Fixing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Like most people I didn’t like this film when I first saw it, in fact I bloody hated it and my friend I went to go see it with couldn’t understand why. However, over time I have come to like this film more and my friend has come to like it less to the point where I think we have reached the same point of likeability for the film. In fact we have both agreed that to us personally, Batman v Superman is better than Captain America: Civil War. Hey, that’s our opinion! I think Civil War is overrated as hell. 8.3 on IMDB? That puts it in the top 250 of all time. However just because I like Batman v Superman more doesn’t mean it’s perfect, it most certainly isn’t. Which is why I have decided to express my ideas on how to improve this “disappointing” film.

Their War Here

So in my version of the film we open with the kind of flashback to Zods attack on Metropolis scene. We see Bruce Wayne running though the streets. Yes running, not driving, if we see him running we can show the audience that he is out of breath doing so. This is because my Bruce Wayne hasn’t been Batman for 5 years. Why? You’ll find out. He is running through the streets on the phone to someone “I’ll be there soon” and to “Get out now”! He continues to run when he turns a corner *struggling for breath* and sees a tall building that has fallen and is now resting against another building. His phone rings and he answers as the person on the phone tells Bruce “I love you”. The building falls as Bruce falls to his knees. He looks up and sees Superman pummelling Zod to the ground and anger fills his entire body. Not that impactful yet. Well, the reason Bruce hasn’t been Batman for 5 years is because he got married and the person on the phone who died in the building collapse was his wife. How much better and more impactful would that be than some stranger dying that we don’t care about. If it is Bruce Wayne’s wife, we’ll care about her because of what she meant to Bruce. First scene fixed.

Beautiful Lie

In the actual film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ the film opened with Bruce Wayne’s origin story which was unnecessary no matter how cool that opening was. It is pretty much general knowledge that Bruce Wayne’s parents died and that’s why he became Batman but in this new version his motivations are completely different (his wife). So in my version, after the introduction scene… The title appears and we see news reports throughout a year about Superman and if the world needs him. Lex Luther is also introduced in this scene (played by Bryan Cranston) expressing his interest in Superman and that he wishes to help the world combat him. We also see some news highlights of the possibility of ‘The Return of The Batman’. The reason I’m casting Bryan Cranston as Lex Luther is because no one can fault that. Yes some people liked Jesse Eisenberg but some people didn’t and with Bryan Cranston, no one would have a problem. Also, by fast forwarding 1 year it gives characters time to be fully fleshed out for this film before it begins.

Bruce Wayne

In my version, Bruce Wayne is a hardened, relentless character. He has done nothing but spent the last year becoming Batman again and has had only one goal. Kill Superman. Yes my Bruce Wayne wants to kill Superman. But don’t worry, it’s all part of his story to re-becoming Batman. Alfred has left him but returns to Bruce after hearing the rumours of Batman’s return. Anyway, you can’t have Batman without Alfred. He returns to Bruce and begins to repair Bruce’s suit that is torn and battered everywhere. The same is for the Batmobile and for Bruce himself. He has done nothing but push himself to his limits, in Gotham and in training. The only thing he does in his spare time is pour over footage of Superman and he barely sleeps. He hears of a mutant gang (The Dark Knight Returns) shipping something into the city (Kryptonite) and eventually hunts them down but fails to acquire it. However, Bruce thinks that the mutants were working for Superman to get the one thing that could defeat him far away.

Clark Kent

In my version Clark Kent has settled into the daily planet but is struggling on his Superman side of things as he says “no matter what I do they still hate me”. Some people can’t get over the attack in ‘Man of Steel’ and they see Superman as the one responsible. Clark sees this for himself as he witnesses in person the statue of superman being vandalised by some mutants. He can’t do anything about it though as their are humans around. This and further research as he was assigned to write an article on Batman for the daily planet, is what leads Clark to believe that Batman is in charge of the mutant gang. Throughout Clarks storyline, as Superman we will see him rescue people from burning buildings and a huge scene where he saves a lot of people from a Tsunami. This leads to the government going to court on whether their should be a Superman or not. This is a key scene.

Lex Luthor

The party scene in the ‘Batman v Superman’ film plays out pretty much the same With Clark going there and him meeting Bruce but no Wonder Woman because who has time for Wonder Woman in a Batman v Superman film? Bruce goes there with the intention of infiltrating Lexcorp and finding out what the weapon is that they are hiding. Clark goes there with the intention of doing the same but doesn’t have the technology and decides to interview people as a way of gaining info on the weapon. Clark finds nothing but Bruce finds something in the Lexcorp files and decides to infiltrate the ‘place’ as Batman the following night. He gains the kryptonite and begins crafting his suit. Clark returns to whatever he’s doing I guess. Lex has bigger plans though. Muhahahaha! Turns out he wanted this to happen all along.

Batman v Superman

So the reason Batman fights Superman in mine is because when a mutant suicide bomber blows up the courthouse, Superman believes Batman is responsible as he believes the mutants are working for Batman and Bruce believes Superman is responsible as he believes the mutants are working for Superman. When this happens Bruce goes to the old abandoned GCPD building and ignites the old bat signal. Superman sees this as Batman just asking for it, which he is but in a different way. Now both Superman and Batman have valid reasons for fighting each other. However Superman is unprepared as Batman has a kryptonite enforced suit. The fight is brutal, showing off Superman’s powers and Batman’s gadgets. Eventually they come to a point where Batman is on top of Superman as Superman is made powerless by some kryptonite gas. Batman is about to kill Superman with a kryptonite blade when he looks over at the now damaged bat signal with one small flame left. He sees this as his last bit of hope for himself, the smallest light in the darkest of moments and it is in this moment he realises what Batman is and decides to spare Sueprman’s life. They eventually work out that the mutants are woring for Lex and together take on a lot of the mutant gang sent by Lex (who was watching the battle via one of his drones or satellites (maybe)), saving some police and some citizens. They defeat the mutants and Clark goes to defeat Lex and delivers him to the police.


So at the end of my version the characters stand here… Lex is in prison, Bruce has realised what it is to be Batman and as he has fought alongside Superman against the mutants he understands that Superman is for the good and no longer blames him. Superman is now accepted by the world after discovering the mutants are responsible for the courtroom bombing, saving all the police in the mutant attack on the GCPD and (because the people of Gotham and Metropolis know the Batman is for the good) having sided with Batman. At the end of the film Bruce and Clark meet as Batman and Superman where they reveal their identities to each other.  Bruce invites Clark round to the mansion/ bat cave where he shows Clark footage he uncovered from Lexcorp. Footage of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Clark looks at Bruce and says “Where do we start”?


I’ve been waiting to get all this off my chest for a while because my god I think it would be awesome if this is what happened but unfortunately this didn’t happen. Just in case you were wondering…

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – 7.5/10



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  1. mikefleckcreator says:

    Great adjustments! Have you featured this anywhere else yet? Awesome stuff!


    1. dajawrreview says:

      Nowhere. Just glad to get it out there and that you like it. Thanks 🙂


      1. mikefleckcreator says:

        Awesome, I did! If you like I can help you get featured on Movie Pilot, I’m a community manager there. Shoot me an email if you’re interested –


      2. dajawrreview says:

        Thanks I’ll look into it


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