Top 10 Moments: The Hobbit Trilogy – Part 2 (Spoilers)

5 – The Hidden Door

Since Bilbo Baggins set off from his Hobbit hole and the dwarves invaded his home and we heard of a hidden door, we have been waiting for the every first moment the dwarves re-entered their home of Erebor through a secret door. But do they make it inside? Yes they do. Well a few of them anyway and I love this moment I think a bit more than I should. It’s just the weight of the whole first film and The Desolation of Smaug (up until now) has led to this moment. What’s even worse is when they arrive they believe their is no way in even after trying to physically break the door down. The dwarves leave and it is left to Bilbo to find the way in. And by the light of the last moon of autumn the keyhole is revealed and the dwarves return just in time to save the key falling off the side of the mountain. And the expression on the dwarves faces when they finally intrude and how one of the dwarves allows Bilbo to enter before him; awesome!

4 – The Forest River

You know what I’m talking about. How can you not like this scene?  It is perfect. Great action, great choreography, great comedic moments and a great score by Howard Shore. Bilbo has just busted the dwarves out of an elven prison and has seen the only way for them to escape in some wine barrels. So he sneaks all the dwarves into the barrels and unknowingly releases them and himself into the forest river where the dwarves tumble down some white water rapids fighting elves and orcs. The second best thing to the score is the choreography as the dwarves throw weapons to each other and as something happens a the top of the rapids effects something at the bottom of the rapids. And of course Bombur has his moment when he is launched out of the rapids and takes down a load of orcs. Legend.

3 – The Misty Mountains Cold

This moment gives me goosebumps every time. Thorin Oakenshield has just arrived at Bilbo’s home and have just completed their meeting on what they are going to do to get their treasure back. Bilbo is sat talking to Gandalf who is trying to persuade him to join the company and go on the adventure to Erebor. Bilbo says “I’m sorry Gandalf. You’ve got the wrong Hobbit”. The scene then cuts to Thorin and his company of Dwarfs singing ‘The Misty Mountain’ song and goosebumps. Who knew dwarves could sing? I could just listen to this song on repeat and would never get bored. Words cannot express how much I love this song and how awesome I think it is. This song carries the first film and should have carried the others also. Imagine at Thorin’s funeral; the dwarves singing ‘The Misty Mountains Cold’. Oh. Speaking of Thorin’s funeral…

2 – Thorin’s death

All throughout these amazing three films we have been getting to know Thorin and the company and Thorin is easily the most well developed character in the trilogy and is like the Aragon of The Hobbit’s. Imagine if we lost Aragon in Return Of The King. We would all be balling in tears which is exactly what I was doing when Thorin died. I remember going to see The Battle Of The Five Armies for the first time like it was yesterday. I went to see it the day it came out after, comp, Friday 12th December 2014 at 4:10 with my dad and I was so hyped. Up until then this was the only film I was so so hyped for and couldn’t help but cry when Thorin perished at the hands of Azog. And his final speech to Bilbo is heart wrenching. My eyes were literally like a waterfall when Thorin took his last breath.

1 – Why did you come back?

Bilbo has just escaped the wrath of Gollum and his villainous riddles and Thorin, Gandalf and the dwarves have just escaped the stupid singing goblins and they meet on the slopes of Underhill. Bilbo is however still wearing the one ring and is invisible as Thorin insults Bilbo behind his back. Bilbo then reveals himself and the dwarves are relieved to see him alive as they presumed him dead. Thorin however wishes to know why Bilbo came back as so far in the journey Bilbo has been uncomfortable in the situations they are put in and Thorin has seen him as a burden. Then Bilbo gives us the best speech ever from The Hobbit films. “Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. That’s why I came back, ’cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can”. Wow! So emotional. Reminds me of myself thinking of home in situations where I am uncomfortable which is almost all the time. That’s not even joking I hate how awkward I am. This has turned into a confession. But it shows how Bilbo thinks. He is set on helping these dwarves and proving to them and himself he is capable of greatness even if he is one of the smallest beings in Middle Earth and that is why I love it.

Hope you enjoyed this top 10 and I do hope to do more in the future. Don’t know what for. Feel free to make any suggestions. Thanks as always 🙂


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