The Conjuring 2 – Review (Spoiler Free)

So one of my favourite horror films has finally got a sequel. The first film was amazing though I didn’t like it at first as I thought Annabelle was going to be a main part and she wasn’t. However, rather quickly, I got over that and liked the film for what it was. Then over time I really liked the film for what it is. Now I bloody love the film. The Conjuring might actually be one of my favourite films of all time. In fact I am watching it right now.  It is so re-watchable and is creepy every time. So I was majorly hyped and went into this screening without watching any of the trailers (a first for me) ready to have the shit scared out of me but also ready to get a genuinely good film. Was it what I wanted? Well…


Just like the last film Ed and Lorraine warren have returned to solve a new case as another new family is being haunted by some strange being. What could it be? Creaky floorboards? Not! Yep it’s a ghost. The family this time round is British which is cool to get an awesome horror film by my favourite horror director James Wan set in my home country. Hell yeah! This story is based on the Enfield haunting  which is the most documented haunting of all time. Here in England? Spooky. So yeah the family call upon Ed and Lorraine played by the awesome Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga to stop the ghost and save the family.

Characters/ Performances

One of the main things about the first Conjuring I loved was its well acted, well developed and likeable characters so going into this film I was looing for good characters and good performances by the actors playing them. Were the performances good? Yes. As good as the first? Some. The main girl, Ed, Lorraine and the spirits were pretty much perfect. Shout out the main girl called Janet Hodgson played by Madison Wolfe was amazing. If she hasn’t had a break out performance yet this is it. I felt as scared as her when she was acting and we genuinely creeped out by her in certain scenes. As in the last one Ed and Lorraine were amazing, these two work so well together and carried the emotion developed in the first film into this one and developed it furthermore. The spirits were incredibly designed and performed especially the demon nun played eerily and magnificently  by Bonnie Aarons. I kept the lights on when sleeping because of her. The others (young boys and investigators) were pretty poor with a phew exceptions (the mother and Simon McBurney).


Yes. There were a lot. And yes. They are scary. I feel like there were moments in this fil that were genuinely more terrifying and more chilling than the first but weren’t as much as the first film was overall. As I have previously mentioned the demon nun in this is one of the creepiest things I have ever scene ever and I will surely be haunted by her for the rest of my life. It has been three nights since I last saw this film and I am still scared at night whilst sleeping. There is one scene in particular with the demon nun and Lorraine (and I’m sure you’ll all pick up on which scene I’m on about) that is perhaps the creepiest scene in a horror film ever in my opinion. There are other spirits that haunt them, one is an old man that you will have seen if you watched the trailers who is also creepy in multiple scenes and another spirit who I will not spoil as I didn’t see it coming and I’m entirely sure no one else did. James Wans direction is a character in his films and the way the film was directed was so good and scary. Wan’s done is again guys!


So, Good sequel? Yes. Pacing issues? Maybe. Good characters? Yes. Some unnecessary underdeveloped characters? Aye. Some poor performances? Yes. Patrick Wilsons vocal talents? Hell yeah! Stupid dumb British slang? Yes 😦 Blowing your load in the first scene? Yes. Elements of insidious? Yes. Don’t get me wrong I love Insidious and I love this film. I wasn’t so sure straight away after watching this film but now I have come to a verdict…

The Conjuring 2 – 8/10





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