Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 6 “Blood of My Blood” – Spoiler Review

Previously on Game of Thrones – Sam is headed to his home, Arya has been assigned with a new target, Dany has been rescued by Jorah and is on her way back to Tyrion, Shit’s kicking off in Kingslanding, Walder Frey is chilling after The Red Wedding and Bran has escaped The White Walkers because of Hodor’s sacrifice. I think that’s all for this episode. Not sure but… Maybe.


We catch up to Bran and Meera as they are running away from The Whites who are pursuing them through the forest. This was a great scene as we got to see some major flashbacks to events of the show. We saw Bran being pushed out of the tower in the very first episode and his fathers death along with The Red Wedding and some scenes with the mad king. Holy shit “BURN THEM ALL”!! How awesome. This is the fst time Bran saw his father’s death and The Red Wedding and all that so it would be kind of scaring for him wouldn’t you think. Anyway yeah Meera gets to the point where she just can’t carry him any longer and he gives in, ready to let The Whites kill them. And they both die… Sad to see them go but yep. Or they would have if some mysterious horse rider came out of nowhere and started f**king The Whites up. He rescues Bran and Meera and it is later revealed that he is Benjan Stark, Ned’s brother and Bran’s uncle. We haven’t seen this geezer since season 1! Bloody hell. Too bad this episode was ruined for me but it’s all good. Rather this than Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Arya and Walder Frey

We catch up with Arya as she’s watching another catch up of previous seasons, this one was season 4. We see she is quite saddened by the re-enactment of Joffrey’s death which is really strange for her character. We see that she realises how Cersei would’ve have been after what she found so amusing and pleasing happened. she goes back stage to poison her drink and make her first kill and hr first step to becoming a faceless man. However she changes her mind and decide to spare the woman’s life and blame it on someone else. However another faceless man saw her do this and now they are after Arya’s head. Arya then goes for needle and then goes to a room and waits for the faceless men to come or her. Turn out we got a little scene catching up with Walder Frey and what he’s been up to after The Red Wedding. We learnt some stuff that I can’t remember right now but the important thing is he’s still an asshole. #youdontmessaroundwithwalderfrey

Samwell Tarly

Sam is on his way back to his him and this is one major thing I knew about this season and one thing I was really looking forward to seeing. We have only heard things about Sam’s family through Sam but I knew in this season we were going to meet his family. Him and Gilly have prepared a plan that the baby is actually Sam’s otherwise Sam’s dad would lose his shit. They arrive and are greeted by Sam’s mum and sister who re some of the nicest folks we’ve ever had on the show. This is completely overshadowed when they meet Sam’s dad. What an arse. All he does is insult Sam and just make him feel like total shit. He’s an even bigger arse when he finds out Gilly his a Wildling and demands Sam leaves his home again whilst Gilly and little Sam stay at Hornhill. Sam’s having none of this and takes Gilly and the baby with him with the sword ‘Heartsbane’ which is made of Valyrian steel which can kill White Walkers. Nice. We should’ve got to Hornhill around episode 4 so it was less weird when Sam was kicked out and left with Gilly this episode. Tis was a decent scene.

Kingslanding and Dany

Yes! Kingslanding was actually interesting and stuff actually happened! Turns out stuff played out like this… Margery was going to make her walk of atonement when Jaime and the Tyrell army came marching in and were going to take on the Sparrows but then it turns out Tommen has made an alliance with the Sparrows and yeah. The Small Council’s plan was f**ked and Jaime has now quit the Kingsguard and is off up north with Bronn I think. Should be good. He is going to the same place as Phasma also so they’ll be having a reunion. This season is the season of reunions. Sansa and Jon. Bran and Benjan. Phasma and Jaime. Oh yeah and Dany rode on her Dragon as a gesture of awesomeness. Yaaay!


Decent episode. All set-up for the coming episodes. These final episodes are going to be the most badass moments ever. Episodes 7 – 10 this season are going to kick ass although I think they’re kind of predictable now but speculation is bad so you’ll find none of that in this review. Bran was the highlight with all his flashbacks of the mad king but I think this is the weakest episode so far this season.

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 6 “Blood of My Blood” – 8/10



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