Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 10 (Finale) “The Winds of Winter” – Spoiler Review

Bleedin heck are we done already? Yes. Cry every time. Now we got to wait a year for seven episodes and then another six. That’s thirteen? Only thirteen more episodes left? Cry even more every time. That’s not even three quarters of what I at least want but if it is what is best then go for it. In honour of the season six finale and my laziness there will be no previously on Game of Thrones section. So here we go… Cry every time… ūüė¶

The North

Right I have to get it out there and out of the way first because it was awesome. Of course I am talking about Bran’s flashback scene to the tower of joy. Everything about this scene was amazing. The performances, the direction and¬†the music. Ramin Djawadi *applause* *applause* *applause* well done mate a perfect score for a really emotional and utterly compelling scene. Young Ned and young¬†Ned’s sister who’s name I can’t spell performed amazingly. Though as¬†I am northern I was able to notice the northern accents went over the top but I can forgive them then although I will forever chuckle when young Ned says “get her some¬†watE!¬†Is there a maistE?!”. And that jump cut from baby Jon to grown Jon. GOOSEBUMPS!! What a scene! Perfect reveal. The third time I almost cried this season (1, Sansa and Jon reunited. 2, hold the door)¬†*applause* *applause* *applause*. The scene where Jon became the new king in the north was another great scene and I actually liked lady Mormont here. Her previous scene didn’t buy me over but this one has. Well done little lady. Littlefinger is still a little pedo. Winter came in a compelling scene of call-backs. Arya! You beautiful creature! The red wedding has been avenged! Excellent. And Sam.Who cares tbh.

The East and South

Finally Dany crosses the narrow sea with her army and newly acquired allies and ships. Her, the Dothraki, the Greyjoy’s and the Martel’s are finally crossing the narrow sea to retake Westeros which is by right. Dany’s homeland. Well now we know it is Jon’s by right but she doesn’t know that. A scene between Varys and the¬†Martel’s united them with the Targaryens and we have already seen her talk to the two Greyjoy’s. Dany has just named Tyrion hand of the queen which was very nice to see and you can see just how much it meant to him and couldn’t help going awwwww. Compliments to Peter Dinklage’s performance. Dany is leaving Big D over in the east to keep the peace. I don’t trust him but after this scene I kind of do I guess. Ok. To the south. Wow. Pianos and Wildfire. Margaery is dead. I cry. Cersei’s plan was to never attend her trial and keep herself and her son out whilst Varys’ little birds blown the crap out of the sept with the Sparrow and the Tyrell’s¬†all in it. Except for¬†grandma Tyrell who has also united with Dany. The mountain is unmasked and Tomen¬†goes suicidal. Kingslanding… You get it? Eh?¬†The mountain is unmasked and Cersei is crowned. Bet Jaime has to kill her. Just saying.


What a season and what an episode. Another perfect episode in my opinion. Perfect but better than the last one and episode five. I don’t have anything else to say and this review is brief because I am lazy and tired once more.

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 10 (Finale) “The Winds of Winter” –¬†10/10

Game of Thrones: Season 6¬†–¬†9/10



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