Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 7 “The Broken Man” & Episode 8 “No One” – Spoiler Review

Previously on Game of Thrones – Right. Here it is guys. I’m tired and I haven’t been uploading much at all so I’m not going to do a previously because you shouldn’t be reading this unless you haven’t seen these episodes and yes I’m doing a double review because I haven’t had or got the time to do each of them separately. We’ll be back to normal for episodes 9 & 10 so here we go and I’ll try not to miss out anything.

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

So what we’ve seen from Jon Snow here is him recruiting men to fight for him in episode nine “Battle of the Bastards” which is going to be awesome I hope. He visits loads of different places to recruit men and those places have names that I know my mate would know but I don’t so there ya go. Although I do remember the Mormonts as that little girl was vicious. 62 men? What’s she playing at? Though I did see her at the camp with Jon so she’s gone with them so I respect her for that. Sansa has also sent a letter to someone asking for help. Yes we heard who they are but I don’t remember. Though I know who would remember. My mate. Legend.

Jaime, Brienne and The Black Fish

So Phasma was sent to get The Black Fish and his men by Sansa to fight for Jon in episode nine. When she arrives there Jaime and Bronn have already taken up arms outside the castle with the Frays there also. Jaime attempted to negotiate with The Black Fish and failed however when Phasma arrived Jaime allowed her to talk to The Black Fish even though they’re on opposite sides of the war. Which is also painful as they have a slight romance thing going on and I really want them to get together more than her and Tormund. They talk to The Black Fish and her refuses to fight for them but to fight and die for his home instead which is a bit pants but what you gonna do. Also a cool scene between Bronn and Podrick and I love the way Jaime and Brienne wave goodbye to each other which adds a whole new human side to Jaime even though we had a previous scene that showed off his bad side.

Arya Stark

So the last time we saw Arya she left the faceless men and was hidden away somewhere. We see her arranging passage to Westeros (finally!!!!) so we know she intends to go home. She then goes to admire the sight of Bravos once more which is totally stupid when she knows someone is hunting her down and wanting to kill her which she almost does. So the Waif finds Arya stabs her twice and then Arya escapes and goes for the help of Lady Crane. Who dies helping her and then a Terminator 2: Judgement Day chase breaks out between her and the Waif who she eventually defeats by turing the arena into complete darkness and as she has learnt how to fight blind she defeats the Waif and returns to Jaquen who allows her to return to Westeros and seems happy about it. Awesome scene. #mynameisaryastarkofwinterfellandimgoinghome. Also a friend of Arya’s has returned…

The Hound and The Brotherhood Without Banners

YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! HE’S BACK!!! Lots of people predicted it. My friend predicted it. I didn’t think about it all that much. So yeah he’s working on building a church of some sort with some other friends who get killed by some rogues from The Brotherhood. He eventually meets up with The Brotherhood, we see some more characters return, some people are killed and we have some major chicken throwbacks. No Cleganebowl though 😦


So after the alliance between the crown and the faith Margery is playing her own little game by misleading the faith but showing to her grandmother that she is still there. Cersei attempts to be friends with The Queen of Thorns who just throws it right back at her with a line like “And what if you’re one of the worst people I’ve ever met”? Burn Cersei burn! Speaking of burning, Tomen has made trial by combat illegal which puts a whole in her plan for the mountain who we got to see kick some serious ass or should I say rip some serious head. Teehee! And again speaking of burning he has been looking inot something with her friends. I think it’s a secret weapon. I think it’s wildfire. #dramaticdelivery

Tyrion Targaryen and Dany Lannister

So over where these geezers are the masters are attacking them and I’ve heard a lot of people complaining we didn’t get to see much of this or at least a fight with The Black Fish but we’ve got Battle of the Bastards next week so I’m not that mad if the next episodes pays off and lives up to the hype. So yeah shizzle was looking for the worst but then Dany arrives and saves their assess and our asses from some dumb jokes. Though that scene was lovely. Yes lovely. What? It was! Everything seems good now though because we have dragons now who will just destroy the ships. Yaaay! But guys. I’m getting bad vibes for Tyrion. I think he may die this season. They humanised him with him saying he wanted a Vineyard and to make his own wine and yes that’s why I think he’s going to die. And the fact that he has nothing to do.


Think I got everything. Think. I am covering two episodes here. Yes it’s my fault. A lot of people are hating on episode 8 but I don’t hate it as much as them and I though they were both good but next week will be amazing I think. Looks it anyway…

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 7 “The Broken Man” –  8/10

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 8 “No One” – 8/10





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