Star Trek: Beyond – Review (Spoiler Free)


The crew of the USS Enterprise are on their latest adventure with the director of Furious 6 (Justin Lin). We pick up right where we left off at the end of Into Darkness; the crew are round about in the middle of their five year mission when they decide to stop off at the death star (can’t remember the name of it but it was some kind of space station) and offer to help someone who is in need of (you guessed it) help. This eventually leads them to become stranded on a planet with the evil Idris Elba after them. So ya know… Stop Elba and save the galaxy. All the usual shenanigans.


When the crew are stranded they get separated and the greatest paring of them all was Spock and Bones. The banter between these two was great and funny. This was thanks to their execution of the dialogue but also Simon Pegg for writing it. This s probably because he’s a huge Star Trek nerd and he knows the character s back to front but who can blame him? The characters are great and Star Trek is great. Bones was funnier than scotty when scotty is usually the comedic relief. Don’t get me wrong scotty was great and funny also but whenever Bones was on screen I was like WHOOP WHOOP! Just makes me realise how much I like Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto as Bones and Spock. Spot on casting. Chris Pine as Kirk was also great as usual, just needed to throw that in there.

Ok, time for me to nerd out. OH MY GOD MICHAEL GIACCHINO’S SCORE!! *cough* Ok breathe. Wow was it awesome. I mean yeah we’ve heard it before in the recent two entries but it has not lost it’s shine. This score doesn’t get enough attention, it is perfectly epic and improved every moment it was used with in the film. I love Michael Giacchino’s music in all films he has done; Super 8, Jurassic World and Inside Out just to name a few. If John Williams dies, (please don’t die John Williams oh wait you won’t die because you’re a god but just for bants) Michael Giacchino should replace him for the Star Wars soundtracks. I want to hear that anyway. You can miss just one Star Wars film right John? While we’re on music, there is another scene using The Beastie Boys’ Sabotage which put a huge smile on my face for the entire scene.


This film was too short. Some people may say it was the perfect length and it didn’t need to be any longer. But by it being how long it was (2 hours) I don’t believe we got enough time with each of our characters. People have said characters were developed well but I don’t agree with them. We had hardly any interaction between the whole characters as a group which was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to seeing the film. If I go to see a Star Wars film (yes I am comparing Star Wars and Star Trek don’t hate me) I want interaction between Han and Leia… or I did *cries* If this film was 2 1/2 hours long I think we would have got the development and interaction needed. Characters were also side-lined because of the runtime. Films like this should be 2 1/2 hours long in my opinion anyway.

The villain was also a bit poo. Don’t hate me haters, I love a bit of Elba. And I also love a bit of Idris and there was nothing wrong with the casting side of things. It was unclear to me what his motivations were and for that left him as an un-compelling villain. If the film was 2 1/2 hours long then we could have fleshed out the motivations of his character. The twist with his character was spoiled for me in an TV advert. I just went down to make a cup of tea and there it was on the TV. Damn! Anyway it was obvious as my dad saw it coming but my dad sees all twists coming anyway. Except for Loki being alive at the end of The Dark World. Aha! Anyway it was a little obvious and poorly executed and if some scenes were changed or (maybe) rearranged then the twist could have been more of a surprise. His look was menacing but then it just went south and was a bit poo.


I think it goes unsaid that the visual effects were awesome and of course Michael Giacchino’s score (sorry not sorry for bringing it up). Because they were stranded on a planet there wasn’t much space action/ adventure which was needed and should be in a Star Trek film. People have said this film is like episode’s of the TV series and I agree but I believe this is a bad thing. This is a film not a TV series so why should it feel like that? It shouldn’t that’s why. It was a bit too comedic in my opinion and the action was a little too close up for me but Elba’s soldiers looked cool right? They looked bad-ass!

Star Trek: Beyond – 3/5

Think I’m gonna try scoring them out of 5 because it’s just easier and I score them out of 5 on Instagram anyway. So yeah I’m gonna try this but if I don’t like it I’ll go back to scoring them out of 10. Safe. Live long and prosper *does Spock hand thingy* 🙂 Also I may write my own script for Star Trek 4 or just my general ideas. Anyway see ya!


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