Star Trek 4 – Story Idea

Open on a battlefield
Men are fighting aliens
Ships are fighting above them
We follow one soldier in the fight
He isn’t shooting anyone – helping
He helps someone of his own side
The man is carried off by others
Returns to the fight – not shooting
He sees an injured enemy
Man “I’m coming! Stay still”
He runs over to the enemy soldier
He is attach by an enemy soldier
They skirmish but the man wins
The enemy ignites a grenade
Killing himself and injuring the man
The man looks at the battle – fades
30 Years Later:
Kirk and Sulu fencing – Sulu wins
They chat – Family, Dr Marcus and Chekov getting married
Kirk called to starfleet HQ
Kirk walks to meeting room
Dr Marcus exists room with partner
Kirk asks how it went
Dr Marcus explains – won’t supply
Partner’s confident it will be built
Kirk supports her – they part ways
Kirk enters room, greeted by the head of starfleet
Missile hologram briefly seen
Drone footage – man obliterated Villain flees in ship & knocking side
Head “This occurred last week”
Kirk ordered to bring in villain
Kirk “Isn’t this a job for the police”
Head “Normally yes but this isn’t the first time this guy has showed up”
Holograms of other obliterations
Head “The police so far have found nothing and every time this guy shows up more people die. We have come to the decision that starfleet may be the people for the job… You and your crew may be the people for the job”
Kirk “Me and the crew of the USS enterprise? Yes sir”
New ship – advanced locators
Kirk pushes for enterprise – loses
Kirk goes to find crew – Spock first
Spock listening to music – emotion
Kirk interrupts – awkward convo
Spock doesn’t tell Kirk why
Spock assembles team – save fuss
Crew assemble in new ship
Bones excited for new medications
No new medications
Old friends re-united – New Chekov
Set off to planet where man obliterated killed
Villain enters power room
10 security guards arrive
Villain vs guards – hand to hand
Villain wins and steals 2/3 part
Kirk arrives at planet
Study scene – scene replicators
Ahura and Bones – Study man
Kirk and Spock – Study villain
Ahura and Bones see grapple gun
Anything took place in tall buildings
Robbery – investigate robbery
Grapple marks on building
Torn off wall – didn’t take anything
Must have taken something
Kirk and Spock follow footprints in concrete
Kirk “Man must be built like a rock”
Kirk talks music – Spock ignores
Ship markings in tight alley
Spock finds distinct material
All return to ship
Review findings – stole nothing
Spock investigates metal from ship
Go to world the ship is from
The world is entirely mechanical
Bones pleads to go down
Bones “Advanced medication. The H194825 is here” (Advanced Hospital)
Kirk resists but Bones pleads
Kirk allows him to do so
Spock – command of ship
Bones tells them to change clothes
Bones “Don’t take too kindly to starfleet. Dumping injured on them. Just have the medications they have here on the ships. Save hassle”
Kirk, Sulu and Bones go down
Bones goes off to H194825
Find ships – sulu questions renter
Kirk looks at ships – finds the one
Kirk asks about ship
Renter “Yeah he just gave it back to me”
Kirk and Sulu turn to see villain
Villain goes invisible
Kirk and Sulu pursues villain
People fall as villain passes them
Invisibility chase
Scotty helps using heat signatures
High speed traffic between them
Villain gets away – Bones in pursuit
Bones chases villain
Traffic stops – Kirk and Sulu chase
Villain leads runs to dead end
Scotty leads Bones the same way
Bones turns corner
Villain obliterates his gun
Villain aims his gun at Bones
Kirk and Sulu near Bones
Scotty “Dear God”
Kirk and Sulu enter the dead end
Bones is obliterated
Scotty loses Bone’s signal
Villain escapes on speeding traffic
We see his invisibility devise fail
It electrocuted him – arm stalls
He chucks it away
Kirk and Sulu are frozen
Kirk collapses and Sulu comforts
Spock orders them be beamed up
Kirk resumes command
Villain enters repair garage
He leaves planet with his ship
Ship vs Villains ship
See rubble from ships enter orbit
Kirk’s warp is broken
Villain warps
Kirk emotional compromised(?)
Kirk confirms Bones’ death
Kirk “He will not change me. We are going to find him and we will bring him in”
Kirk calls Dr Marcus – comfort
Kirk “Should never have let him go down. Now his death is on me”
Bones wakes up on dead planet
Villain calls his men – discuss plans
Bones wanders the planet
He comes across corpses
Figure approaches him – Bones faints
Spock to Kirk – advice and comfort
Spock “He was always shall be your friend. As will I”
Kirk – Rubble from villains ship
Spock offers to go out to get some
Ahura refuses – Spock insists
Spock “I’ve done something like this”
They send him out to the rubble
Rubble in orbit returns
Spock insists on pushing on
Grabs rubble – returns to ship just in time
Rubble hammers at ship
Ship shields are down
They study metal – discover origin planet
Set off to metal origin planet
Kirk “The metal has not been used by the *creators* in years”
New Chekov – from creators planet
New Chekov (NC) tells of an old tales
NC “Soldiers weren’t allowed to die. They would replace limbs with mechanics and enhanced them with serums to make them stronger and make them fight again. Was shut down and those operated on were left there… Unable to die”
Ahura “So you’re saying he’s part robot”?
Spock “Most likely. It explains his momentum” – footprints
Kirk “He must be buying something with what he has stolen”
Ahura “He didn’t steal any money he must be building something”
Scotty “With what”?
Sulu “Buying… Building… what”?
Kirk “I don’t know… But I think *creators planet*’s the target. What is he up to”?
Arrive at metal origin planet
Scotty could disable hybrids
Scotty and Kirk go down
Bones is brought around by man (who is heavily bearded)
It is the man obliterated at the start
Bones and man head to base
“Run! Sandstorm”!
“Can’t be that bad” – rock torn up
Enter base just in time
Bones and Man talk in base
Need water – look after sandstorm
Scotty and Kirk track hybrid signal
Get to signal – nothing
They begin to dig – hit metal
Ground moves – ship taking off
Have to jump off
3 large ships take off
Kirk warns Spock – leave them
Spock flees ships – too many
Hybrids attack Kirk and Scotty
Ship vs 3 Ships
Kirk and Scotty defeat all hybrids
Ship vs 3 Ships
Kirk and Scotty a interrogate hybrid
They know where villain is
Hybrid “It’s almost done”
Villain steals 3/3 part needed
Kirk doesn’t know what to do
Scotty “They’re done for it’s like taking on 3 enterprises”
Kirk  has idea and gets out his communicator
Ship vs 3 Ships – weapons down
3 Ships chase ship
Kirk leads Scotty to a high peak
“You see us”?
Enterprise bursts through clouds
Ship vs 3 Ships
3 Ships firing down on ship
Enterprise saves ship
Jaylah driving
Starfleet HQ contacts Enterprise
Kirk explains – allow continuation
Ship engines are down
Transfer from ship to enterprise
Kirk and Scotty go after villain in small shuttle
Kirk parachutes out of shuttle
Villain’s on way to his ship
Kirk lands in front of him
Kirk chases villain – evading blasts
Bones and man looking for water
Random items appear from thin air
Villain shooting obliteration gun
Kirk knocks gun out of his hand
Goes to shoot – disarmed
Kirk takes out sword – fights
Villain “It’s too late Captain”
Kirk about to get KO’d
Enterprise arrives – villain submits
Scotty – aiming gun at villain
Villain smiles at Scotty (confused)
Scotty stuns villain – robotics stop
Villain KO’d – taken on enterprise
Scotty (about enterprise) “Good to have her back”
Kirk thanks Sulu for fencing tips
They set off to starfleet HQ
They look at what villain has stolen
All different materials/ parts(?)
Scotty “He’s just some scrap collector”?
Kirk “He said it was too late”
Spock “He’s going to destroy *creators world* with just this”?
Kirk “Something’s not right. Take these parts straight to the vaults when we land”
They arrive at HQ
Kirk to scotty – Closer look at gun
Greeted by Head – recovering ship
Kirk greeted by Dr Marcus on route
Tells her of villain and stolen items
Dr Marcus looks suspicious
She walks off past her partner
Her partner looks suspicious at her
Villain interrogated
Kirk allowed to interrogate also
Kirk “What are the metals for? We were too late. Too late for what”?
Villain “I’ve done my part. Some would consider it helpful of me”
Kirk “I’m sorry what happened to you. You tell us what you are doing and I will do what I can to give you and your friends new life’s”
Villain “Life’s? Life’s”?!
Kirk “Do you want *creators world* dead”?
Villain “Of course I do! They left us to die! Unfortunately we cannot die! We were left to live out our days building, waiting. Ships would crash giving us equipment we need to build our own ships our own so called life’s. But now even they are gone aren’t they Captain. You can’t help it, humans… Can’t help but do nothing but take”
Kirk “I’m offering to help”
Villain “In exchange for new life’s? I’ve been alive like this more than Id been alive like you. We were left there to die. We were not considered alive. Would you say we have souls Captain? Would you say we are human? Would you say we are alive”?
Kirk “All I know is that my friend isn’t”
Villain “Is he not? You’re right I do want my creators dead. Anyone else? Any unnecessary casualties like myself? I’ve avoided becoming a murderer as much as I can. You may want to take a closer look at that gun Captain”
Scotty discovers the guns secret
Kirk runs to Scotty
Scotty jumps in elevator trying to make it go faster
Scotty tells Kirk  – obliterate = teleport
Kirk runs to recovered ship
Advanced locating – finds Bones’ location
Bones and man find no water
Kirk – permission to go after Bones
Enterprise sets off to find Bones
Sandstorm returns on dead planet
Bones and man run – too far from base
Dr Marcus looks at metals
They are the metals for Genesis
She runs to the interrogation room
The guards are dead
Bones and man running away
Kirk contacts Bones – he’s still running
Dr Marcus runs to Genesis
It is gone
Villain has completed Genesis
Puts it into advanced ship
Bones and man climb on high rock
Both jump just as rock falls
Beamed into enterprise
Reunited – interrupted by call
Dr Marcus – villain has Genesis
Kirk “He wanted to get caught. When he stole from the bank there didn’t seem to be anything missing but there was. It wasn’t what they had it was what was hiding it”
Spock “The bank, the wall, one of the prices of scrap was the torn away wall from the bank. No one even thought off looking for that. It’s an extremely strong metal it can withstand almost anything”
Dr Marcus “It was what you needed to create Genesis, to complete Genesis”
Kirk explains Genesis to the crew
Going to destroy creators planet
Dr Marcus “But wait. How did he know we were building Genesis”?
Her partner enters room – he’s a hybrid
Kirk loses comm’s with Dr Marcus
New Chekov “We need to stop him”
Villain steals ship
Dr Marcus vs Partner – Dr wins
Villain destroys all other ships
Warps to creators planet
Enterprise warps to villain
Villain is going to destroy planet
NC “Permission to go and save my family captain”
Kirk thinks quickly
Kirk “The enterprise needs you private *actual name*” (sadly but w/ motivation)
New Chekov nods to Kirk
Enterprise vs Ship
Ship is winning
Kirk “Could we use his own weapon against him”
Scotty still has teleportation gun
Enterprise – shield integrity 50%
Enterprise destroys ships shields
Enterprise – shield integrity 30%
Scotty – converts gun onto ship weapons
Enterprise – shield integrity 10%
Ship fires at planet
Enterprise fires teleporter at ship
Enterprise – shield integrity 3%
Hits ship just in time – saved planet
Kirk “All good New Chekov”
Go to dead planet to check
Bones “Where’s the planet”?
Kirk “That’s it”
Dead planet is now full of life
Go down – wander green planet
Find wrecked ship – search around
Find villain on ground dying
Villain “I was alive” – dies
In warp on way back to starfleet
Kirk and Bones catch up
Kirk “I see you’ve made a friend”
Bones “Wouldn’t have survived without him”
Spock tells Kirk of his death – Thinking of proposing to Ahura
They return to starfleet
Scotty tells Jaylah “good job lassie”
Crew all congratulate each other
Kirk and Dr Marcus kiss
Crew and Jaylah are honoured
Hybrids offered new life’s
Kirk shows Ahura Spock listening to music
Man shaves his hair and beard – It’s Kirk’s father
Crew on enterprise (w/ Jaylah)
“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before” …. warp

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