The Nice Guys – Review (Spoiler Free)

The Nice Guys is the new film by Shane Black the director of ‘Iron Man 3’ also known as ‘Iron Man: Not As Good As The First One But Better Than The Second One According To Some’. I first heard of this film via Collider when they reviewed the trailer and I thought I would go check it out myself. I really enjoyed the trailer and therefore I wanted to check this film out.


This film follows Ryan Gosling a struggling PI and Russell Crowe a kind of illegal PI. When a famous porn star called Misty Mountains #thorinoakenshield dies (supposedly murdered) it is up to Russell and Ryan aka. The Nice Guys to solve the case, get the crown, save the town and Mr Krabs. Not those final three points. They are accompanied by Gosling’s daughter along the way as they go from action to humour to detective work to banter…

R and R

The chemistry between these two guys was higher than my chemistry knowledge in comprehensive school. Ok that isn’t saying much since I failed chemistry. And Biology. And Physics but that’s not the point! The casting for this film was really good but especially for these two. I don’t know if they have even been in a film together before but you really feel like these two are really comfortable around each other. I really hope this is the start of a new cornetto trilogy. Like ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘The World’s End’. That is the dream that The Nice Guys is the start of this. Hopefully there isn’t another ‘Paul’ issue although I liked it.


I’m sorry to say that my favourite parts of this film were the laughs that occurred in the trailer. This (to me) is another comedy that falls into the category f ruining it’s best jokes in the trailer. Like ‘Bad Neighbours 2’ the best parts of the film were in the trailer and one part of the trailer that made me laugh the most wasn’t a funny part in the film. Which is kind of strange but if you found it funny, when you see the film you will probably understand what I’m on about. Ryan Gosling’s delivery  of Comedy in the film was spot on and this worked so well with Russell Crowe’s at times bland delivery. BTW the bland delivery is a good thing and the delivery and timing from both was one point.


I really don’t feel like I covered up enough about this film but unlike the big budget franchise films where I am already locked into the film before I even watch the film, I don’t have much to talk about. The film was consistent with banter throughout so I was engaged but most of the banter and major laughs never hit me where I live like Anchorman or The Inbetweeners which is what I really wanted this film to do. Would I recommend it though? Yes. Yes I would.

The Nice Guys – 7.5/10



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