victims of Zod’s attack
He looks at every single name
*audio of him begging Zod to stop, snapping his neck and screaming*
Woman places flower on memorial
Woman “Did you lose someone”?
Clark “Yes. Yes I did”
Woman “Superman will pay. Not even Gods get away with destruction like this. He will pay”
Clark jolts on the word God
Lois “Clark”?!
Clark turns – Lois is waving at him
Woman “That your wife”?
Clark “Yes. No! No… just girlfriend”
Woman “Go to her. Love her. Cherish every moment with her”
Clark walks to Lois
Woman places her hand on a name
She begins to sob
Lois “How’d it go”?
Clark “What”?
Lois “You went to Gotham right”?
Clark “Oh yeah. It was fine”
Lois “Bit of a slum isn’t it”?
Clark “I guess you could say that”
Clark enters the apartment
The door slams back on Lois
She sighs then enters apartment
Lois “Clark! Clark don’t ignore me”!
Clark “Well.. I’m sorry Lois! I’m sorry I do nothing but save life’s and somehow people hate me”
Lois “Clark we’ve been over this”
Clark “You don’t understand Lois. All my life I’ve been terrified! Terrified of what I can do, terrified of what I am! I have wanted nothing  but to be human for just a day! To walk the streets knowing I wasn’t hiding anything”!
Lois “To be human. To be human is being scared every night because the person you love is God knows where. I need you Clark”
Clark “It’s been a year now! One whole year and every single second of every single day since then I have had to live with the fact that because of me people are dead. Because of me I am the last survivor of my race. I have tried Lois. I don’t know what else to do”
Lois “Talk to them. Let them know your side. Let them see you”
Clark “I’m scared Lois. I really am so scared”
The sky turns dark
News – “Five. Four. Three. Two. One. It is officially midnight… This marks one year since the day of the superman. Thousands will be in mourning, thousands will be in praise but the real question is what will Superman be doing”?
Clark watches the news
Lois lays asleep in bed next to him
Clark goes to stand on the balcony
He looks out to the city
People gathered at the memorial
They place down candles
Clark gets dressed to go down
He stands amongst all the people
He sees a man with two children
The children place down candles
He hears two people (p) talk
P “Oh my god. Look”
P2 “Oh my god”
There’s  something on their phones
Clark goes behind people to see
Earthquake happening in Beijing
Clark leaves and enters an alleyway
He rips open his shirt – reveals ‘S’
The ground of Beijing shakes
People run as buildings fall
A family runs from under a bridge
It collapses – the son is underneath
He braces for his death
Superman sweeps him up
He places him next to his father
Superman flies through the streets
A building is falling onto another
Superman holds the building up
People run out of the buildings
He uses his X-Ray vision
Both buildings are empty
He lets the building fall
He saves anyone in its way
He flies through the streets again
A girl is trapped under rubble
Superman moves the rubble
A truck next to them explodes
Superman uses his freeze breath
The flames are frozen
He hands the girl back to her family
People are escaping the f’ city
Superman holds up falling entrance
The people escape
He flies up to scan the city
A building is falling with a man in
He flies through the building
Saves man – returns him to ground
A car park is falling on people
Superman grabs a falling car
Smashes others out the way w/ it
He flies up – hears distant screams
He flies towards them
Beijing grand bridge is collapsing
People run off just in time
Cars drive off just in time
One car doesn’t and falls
Superman catches it
He places it on safe land
One of the bridge towers falls
A man is trapped in a car under it
Superman holds the bridge tower
The son saves the man in car
(Mirroring Clarks dads death)
He throws tower into water
A girl just misses the edge and falls
The bridge falling towards her
Superman flies down to her
Just before she hits the water…
He catches her
The bridge is falling towards them
Superman flies – bridge hits water
Superman fires his laser vision
Family watch as bridge hits water
The father is held back from edge
They stare tensely at edge
Superman rises w/ girl in his arms
He hands the girl to the father
People gather round Superman
They place their hands on him
Superman smiles at them
News – Superman in Beijing, people’s opinions of Superman, “Should there be a Superman”, Batman, mutants & funeral of man
The coffin of the man is lowered
People begin to leave the funeral
Lex is looking for Bruce
Sees him standing a distance away
He walks to him
Bruce “Sorry Lex. Funerals…”
Lex “You have nothing to be sorry about old friend”
Bruce “One year. One whole year since she died”
Lex – comforting hand on shoulder
Bruce “Lex, I need a favour”
Lex “Anything my friend”
Bruce “It’s been a year since he flew through the sky. Since metropolis fell. Since she died and yet there seems to be no way we can protect ourselves. Your company have been creating weapons? I don’t mean to be too…”
Lex “You want to come and see what we are developing”
Bruce “If it’s not too much”
Lex “I think it’s time the world comes and sees what we are developing. I’m thinking of hosting a party and with it, presenting the defences we have produced”
Bruce “Can I come by a different time? I haven’t been…”
Lex “You can’t stay in hiding forever. If not for them then for me. You entrusted me with Waynetech. You helped produce them just as much as I did. It would be wrong for you not to be there”
Meanwhile at the Daily Planet
Perry “Great piece Lois. Great piece. Lombard, total crap. Jenny, good work. Kent… Kent”?
Clark “Yes sir”?
Perry “Good work. It’s good to hear the commissioners words but I think next time we should get a more down to earth response, see what the people of Gotham think”
Clark “Yes sir”
Perry “Lois. Got any plans tonight? Yes? Well cancel them you’re going to Lexcorp. Lex Luther is making a presentation on the superman defences. You will cover it”?
Lois “I thought we wouldn’t need that anymore. He clearly wants to help… You’ve read my piece”
Lombard “He has but things seem more controversial than ever”
He turns on the TV
TV – Beijing earthquake happens on the one year anniversary of superman arrival with superman helping those in need.
Lombard “We’ve all been so caught up in what Superman can do nobody asked what he should do”
Perry “He’s right. People are going crazy. Apparently they’re going to hold s hearing and have invited Superman himself to attend”
Jenny “Apparently is now definitely. They just announced it”
Clark “When is this”?
Jenny “Tomorrow”
Perry “Anyway Lois. You good for the presentation tonight”?
Lois “Yes”
Perry “Good. Hear’s your badge to get in. Kent…”
Clark nods – Lois gets up to leave
Clark gets up and follows her
Clark “Lois”?
Lois “Yes”?
Clark “Can we… You know”?
Lois “No. I can’t loose my job Clark”
Clark “You won’t no one will even know we did it”
Lois “You really want me going over there alone”?
Clark “I need to be at that presentation. I need to see what they are doing there. Please Lois”
Lois stares at him and sighs
Bruce returns home to Alfred
Alfred “How was it sir”?
Bruce “There’s going to be a presentation at Lexcorp to see what defences they are building to combat superman”
Alfred “I meant the funeral. What is it that you plan on doing at this Lexcorp presentation? You are just going to watch aren’t you”?
Bruce “Of course”
Alfred “You’re lying. Bruce”?
Bruce “I’m going to see what they are doing Alfred. Nothing more”
Alfred “Lex Luther is more than capable of protecting us he’s proved it time after time. The batman is not needed for this. Do you not trust him”?
Bruce “I trust Lex Luther with my life. He’s been my friend for years but the world needs someone who will act. If this world doesn’t let Superman know we can beat him a day may come when we look back and realise we were too forgiving”
Alfred “Something tells me you want something more than that”
Bruce “Don’t patronise me Alfred”
Alfred “You’re going to go to war”?
Bruce “That son of a bitch brought the war to us”
Alfred “This is not about us though is it Bruce”
Bruce “Don’t Alfred”
Alfred “I know what she…”
Bruce “Alfred”(!)
Alfred “No you listen to me! I know what she meant to you. I know what she did for you believe me I was so happy for what she did and for what you did. You just need to think for a second master Bruce. Is this what she would have wanted”?
Bruce pauses looking at Alfred
Bruce “What she would want… She would have wanted to live”
Bruce storms out – Alfred sighs
Mutants are on the Gotham streets
M1 “What are we doing here”?
M2 “Unanimous tip”
M1 “And you trust this tip”?
M2 “You got something to do”?
M1 “No”
M2 “Well then”
They break into a garage
A hooded figure (HF) stands there
M1 “It’s the bat”!
M2 “It’s not the bat you idiot. You in the hood! What do you want”?
HF “A word with your boss… If it’s not too much fuss of course”
The mutants smile
They lead HF into a warehouse
They pass other mutants
They laugh and smile at HF
They come to an opening
The mutant leader is boxing
He knocks a mutant to the ground
He repeatedly punches the mutant
HF “I think he might be dead”
Mutant leader (ML) stops & stands
ML “What did you say”?
HF “I said I think he might be dead”
ML “You’ve got good eyes friend”
The mutants all laugh at HF
ML “What is he doing here”?
M2 “He said he wanted to talk”
ML “Is that right? Well then why don’t you come up here and we can have a nice long chat”?
The mutants again all laugh at HF
HF “In private”
ML “I’m sorry but you’re in no place to be giving orders friend”
HF just stares at ML
ML “Very well”
He leads HF into a private room
ML “What”?(!)
HF takes off his hood – It’s Lex
ML “Lex Luther”?
Lex “Shhh. I’m taking a really big and stupid risk being here. So let’s get something straight you tell anyone, I will know. You rat me out, I will know. You cross me, I will know. You tell the police or more importantly the bat, I will know. And by I will know I mean you will die. Is that all perfectly clear? Good. Now… I have a favour to ask of you and I need it done tonight”
ML “A favour? What do you want”?
Lex “More importantly my friend… What is it that you want? I see you’ve taken a very keen interest in money…”
The mutant leader smiles
Lex “… And that someone has taken a very keen interest in you”
Bruce lays asleep – dream
He runs through metropolis
He turns a corner to see a building
It is leaning against another
Bruce “Oh god”
Phone “Bruce. Where are you”?
Bruce “I see you. I’m coming baby”
Bruce runs into the building
He runs up through corridors
Wife “Bruce?! Bruce”!
Bruce and his wife embrace
Bruce “Let’s get out of here”
He carries his wife out of building
They run as the building falls
Building hits ground – They’re safe
Wife “It’s ok. It’s alright now. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here…”
Bruce looks at his wife in his arms
She’s dead – Bruce jolts awake
Lex’s party is in full swing
The building is full of guests
Some guests are still arriving
Clark takes pics of arriving guests
A smart car pulls up – Bruce exits
All the photographers take pics
Clark watches him enter building
Bruce places a device on a wall
Clark “What’s Bruce Wayne doing here? He hasn’t made a public appearance in at least a year”
Clark asks other photographer (P)
P “You must be new. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luther are good friends. They were mentored by *man*. He’s the guy who died in that car accident. Plus Lexcorp and Waynetech have kind of been partners for two years now”
Clark enters the party
Lex begins the presentation
Lex “Right, hello thank you all for coming. Let’s get the presentation underway so we can all go back to our drinks am I right”?
Lex smiles friendlily at Bruce
The crowd laughs at his joke
Lex “Superman. He has been amongst us for years. His whole life it would seem. Yet only now he reveals himself. Why? Some say it’s because we needed him. Others say it was because he had help and when that help didn’t do as much help as he thought, he decided to kill the help. No witnesses. A clean slate. Nevertheless, it is undeniable Superman’s powers are greater than any we have ever seen and that we cannot match them. I say why not? I say we can”
Lex reveals monitors
They all show footage of Superman
Lex “What do all these clips show”?
Clark’s face is worried
Bruce’s face is determined
Lex “I’ll tell you. Weakness. Led. Acid. Sonic beams. They all evoke weakness from him. So we have taken advantage of these weaknesses creating defences”
Lex’s men enter with crates
They open the crates revealing:
•Sonic gun
•Acid gun
Lex “To combat the Superman. Ladies and Gentlemen I assure you. We have weapons & yes, this has been approved by Washington”
Crowd applauds  – party resumes
Bruce goes to leave the building
Clark “Mr Luther? Mr Luther”?
Lex “Hello” – shakes hands
Clark “Clark Kent; Daily Planet. You say you can fight the Superman but if it comes to it… Can you kill him”?
Lex “There is no reason for death son. Not yet anyway”
Lex walks off – Not looking at Clark
Clark runs to talk to Bruce
Clark “Mr Wayne? Mr Wayne”?
Bruce “Yes”
Clark “Clark Kent; Daily Planet. What’s your position on the bat vigilante? Civil liberties are being trampled on, people living in fear. Thinks he’s above the law”
Bruce “The Daily Planet criticising someone who thinks they’re above the law is a little hypocritical wouldn’t you say? Considering every time your hero fails to save someone he burns the whole place down anyway”
Clark “Some people don’t share your opinion Mr Wayne”
Bruce “Well maybe it’s just Gotham city and me who consider brutality a little better than taking life’s “
They stare at each other
Clark “Thank you for your time”
Bruce smiles and leaves
Clark gets in his car and drives off
Bruce enters his home
Alfred “Productive”?
Bruce “Most”
They bother enter the batcave
Alfred “I see you came home empty handed. Well done sir”
Bruce “Spoke too soon Alfred”
Activates device on Lexcorp wall
Alfred “Sonar”?
Bruce “I’ll know where everyone and everything is in Lexcorp. Meaning… There are the defences”
Alfred “So you are going to break into Lexcorp. When”?
Bruce “You know me better than anyone Alfred. Sooner the better”
Alfred “Tonight then”
Bruce “Tonight” – walks off
Alfred “Where are you going”?
Bruce “To exercise”
Alfred “That’s what you call it”
Bruce punching a brick wall
Brutal training montage
Bruce scans hand – batsuit
Clark stands next to memorial
Words go through his mind:
•”Burn the whole place down”
•”Can you kill him”? “Yes”
•”Taking life’s” “Taking life’s”
Lois wanders Gotham’s streets
She sees a kid of 16 (c) sat on curb
Lois “Hello”
C “You got work”?
Lois “No”
C “Then I don’t wanna talk lady”
Lois “Shouldn’t you be at home”?
C “I got no home to be at. Just sitting here hoping someone turns up. Don’t care if it’s the bat. Just someone to take me in”
Lois “You believe in the bat”?
C “Owe my life to him”
Lois “The bat huh? Anyway you still shouldn’t be out here at night. What about your parents”?
C “Don’t have any”
Lois “I’m sorry. If you don’t mind me asking… How did you loose them”?
C “It wasn’t Superman if that’s what you want to hear”
Lois “No it wasn’t. I just…”
A van pulls up next to Lois and C
The van door opens – Mutants (M)
M “He’ll do nicely”
Mutants pull Lois and C in
Slam door shut and drive off
Batman’s perched on building
It is opposite the Lexcorp building
He dives off of the building
Spreads the wings – flies up
Steps onto the roof of Lexcorp
He crawls vent into weapon room
Disables cameras – drops down
He cuts through glass into case
Steals one of every weapon
Alfred interiors via comm’s
Alfred “Sir I don’t mean to interrupt but it appears the mutants once again require your attention”
Bruce “Not now Alfred”
Alfred “They have two hostages and if you plan on maintains your reputation as Batman I suggest you go to the location I am sending you of the bat is good as dead”
Bruce pauses in thought
Clark enters his home
We see him look at news articles
He sees Batman’s cruelty
He looks at the brand victims
‘reckless’ & ‘power in own hands’
He sits back – looks out to Gotham
The police surround a warehouse
Police 1 “We need to get in there”
Police 2 “Don’t be stupid there’s at least twenty guys in there”
Police 1 “They’re going to kill them if we don’t do something”
Police 2 “We can’t really do anything can we. Just standby back-up will arrive soon”
Lois wakes up – tied to a chair
She hears faint conversation
Mutant 2 “You put it on”?
Mutant 1 “It’s on”
Mutant 3 “Remind me why we’re doing this again”
Mutant 2 “I don’t know. It’s what the boss ordered so it’s what we are going to do”
The kid is tied to a chair next to her
They are surrounded by Mutants
Mutant 2 “Why do we have two”?
Mutant 1 “The boss said look for a kid. I did and I found one”
Mutant 2 “Then why is she here”?
Mutant 1 “I couldn’t just leave her there to tell who knows could I”
Mutant 3 “Can we kill them yet”?
Mutant 2 “The boss says we need the money first. If they’re both dead we’ll never get it will we”
Mutant 1 “You really think they’re going to deliver?”
Mutant 2 “I hope so. Otherwise it’ll be us dead instead of these two
A shadow passes the window
The mutants stand unaware
Mutant 3 “Oh I’ve had enough”
The Mutant goes to shoot them
A disabling device lands on the gun
Then on all their others – detonate
Batman drops silently behind them
Batman beats the twenty mutants
Breaking bones and stabbing
Lois and Kid watch
Batman looks at kid and Lois
They look right back at Batman
Superman flies in taking Batman
Police barge into the warehouse
They look at the thugs
Police 1 “Oh god”
Police 2 “Come here we need to help these people”
They begin untying Lois and the kid
Superman drops Batman
Superman lands next to him
They are in an abandoned port
Batman regains his footing
Superman “If they ever shine your light in the sky again… Don’t go to it. The bat is dead. Bury it”
Superman prepares to take off
Batman fires sonic gun at him
Superman falls to ground
He holds his ears in pain
Batman continues to fire saying…
Batman “Tell me… Do you bleed”
Superman looks up in pain
Batman “You will”!
He runs and punches Superman
Superman flicks Batman away
Superman begins to fly away
Batman fires batclaw at him
Superman turns in confusion
Batman fires more sonic beams
Batman walks towards him
He fires acid in his eyes
Superman is blinded
Batman lands multiple punches
Superman grabs a punch
He swings Batman against a wall
Flies at him – bursting through wall
Superman “I won’t let you continue doing what you are doing”
Batman takes to his feet
Batman “You’re going to have to kill me then”
Batman swings fists at Superman
Superman dodges them all
He picks up batman – flies up
Batman fires more acid in his eyes
Superman drops him – lands safely
Batman throws baterangs at him
Superman freezes them
He flies down to batman
Knocks the sonic gun out his hands
Uses laser vision to break acid gun
Batman throws it to the ground
He jumps for his sonic gun
Superman is quicker – breaks gun
Superman “Stay down! If I wanted it you’ll be dead already”
Batman “I want it. And you will be”!
He charges at Superman
Superman just floats above him
Superman “I won’t kill you. But I will stop you if I must”
Batman “And how do you plan on doing that”?
Superman “I don’t want a fight”
Batman “Too bad. You got one”
Superman shoots off into sky
Batman watches in anger
Meanwhile at the new GCPD…
Lois “When will he be out”?
Gordon “We’ll just finish interviewing him and making sure he’s alright. Then we’ll let him go”
Lois “You going to help him”?
Gordon “Don’t think there’s anything we can do ms. He’ll be back out on the street. Say, don’t tell anyone I said this but it would be nice if something like this would come up in the Daily Planet… Could use Metropolises help round here”
Lois “I… I can’t promise anything…”
Gordon “Nah don’t threaten non. We all get by somehow in Gotham”
Clark bursts into room
He and Lois embrace
Clark “Thank you commissioner”
Gordon “I’ll tell the boys”
Clark “Let’s go home huh”?
Lois nods – embrace again
They both exit the building
Lois “What did you do”?
Clark “It’s alright now. It’s alright”
Meanwhile in the batcave
Bruce “It wasn’t enough Alfred”
Alfred “What are you on about”?
Bruce “The superman defences they weren’t enough”
Alfred “Aren’t enough sir”(?)
Bruce looks seriously at Alfred
Alfred “You fought him”?
Bruce “Lex was right they do disable him but we need something more than that”
Alfred “You’re not fighting him again. I will not bury another member of the Wayne family”
Bruce “I thought you believed he would do no such things”
Alfred “I’m talking about you… You getting yourself killed”
Bruce “I know what I’m doing”
Alfred “But you don’t. You act like you do but you don’t. Please listen to me master Bruce. I’m not saying he didn’t. But I do know that it is not what he wanted”
Bruce “It’s too late now Alfred”
Alfred “I will follow you to the end master Wayne. May that be mine and not yours”
The kid (c) is let out into Gotham
He walks the streets until…
The same van pulls up
They take him inside – take lens
They throw him back onto street
C “Hey wait! Can I come”?
The kid stamps the ground in anger
Clark lays awake in bed – TV
Lois lays asleep next to him
News “Superman’s fate will be decided in a court hearing tomorrow afternoon. Let us hope word reaches him in time”
Clark takes a deep breath – gets up
He writes Lois a note
‘Couldn’t sleep. Went for a walk’
He walks out to the balcony
He flies into the sky
We follow him fly around the world
Lex in hood waits for mutants
The mutants (m) approach him
Lex gives them the money
Lex “The return…”
M “Actually we were thinking we could keep both and be happy at that. Is that OK red hood”?
Lex punches the mutant
He kicks him on the ground
Lex “I was thinking… Now what was I thinking? Ah yes. I was thinking screw you, now give me my return”
M2 hands lex the return
Lex “Thank you. Now f**k off”
The mutants run away frightened
M2 “Told you we shouldn’t have done that”
Bruce lays asleep – dream
They run as the building falls
Building hits ground – They’re safe
Wife “It’s ok. It’s alright now. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here…”
Bruce looks at his wife in his arms
She’s dead – Bruce jolts awake
Wife “What is it? What’s wrong”?
Bruce “I dreamt you died. I dreamt you died in Superman’s attack”
Wife “What? No. Superman’s dead remember? You killed him”
She hugs and kisses Bruce
Wife “It’s alright. It’s alright now”
Superman bursts through wall
His eyes are burning red
Bruce “No. No. No…”
Superman fires his laservision
Bruce “NOOOOO”!
Bruce jolts awake – out of dream
Lois is on the phone
Lois “I’ll be there. Thanks Perry”
She hands up – Clark returns
Lois “Where do you go at night”?
Clark “Somewhere solitude”
Lois “Your happy place”?
Clark “I guess you could call it that”
Lois “Tell me about it”
She grabs him and drags him down
Clark “What”? – laughs
They both sit against a wall
Lois “Come on tell me about it”
Clark “Ok. Well… I’m there obviously. And you, my mom, my dad. We’re all at my mothers farm surrounded by friends. The crops grow tall in a bright sun”
They both smile at each other
Lois “You seen the news”?
Clark “Announced it last night”
Lois “You are going right? You have to show them who you are and what you stand for”
Clark “Yeah… I’m going”
Lois “Good. Well then we’ve got all morning together. What do you want to do”?
Clark looks at her and smiles
Bruce and Alfred watch the TV
News “Superman’s fate will be decided in a court hearing tomorrow afternoon. Let us hope word reaches him in time”
Alfred “You know what this means? If the world leaders vote for no Superman you won’t have to go on like this”
Bruce “He’ll still be out there”
Alfred “He’s on this planet he will have to obey it’s rules”
Bruce “We don’t obey the rules Alfred. We haven’t for decades. Even if they vote no who’s to say he won’t”
Alfred “No one. But I believe in him”
Bruce looks angrily at Alfred
Alfred “It is clear that everything he has done has been with good intentions. They are doing this vote so the people believe it is fare”
Bruce “You call them liars”?
Alfred “No. They are doing what they believe is best for their world. I believe that is what he does too”
Bruce “You’re falling for it”
Alfred “I’m falling for nothing. Grief has blinded you from the truth. I knew her Bruce and you did more than anyone. She would have wanted more than this for you, wanted you to move on”
Bruce “I’m tired of moving on Alfred. I’m tired of losing the ones I care most for. I’m tired of this”
Alfred “Then stop. It’s not too late”
Bruce “I think it might be”
Alfred “Promise me. Promise me you will stop this”
Bruce pauses in thought
Alfred “Promise me”
Bruce pauses again in thought
Bruce “If Superman is to stop… I promise. If he is to stay… I will finish what I have started”
Bruce walks off from Alfred
Clark & Lois arrive at Martha’s farm
She runs and embraces them both
Then just hugs Clark
They sit inside drinking coffee
Martha “It’s crazy what they are saying. Of course they’re going to let you stay”
Lois “That’s what I’ve been saying. The world just needs to see who he is and then they’ll know”
Lois goes to make them coffee
Clark “Mom? What if they say no. I’ll get to live a normal life with Lois. I’ll be able to walk the streets feeling less of a stranger”
Martha “What are you saying”?
Clark “What if I want them to vote no. What if I don’t want to be…”
Martha “Clark. You have no need to pretend to be anyone else other than who you are”
Clark “What if I don’t want to be who I am”?
Martha “You don’t need world leaders to decide what you want to do. Be their Angel their guardian… Or be none of it. You don’t owe this world a thing… You never did”
Clark “I do now. Maybe dad was right; maybe the world isn’t ready”
Martha “Maybe so. But they will be… You have to make them ready”
Lois enters with coffee – TV
TV – “Just 10 more minutes until the hearing is underway. All the world leaders have gathered and there is still no sign of Superman”
They all look at each other
Clark “I’m going. Not because they want me there… Because I need to be there. The world is ready”
Clark & Lois say their goodbyes
They fly off to the hearing
Bruce stands at his parents graves
Alfred “You can’t win this”
Bruce “I’m older now than my father ever was. This may be the only thing I do that matters”
Alfred “15 Years of fighting crime not enough for you”?
Bruce “Criminals are like weeds Alfred; pull one out another grows in its place. This is about the future of the world. My father tell you how the first generation of Wayne’s made their fortune”?
Alfred “Pelts and Skins”
Bruce “… They were hunters”
TV “Just 5 minutes to go now. Many have gathered out here. Lex Luther has just entered the building but there is no sign of Superman”
Bruce sits down watching the TV
Alfred watches – standing behind
Lois joins the crowd of people
Superman lands on the ground
The crowd praise and boo him
He enters the courthouse
Lois watches on nervously
TV “And that is it Superman has entered the courthouse all us outside can do now is wait”
Bruce watches the TV anxiously
Superman enters the courtroom
The world leaders stare at him
The chief (c) stands and speaks
C “Today. Is a day for truth. Only by talking to each other like who we are can we hope to come to a choice. Do we need Superman? Sir would you like to speak”?
Superman “Yes, thank you. I came to this world when I was just minutes old. I was raised in Kansas. My father taught me to not show off what I could do. He believed the world wasn’t ready”
Lex “Maybe it wasn’t… … One year. One long sad year because of what you and your people did. We wouldn’t even be in this situation if you had just listened to your father”
Superman “My hand was forced. My own people who came here to earth, wanting to rebuild my home planet… I chose this world over theirs. I killed the only other survivor of my race because this is my home and I wouldn’t let him take it from me”
WL “You killed one of your own and in doing so killed 9,983 of ours. How can you justify that”
Superman “Death can affect people. It can drive people crazy. Even more when they have someone to blame other than themselves. Even if those blamed are innocent”
WL2 “You title yourself not guilty”?
Superman “Today is a day for truth. I speak the truth…. What I believe it to be. This world is ours. It’s mine it’s yours. I would die for it just as anyone else in this room would. My intentions are nothing but good. I will help this world anyway I can but it has to be on my own terms”
Bruce waits, watching the TV
TV “It’s been 2 hours now since Superman entered the court. They should… Wait… Yes here they are”
Superman & chief exit the court
Bruce watches the TV anxiously
C “People of Metropolis. People of the world. It has been more than a year now since this man was introduced to us all and since then we believe he has acted for all of our best interests. As long as he works with us to preserve the safety of America and the rest of the world… We have agreed… Superman can stay”
The crowd erupts
Lois bursts into tears of joy
Superman shakes hands w/ chief
He waves to crowd – takes off
Bruce watches on – Frozen
Bruce grabs his coat to leave
Alfred “Where are you going”?
Bruce “To wait for Lex”
Alfred “Don’t you forget other matters need your attention”
Bruce “No one’s keeping you here Alfred” – Leaves manor
Alfred “But I can’t leave you”
Three hours later – Lexcorp
Bruce “How can you let this happen? You said yourself we need protection from him and now you just give him the key to the world”
Lex “I assure you my defences are still in place though we did have a break in. Luckily the weapons were found broke in an abandoned port in Gotham. Probably just some Superman activists protesting against the very idea… Very well equipped activists”
Bruce “Lex they’re… You really think the defences are enough? You think they can stop him? Lex I need to know… If it comes to it… Can we kill him”?
Lex “No” – sadly
The following morning – Metropolis
Lois and Clark kiss on their bed
Clark “You want to see my happy place”
Lois “What”? – confused
Clark “Get dressed and meet me on the balcony. Dress warmly”
Lois dresses and goes to balcony
Clark is in his Superman suit
Lois grabs Clark
Clark “You ready”?
Lois “Ye…” – takes off
We see them fly around the world
They come to a snowy bit of land
They land – walk through fog
Exit fog to the fortress of solitude
Lois looks on in amazement
Bruce “They can’t kill him Alfred”
Alfred “You saw the news master Bruce, he will help us… There is no need to go to fight him”
Bruce “Not yet. Soon the whole world will be blind. We have to be ready. The sonar… It can also scan files… Look for anything that can be used to fight Superman”
Alfred “Lex’s already told you… There is nothing else. Lex is your oldest friend he wouldn’t lie to you”
Bruce “I’m one of his… I would”
Meanwhile at Lexcorp
Lex – watching the news
News “34 men have vanished out if thin air. Employees of Lex Luther, he promises to do everything he can to find them”
LM enters the room
LM “They’ve found it”
Lex “Good. Thank you. You’ll be going to escort them. This package is very important to me”
LM “Yes sir”
Lex turns and smiles at the TV
Back at the batcave
Bruce “Soon there will be no one left to say no to Superman”
Alfred “And they will all have good reasons not to. People’s loyalty is not bought. It is earned”
Bruce looks at Alfred – Idea
Bruce “You’re right Alfred. You’re so right” – Looks at mutants file
Montage – Superman helping the world and Batman tracking mutants
Batman has found mutant hideout
He is in the batcave preparing
Alfred “What is it exactly you plan on doing”?
Bruce “I’m going to defeat the mutants leader. Then their allegiance lies with me”
Alfred “Then what”?
Bruce “The world will once again see Superman for what he is”
Alfred “The world is at peace with Superman. Defeat the mutants leader then set them free”
Bruce “To crawl back into the sewers and find someone else to murder and kill for? No”
Alfred “How is it you plan on defeating the mutant leader”?
Bruce “The old way. Through fear”
Bruce takes out a canister
Alfred “No. Master Bruce no”
Bruce “I’ll have to beat him fare and square but after that… This will stop him coming back”
Alfred “There is a reason we have hidden that here”
Bruce “Now it will be used and there will be no reason to hide it. Keep it up with the car Alfred”
Alfred “Aye sir”
Batman watches the mutant base
Mutant leader is fighting mutants
He knocks them all to the ground
ML “Hahaha! Is there no one else to fight?! Is there no one else”?!
Batman drops behind him
Three Mutants charge at him
He knocks them all to the ground
ML “Hahaha! The Batman? Hahaha! Long have I been waiting for this. So you’ve come here to stop us”?
Batman “No. Just you”
ML “So that’s how it is? You finally broke bad? Well then this should be fun. I’ll try not to bloody your suit up too much but I’m not making any promises”
ML takes off his coat – muscular
Batman stands ready to fight
ML “I will show you who rules Gotham city. I will show you through your own drawn blood”
Batman “OK son. Show me”
ML charges at Batman
Batman dives out of the way
ML charges at him again
Batman dodges the charge again
M “Fight Bats”!
ML charges at Batman
Batman charges back at ML
They clash – ML tackling Batman
He slams Batman to the ground
Raises fists and brings them down
Batman roles out of the way
Regains footing – kicks ML in face
ML grabs foot – swings him round
ML throws him to the ground
He goes to stamp on him
Batman grabs his foot and breaks it
Batman steps away from ML
ML snaps his foot back into place
He swings his fists at Batman
Batman dodges them – counter
Batman lands punch after punch
They do nothing
ML uppercuts Batman
Batman flies up and crashes down
He stands and charges at the ML
Jumps at him with swinging fist
ML catches swinging fist
Punches him in face repeatedly
ML tries to crush Batman’s head
Batman tries to kick free – he can’t
Batman taps some buttons on wrist
ML “So this is it. This is how the Batman dies. In a dump”?
The mutants all laugh
Batman up-kicks ML in face
He drops him – ML screams
They charge at each other
They fistfight bloodying each other
Batman punches ML rapidly
ML kicks him to the ground
He stamps on him repeatedly
He stops and steps away from him
ML “Batman?(!) What a disappointment. I expected more”
He goes to a pile of scrap
Batman is winded – can’t breathe
ML picks up a sharp piece of metal
He heads towards Batman
Batman stands clearly in pain
ML punches him back down
ML “You should’ve stayed dead Batman. Who’ll protect your previous city now? Don’t worry we’ll look after it for you… Gotham city is in good hands”
All the mutants and ML laugh
ML raises the sharp metal
it is swung down towards Batman
The batmobile rams into ML
ML is sent flying to the ground
M “He cheated”!
The batmobile’s guns pop out
M “Don’t worry he doesn’t kill”
Gun fires at mutant – electrocuted
Batman stands – takes our canister
ML is struggling to stand
Walks to ML – activates gas mask
ML “You… You… You…”
Batman pops open the canister
It is scarecrows fear toxin
Fear fills ML’s face and body
POV of ML – Batman/ Joker hybrid
Batman “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman”!
The Mutant leader screams
Batman “Stay out of my city”
He punches ML – KO’ing him
He turns to the rest of the mutants
Batman “You see this. He has fallen beneath me. You! You are my men now! Stay hidden and await my call! Soon, we go to war”!
Superman is talking to the WL’s
C “Thank you for all you have done. I can say I had my doubts about you but you have now more enough earned our trust”
Superman “Thank you”
C “Our world is the safest it has been in a long time because of you. We just ask of you one more thing for the time being. It seems your country needs your help”
A door opens behind Superman
General Swanwick (GS) enters
GS “It’s good to see you again”
He shakes hands with Superman
Superman “It’s been a while. What do you need General”?
Superman is being briefed
GS “In India just a day ago we recorded a signal much like the one of Zod’s ship when he first arrived at Earth. We were moving on the signal when it was moved into enemy territory. We don’t know what it is yet but it is definitely from your world and likely dangerous. We would like you to assist us in taking whatever they have”
Superman “What happens when we take it. What will you do with whatever we find out there”
GS “That is not for me alone to decide. But whatever it is we do with it, we will hear your word. So, you ready to save your world”
Superman “Happy to help”
Meanwhile at the Batcave
Batman pulls into the batcave
Alfred “A productive night sir”?
Bruce exits batmobile – bruised
Alfred “Dear god”
He runs and helps Bruce out
Bruce “I’m fine Alfred”
Alfred “You don’t look it”
Bruce “It’s all on the outside”
Alfred “How’d the other guy look”?
Bruce “There is no other guy… Not anymore… He won’t be coming back to Gotham anytime soon”
Alfred “Mr Cranes toxin come in handy then I presume”
Bruce “He was shaking in his boots. Have you found anything”?
Alfred “In Lex Luther’s files; no”
Bruce looks anyway – finds nothing
Alfred “See. There is nothing”
Bruce goes into another folder
It saves recently deleted files
Bruce “You trying to hide something from me Alfred”?
Alfred “He is not our enemy”
Bruce ignores him – looks at files
Bruce “What is this”? – video
Video – Lex “Substance K (SK) test one. This particular substance was recovered from the Kryptonian ship crashed in Metropolis. Mag… Magnificent. It seems that this particular substance decays the cells of Kryptonian life forms… For a certain amount of time”
Bruce “That is it. That’s what I need. Why would Lex lie to me”?
Alfred “Perhaps Mr Luther trusts in Superman”
Bruce “Then why would he…”
Alfred “He is one of your closest friends(!) Maybe you should talk with him”
Bruce “This isn’t about friendship Alfred… This is about survival”
Alfred “If that is so then stop this. Look at yourself. This is from fighting a man now you plan on going up against him”?
Bruce comes across another file
Bruce “There’s more of it coming. Being flown in… That’s it. I’ll take it”
Alfred “Master Bruce. There is still hope for you… Even if it is the smallest of lights… it still shines in the darkness”
Superman flies next to jets/ heli’s
Tanks & jeeps move on the ground
GS “They’re just up ahead”
Superman looks closer to them
GS “Go get em”
Superman signals to jets/ heli’s
He flies up faster with them
The jets/ heli’s drop missiles
They are dropped next to the base
The militia run out
Superman hovers above them
Superman “They were warning shots. Surrender and you…”
The militia shoot at Superman
Superman “Very well”
He flies at militia at super speed
He disarms them and flies off
He flies next to GS’s jeep
Superman “I don’t think they plan on surrendering”
GS “I thought not. Plan B”
Superman “Yes sir”
Superman flies ahead of the truck
GS informs the jets/ heli’s
The militia have formed a blockade
Group of thugs run to a plane
LM “Just get it out of here. He will be useless against it. Now go”!
The militants run wheeling a crate
The jeeps load their mounted guns
The militia see them – ready to fire
M “Fire in three… Two… One…”
Superman flies across blockade
He lasers the handheld guns
The mounted guns are still ready
M “Fire”!
GS “Fire”!
The militia fire at the army
The army fire back at the militia
The militias tanks exit the garages
GS “Sky we need help here”
Jets/ heli’s drop bombs on tanks
Superman catches the bombs
He throws them next to the tanks
The tanks flip upside down
The jeeps pull up – still under fire
Militia on m’ted guns are thrown
Superman has taken care of them
More militia exit the buildings
Shootout between militia and army
Superman saves lives – M&A
Another tank exits a garage
Superman flies towards it
It fires at him with a missile
Superman freezes it w/ breath
He punches it in flight
He rips of the lid of the tank
Enters tank – throws 2 people out
Superman grabs one and flies up
Superman “Where is it”?
Militant points to plane taking off
He quickly puts the militant down
He flies to plane – now in flight
He approaches the back of plane
LM exposes SK to him
Superman doesn’t see SK
Superman falls to the ground
He looks confused – flies back up
He reaches same spot – falls again
He tries one last time – falls
The shooting in background stops
He flies back to the general
The militants (m) have surrendered
GS “Where is it”?
Superman “I… I can’t explain it. I don’t know what happened”
GS “You mean it got away”?
Superman smiles nervously
GS “What was it? What are you carrying? I don’t want to get bloody but I will if I have to”
The general loads his pistol
M “We don’t know”
GS “Talk”(!)
M “We don’t know what it is. We are just hired guys”
Superman “Who hired you”?
M “We don’t know. We never saw his face we were just asked to find and deliver and that’s it”
GS “Where? Deliver where”?
M “Gotham. Gotham city”
Superman “Never saw his face”?
M “No he always wore a mask”
S’man & GS look at each other
GS “Get these men in the truck”
The army grab the militants
Superman and GS have a word
Superman “Delivery to Gotham. Wore a mask…”
GS “It’s very likely it’s him but there is no standing evidence. We’ll discuss it with the WL when we get home for now… Good job”
GS pats Superman on the back
GS & army drive away w/ militants
Superman shoots off into sky
The plane carrying SK flies
LM checks the crate is tied down
He checks all men are in position
He takes his seat next to pilot
The sky is calm – they’re alone
Batwing follows tracking signal
It arrives above the plane
Batman activates control override
The hanger door lock opens
He accelerates in front of the plane
He talks to Alfred over the comm’s
Batman “Controls are yours Alfred”
Alfred “It’s been a while since I’ve flown this thing sir”
Batman “You and me both. You’ll do fine as always”
Alfred “Good luck sir”
He ejects out – Opens hanger door
Thugs investigate the door locks
Batman free falls down to plane
The hanger door is fully open
Batman glides and lands on it
Two thugs are inside – shoot
Baterang knocks gun down
Takes gun and hits thug w/ it
LM goes to check noise
Batman throws gun at a thug
Runs and knocks him to ground
Kicks thug in the face – KO’d
Runs to ladder – hears two thugs
Grapples up ladder to them
He punches one of them
He electrocutes the second one
Runs down corridor towards door
Two thugs and LM enter
Ignites smoke bomb as they shoot  LM goes to return to pilot
Shooting stops – smoke disappears
Bursts from floor grates – KO’ing
LM returns to the pilot
LM “He’s in the plane! Dive! Dive”!
Batman enters a large room
Five goons aim their guns at him
They are guarding the crate
Pilot drives the plane downwards
All in the room fly all over the place
B’man stables himself w/ baterang
Pilot levels the plane
All thugs in the room are disarmed
Batman drops – fights 3/5 thugs
Pilot drives the plane downwards
All in the room fly all over the place
Pilot levels the plane
One thug charges him with knife
Grabs hand with knife
Thug swings at him with other arm
Batman clashes fist with Baterang
Batman headbutts thug – KO’d
Pilot and LM watch on monitor
The last thug charges at Batman
He jumps at him with fist swinging
Batman catches swinging fist
Punches thug KO’ing him
LM “I’ll take care of him”
Batman talks to Alfred via comm’s
Batman “Get ready Alfred”
Alfred “Sir you know it would have been more helpful if I knew what I was readying myself for before you tell me to be ready”
Batman wraps his arm in crates net
Slices ropes tying the crate down
Throws device against plane wall
LM enters room – goes to shoot
Device explodes – hole in plane
LM is sucked out of plane
Batman w/ crate is too
Alfred “Oh”
He activates batwing’s tow hook
Batwing nears w/ hook
Pilot looks at monitor
Pilot “… Sh*t”
Batman attaches hook to crate
Batwing levels
Batman climbs on top of the crate
Batman “Thanks Alfred”
Alfred “Anytime sir. Anytime”
Superman is with WL and GS
WL “A masked man from Gotham you say General Swanwick”?
GS “That is correct sir”
WL “It is very likely this is the Batman but there is no proof”
Lex Luther enters the room
Lex “There may be no proof… But everything that has happened points to the bat”
Superman “Mr Luther”
Lex nods at Superman and GS
Lex “Let’s rewind to the day of the superman. Fast forward a few months we have the bat brand. Weapons are stolen from Lexcorp designed to combat Superman and are found in an old Gotham port. Superman is accepted by the world… And this…”
Lex shows them all news footage
It is of anti-superman activists
Lex “Once known as the mutants… Now known as the Knights”
Knights graffiti on Superman statue
They write ‘false god’ on it
Lex “The world has come to peace with what happened in Metropolis. He has paid more than enough with the help he has been giving us. If we allow this to continue… We may fall back into the hole it seemed we couldn’t get out of”
The room is silent
Superman watches on at the TV
TV – Lynched Superman manikin
WL “Superman. If it comes to it…. Will you stop Batman”?
Superman “Next time he shows himself… Will be the last”
Blackout – ‘3 Weeks Later’
News “The vigilante group known as the Knights, loyal to the Batman have disappeared off the streets along with the Batman himself. Will we ever see the Batman again? Only the future will tell us”
Clark & Lois in cafe – watch news
Clark “You really think he’s gone”?
Lois “Resilient as he is… He’s done it before”
Meanwhile at Wayne Manor
Bruce punching a brick wall
Brutal training montage
Most brutal it’s ever been
Finishes and goes to the batcave
He has finished preparing;
•Kryptonite grenades
•Kryptonite grenade launcher
•Synthetic Kryptonite suit
•Kryptonite knife
Clark and Lois exit the cafe
Girl “Mr? Mr? Can you help”?
Lois “What is it”?
Girl “My cat, she won’t come down”
Clark smiles and climbs the tree
He returns the cat to the girl
Clark “There you go”
Girl “Thanks. Who needs Superman right”? – chuckles
Clark smiles as girl runs off
Lois “Cute girl”
Clark “Who needs Superman right”
They both chuckle and return to DP
FFWD – It is late at night
Clark and Lois are preparing to go
Clark looks out to Gotham
He hears what Lois said in his head
(Lois “Resilient as he is… He’s done it before”)
Clark “I Have to check something. I’ll meet you downstairs”
Lois smiles and enters elevator
Perry “Goodnight Kent”
Clark “Goodnight Sir”
Perry and Lois go down elevator
Bruce suits up in new Batsuit
Alfred watches on
Bruce grabs his weapons
Alfred “No. Master Bruce. Stop. Master Bruce. Bruce”!
Bruce “What are you…”
Alfred “I will not in good conscience allow you to go! You are outmatched by him…”
Bruce “I’m what”?!
Alfred “This is not who you are! You’re Bruce Wayne you’re not the Batman you’re not some hardened vigilante. You’re a good person of which terrible things have happened to! You’re in over your head and I… I don’t want this to be your end! I can’t let you go”!
Bruce “What do you see when you look at me? The child who’s shoes you used to tie every morning? I am the only thing between the innocent, the unaware and him. When the murderer or terrorist thinks twice – that is fear – that is what I am! So no Alfred I am not outmatched, I am not in over my head and this will not be my end! It will be his”!
Bruce turns to leave
Alfred pulls back at his arm
Bruce “Get off me”!
Bruce pushes Alfred to the ground
Alfred “She would be so disappointed in you”
Bruce turns & enters the batmobile
He drives off towards Gotham
He drives at high speed through the streets
Everything turns into slow motion
Bruce looks outside the batmobile
He sees his wife looking at him saying…
Wife “Don’t add me to the weight you carry”
Bruce ignores her and continues to drive
It starts to rain in Metropolis
Clark on his laptop – Researches
1st Batman disappearance
Brings up old newspaper
Looks on front page that says…
‘Long time no Bat’
He looks through the paper
Article on Bruce’s marriage
Hears what Bruce said in his head
(“Every time your hero fails to save someone he burns the whole place down anyway”)
Clark continues his research…
Introduction to Superman
Brings up old newspaper
Looks on front page that says…
‘Aftermath of Superman’
He looks through the paper
Article on deaths in the destruction
Finds Bruce’s wife amongst them
Hears what Bruce said in his head
(“Well maybe it’s just Gotham city and me who consider brutality a little better than taking life’s”)
The bat brand appears in his mind
He looks up in realisation
Clark “Bruce Wayne”?
Lighting sounds in the dark clouds
Batman ignites the bat signal on the old GCPD building
Clark looks out and sees the signal
Lex sees the batsignal
Lex “Get the drone”(!)
Lois notices the batsignal too
Lois “Oh no”
She runs back to the elevator
Clark looks back at the elevator
He is deciding what to do
Batman stares up at the light
Lois exits elevator hoping…
Clark is gone
Rain and thunder fills the sky
A flash of thunder on the light…
Superman is in the middle of it
Superman “Please, Bruce… There is no need for this”
Bruce further angered by his name
Stares at Superman – does nothing
Superman “Please, I promised them I would bring you in I…”
Bruce “Is that what you are now? The worlds attack dog”?
Superman “I act for both myself and the world leaders. Bruce… I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I’m sorry about your wife”
Bruce “Sorry won’t bring her back”
Superman “I beg you. Stop. I don’t want to do this but I will if I must”
Bruce “Too bad… I want this”
Superman sighs & flies at Batman
He smashes Batman through roof
They both crash on the floor
A drone is seen flying around
Lex watches drone footage
He leans forward anxiously
Superman picks Batman up
Superman throws him through wall
Superman “This can stop”
Batman stands and readies himself
Batman “It will… You on the ground with a knife between your eyes”
Superman flies at him
Batman fires batclaw at roof
Pulls it down on Superman
Superman falls under the rubble
Batman goes to stomp on him
Superman lasers floor under them
They both fall through it
Superman is still on ground
Batman goes to kick Superman
Catches it – Throws him at wall
Batman punches Superman
Superman just stands there
He grabs Batman & throws him
Batman turns to face Superman
Superman lasers the roof
Falls down burying Batman
A hole is punched in the rubble
Superman “Bruce. Please”
Something is thrown out of hole
It lands by Superman’s feet
It’s a Kryptonite bomb – explodes
Superman breathes it in
He falls to his knees choking
Batman kicks out of the rubble
Batman “You’re feeling it aren’t you? What the rest of us live with every day… Your own mortality. I want you to know, just for your final minutes alive… I want you to remember the one man who beat you”!
Superman looks up at Batman
Batman kicks him in the face
Batman throws him through a wall
Batman picks him back up
He throws him through another
He pins him up against a wall
Begins to repeatedly punch him
Superman’s regains his strength
Grabs Batman – pins against wall
Superman “Stop”!
Batman “Never”!
Batman knees then kicks him
Superman stumbles back
Batman and Superman fist fight
Superman tackles Batman
They both fall down into a room
Superman lands on 1st floor
Batman lands on ground floor
Batman fires batclaw at Superman
Superman dodges it – hits wall
He rises and flies at Batman
Batman grapples towards him
Batman punches him in mid air
Superman falls to the ground
Batman drops down
Superman stands up
Batman launches a grenade at him
Superman dodges it – smug smile
Batman “Not only a murderer… But a fool. You’re as blind as a bat”
The grenade explodes – frag
The wall falls down behind him
It buries him under the rubble
Batman “I bet your parents taught you that you mean something, that you’re here for a reason. My parents taught me a different lesson, dying in the gutter for no reason at all”
Attaches batclaw round his foot
He swings Superman around
He clashes into walls and pillars
He throws him through a door
Superman stands
Batman enters the room
Superman “Bruce I am sorry! I never meant for anything like that to happen”
Batman “I underestimated you… Dwelling on the past. It makes you strong. Gives you courage. But you’re not brave… Men are brave”
Superman “Very well”
He flies at Batman
He scrapes his face on the ground
Batman grabs a Kryptonite grenade
Superman knocks it away
It flies and lands outside
He still scrapes Batman on ground
Batman grabs another – crushes it
Superman breathes part of it in
Struggles to breathe – drops him
Batman stands up
Superman charges at Batman
Batman and Superman fist fight
Superman regains his strength
He grabs Batman and flies up
They smash through floors
They smash through the roof
He throws Batman at batsignal
The batsignal falls to the ground
Lex watches on via drone
Superman X-Ray’s Batman
He broke 3 of Batman’s ribs
Superman takes deep breaths
Batman struggles to stand
Superman “That was three of them… Don’t make it all twelve”
Batman stands clenching his chest
Batman “I’ve had worse”
Superman flies at Batman
Superman throws Batman off roof
Batman stands up
He sees the grenade on the ground
Superman flies at him w/ two fists
Batman stamps on grenade
Superman flies through the gas
Batman catches Superman’s fists
Superman pushes – still in flight
Batman pushes back at him
Superman coughs out blood
He looks to Batman confused
Batman “Told you so”
Superman’s face fills with fear
Batman swings round Superman
Slams his head against batsignal
He smashes grenade on Superman
Then smashes another on him
Superman can barely breathe
Batman “She was my world… And you took her from me”
Superman “Please. You don’t have to do this. Bruce… Please…”
Batman “It’s too late for you”
He activates the Kryptonite knife
He raises it above his head
Batman “You’re not a God. You were never even a man”
Lex smiles at the drone footage
Batman is about to kill him when…
Lois “Stop”!
Batman turns to see Lois
Lois puts herself between them
Lois “Stop”!
Batman “Move”!
Lois “No”!
Superman tries to move Lois away
Batman “I said move”!
Batman goes to stab him but…
He sees the batsignal…
There is one small flame left
(“There is still hope for you. Even if it is the smallest of lights it still shines in the darkness”)
Batman looks at Superman
A very human look is on his face
(“I know what she meant to you. I know what she did for you… Is this what she would have wanted”?)
He looks at Lois inbetween them
Batman freezes in a trance
Lois has changed into his wife
Wife “Bruce. Stop. I love you. Darling… You don’t need to do this”
He exits the trance
He looks back at Superman…
(“This is not who you are”)
Deactivates the Kryptonite knife
He steps away from Superman
Lex freezes in shock
Lois runs to Clark
Batman turns & enters batmobile
He drives off – leaving them
Lois cradles Clark in her arms
Clark looks on – smiles
Lex throws glass at the TV
The batmobile enters the batcave
Alfred is standing – waiting
Bruce exits the batmobile
He goes and stands next to Alfred
He takes off the Batsuit’s helmet
Alfred stares at him anxiously
Batman “This is not who I am”
Bruce and Alfred embrace
Fade to black – ‘1 Week Later’
Perry “Clark? Clark”?
Clark “Yes sir”
Perry “Good work on the Waynetech article. Now where is your new one”?
Clark “Sir”?
Perry “Jesus, Clark. Your article”?
Clark “Oh… Here sir”
He hands Perry his article
Lombard “How’d you like my…”
Perry “Let’s just say Lombard next time Jenny will be covering it and you will be covering sports”
Jenny giggles to herself
Lombard “I’m fine with that”
Perry “Forget it then. I’ll find you something else to write about… If you wanna call it writing”
Jenny and Lois giggle
Lombard “Yes sir”
Perry looks at Clarks article
Perry “The Dark Knight Returns. I like it. But… Still no picture”
Clark “Oh sir. Sorry about not coming in last week… Never been so…”
Perry “It’s fine Clark. Must be heard getting around as much as you do”
He smiles at Clark and walks off
Clark looks at him confused
He looks to Lois who smiles back
Bruce sits on the edge of his bed
He watches TV
TV – Knights returned Mutants brought in to jail
He turns off the TV
He takes a deep breath
He pulls box from under the bed
He sits with it on his lap
He takes another deep breath
He opens the box…
They are pictures of his wedding
He looks through all of them
Alfred “Dinner is ready master…”
Bruce closes the box quickly
Alfred “I’m sorry sir I’ll…”
Bruce “No. Its fine Alfred. It’s fine”
Alfred “You look at them often”
Bruce “Everyday. Each time is as hard as the last but… Reminds me what batman is about”
Alfred smiles at him
Bruce “When was the last time you played chess Alfred”?
Alfred “You should remember”
They both chuckle
Brace and Alfred sit playing chess
Alfred “I remember I used to sit and play this with your father. On a night like this with this very same board. He was always white and I was always black”
Bruce “And how was my father at chess”
Alfred “He was alright. But I can say this. All that time he spent teaching you apparently hasn’t made a big impact”
Alfred takes two of Bruce’s pieces
Alfred “You promise you’re not letting me win”?
Bruce “Trust me Alfred I’ve never been able to beat anyone other than Lex”
Alfred looks worried
Bruce “What’s wrong”?
Alfred “It’s Mr Luther sir. I found something on his files. I think you should take a look”
Lex Luther is in his dressing gown
He is on the phone to someone
Lex “No I can’t do that right now”
He walks to window and looks out
Lex “No I’ve told you I need your transport out of here asap”!
He turns his back to the window
Lex “Just get it done I’m in a difficult position right now about to become a lot more difficult”
A dark figure approaches window
Lex “Thanks for nothing”!
Lex thrusts phone on the ground
Lex “Well sh*t”
Batman glides in through window
Glass shatters everywhere
Alarm sets off
Lex falls to the ground
Batman “You know who I am”?
Lex edges himself away
Batman “You killed him didn’t you. *man*? You killed him. You killed him because you knew you would inherit his company in India. Why? Because you needed more SK. You knew it could kill Superman because you already had a small amount from the ship that crashed here in metropolis. But you couldn’t have anyone know it was you who was having it shipped in. So you hired a private company of militants and sent your best man to keep them in check. Or was it to erase all witnesses. The missing people on the news a few months back. What do they have in common? They all worked for *man* in India. How many dead? 34? A tragic fire kills 23, bodies unrecognisable. The same thing just three weeks later but with the remaining 11. You had them killed just like you did *man* in a tragic car accident, staged by yourself. Once you knew who I was you could trust that I had hacked you… Trust that I would take SK from you and use it to try and kill Superman. Have it delivered to Gotham to make it look like I was the one who hired the militants, the one who killed all those innocent men and women. You built Superman defences to keep the world on your side and gained the trust of Superman by showing him what you had done and sending him to fight me hoping I would kill him for you. Then me unsuspecting you knowing who I am would somehow kill me when I was least expecting it and sure enough stage another accident to hide the fact that you killed Bruce Wayne. To hide the fact you were behind the death of Superman. To hide the fact that you hate anyone with power that’s greater than your own”
Lex claps sarcastically
Lex “Bravo! Bravo! You really are the worlds greatest detective… But you are also a fool. What can you do now? The police are on their way and you can’t prove a thing”
Batman “I think this data pack will explain it all to them. What you’ve done. The people you’ve killed. I think all that is enough for a sentence to Arkham asylum. I’ve been there before… You’ll get along swell with the other inmates”
Batman chucks data pack on floor
Batman “And don’t worry about Lexcorp and your fortune. I’ll make sure they both go to good use”
Batman walks to the window
Lex “You can’t do this! I’ll tell them who you are! Believe me I will”
Batman “I believe you. But after looking at that… Will they”?
Batman glides out of the window
Lex sits up – accepting his fate
Superman is taking a knee
He is inside the fortress of solitude
J “I knew you were meant for great things Kal. I knew I would one day I would call myself and proud father”
Superman stands – turns around
Jorel is standing behind him
J “I’m so proud of you son”
Superman “It took a while”
J “It did. Now earth is safer than it has ever been because of you. But in time… All good things must come to an end. You have created a very good thing Kal. Make sure it lasts”
Superman “I will”
J – “I know you will. You’re your fathers son” – smiles at him
Superman smiles back at Jorel
News – Lex Luther = Criminal, Commissioner Gordon interview
Lois is glued to the TV
Lois “Clark have you seen this”?
Clark “Hey not all of us get to lay in on Saturday mornings”
There is a knock on the door
Lois “The door”
Clark “I’ve kind of got my hands full over here”
Lois gets up and goes to the door
She opens it – it’s Bruce Wayne
Lois “Mr… Mr… Mr Way…”
Bruce “Lois Lane. How you doing”?
Lois “Good. I’m good. Thank you. This is… What are you doing here”?
Bruce “I’m actually here to see Clark. I read his article on my tech company. Loved it. Just wanted a word with him if that’s ok”?
Lois “Oh yeah sure I’ll ask him”
Lois runs inside to Clark
Clark “Who was it honey”?
Lois “It’s Bruce Wayne”
Clark drops a cup on the floor
Lois “Oh! You don’t mind that I’ll take care of it. Go talk to him he wants to talk to you”
Clark exits the kitchen
He goes to Bruce in the doorway
Bruce “Can we talk”?
Bruce and Clark go to the roof
Clark offers Bruce a beer
Bruce “No thanks. I’ll save that for the fancy parties. They’ll be a lot of them coming now I own Lexcorp”
Clark “You going to run two companies and fight crime”?
Bruce “I’ll call some old friends see if I can get some help”
Clark “Congratulations with the… Bringing in all the mutants by the way. Good job”
Bruce “Thanks. You’re not doing so bad yourself. Did you freeze breath an out if control house fire”?
Clark “Yes”
Bruce “How does that work. You eat a lot of ice pops”?
Clark “No it works just like everything else”
Bruce “What about after a jog? You all panting hard turning pedestrians and dog walkers into snowmen”
Clark “No. I just fly up to the sun”
Bruce “Wow. Extreme sun bathing”
Clark “Guess you could call it that”
Bruce “Catching some rays Superman style”
Clark “Better than hanging out in a cave all day”
Bruce “Hey I play chess… I lose at chess… And I’m just being nice. I’m letting you take the day shift… Also known as the easier shift”
Clark “Yes. The world does seem a little brighter”
They both smile at each other
Clark “I think it’s time we properly introduced ourselves”
Clark holds out his hand
Clark “Clark Kent”
Bruce “I know”
Bruce shakes his hand saying
Bruce “Bruce Wayne”
Clark “I know”
They break the handshake
The sun rises over Metropolis
They both turn and watch it
Bruce “You know what Clark… I think we’re gonna be good friends”
Clark looks at Bruce and smiles
He returns his gaze to the sunrise
Fade to black – credits
Alfred is making Bruce’s bed
He hears a swoosh and a thud
He looks outside and sees Clark
He goes to open the door for him
Alfred “Master Kent”
Clark “How are you Alfred”?
Alfred “I’m good as ever thank you sir. Master Bruce is in the cave… He’s waiting for you”
Clark “Thanks”
Clark pulls down the correct books
The batcave entrance opens
Clark enters – sees Bruce
He is sat at the batcomputer
Clark “You wanted to see me”?
Bruce “No not you necessarily. I wanted you to see these”
He types on the batcomputer
Finds a file called meta humans
Bruce “Since inheriting Lexcorp I have poured over their files and have found this one buried deeper than all of them”
Clark “What is it”?
Bruce clicks on the file opening it
File – Footage of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg
Bruce “You being here tells us one thing. There are greater forces out there. Some maybe more powerful than yourself. Some that may want to bring harm to our world. Help me find them”
Clark “What if they don’t want to be found”?
Bruce “They will… And they’ll fight”
Clark “What makes you think they’ll want to fight”?
Bruce “Just a feeling” – cut to black

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