Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 5 “The Door” – Spoiler Review

Previously on Game of Thrones – Dany has desecrated the Aquamens home, Arya has her sight back, Sansa and Jon have been reunited and have received a latter from Ramsay, Littlefinger has the Aryn army on his side, Bran is learning to become the Three Eyed Raven, Theon has returned home and Tyrion has a plan.

The Wall

It looks like Sansa is finally turning into the person we were promised at the end of Season 4. She is beginning to take charge of her life. She receives a message from Littlefinger to meet her in Old Town(?) (I think). She goes to meet him with Phasma and once they meet up a great interaction between the two characters take splace. It’s great to finally see Sansa take no crap from nobody. I feel like Phasma took her to a mirror and did the thing from Cool Running’s. “I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody”! You get me. She just fires back at Littlefinger and he can do nothing but take it. She even makes him tell her what he thinks Ramsay did to her. Noice. Do I think he knew? Of course he knew he knows everything he’s just using everyone to get by in the world. Kind if like me… Dear God! Anyway Jon was more to the side of this episode which I liked because we’ve done nothing but have Jon pushed in our face for four episodes and it was nice to focus on Sansa for once. They discuss what is going to happen in the fight between Ramsay and Jon (That may come) and all the lead characters leave the wall so I believe some shizzle is going to go down at the wall while they’re away. #pooredd #phasmaandtormund4ever.

Arya and Theon

Arya is kicking ass as a faceless man trainee but she does get her ass handed to her more than she hands out peoples asses. She’s assigned to a new mission, her second chance to become a faceless man. We see her watch her target in a play which is basically a catch-up of seasons 1 and 2. This got a little boring as we know what happened but when I watched it a second time with my father, he totally forgot about everything and this scene caught him up so maybe it did help and was needed. We get our first close up of a penis and some boobs and we learn how Arya plans to kill her new target. Poison the rum. Theon is home now and the Greyjoy’s must decide who their new king is going to be. Yara nominates herself and Theon backs her up. Then Euron turns up and claims the throne and everyone agrees with him. Once he is crowned he wants to kill Yara and Theon but they have escaped with the Iron Fleet. Euron plans to unite with Dany btw. Where are Theon and Yara going. I have no idea but I’m buzzing to find out.

Tyron and Dany

The scene with Tyrion was great but it was mainly Varys who was the star of these scenes. He has an interaction with a new red priestess who they want to spread the word of Dany and how she saved them. Their interaction is good and we the hint of a new ‘chosen one’. I’m guessing it’s Dany because they are there with her because of Varys. Anyway Dany’s scene with Jorah was awesome and her acting at this moment was on point. The best acting we’ve seen from her I think. Jorah finally tells her he loves her and it was so good to hear. She orders him to find the cure and return to her. He leaves to do so and she leaves Aquamans land with a new army to join her already formed army. Question: Who is the prince/ princess that was promised? Jon or Dany? 🙂


We finally get to Bran where we see the origin of the White Walkers. It turns out the weird woodelves are responsible for the creation of the White Walkers. They created them to fight men as men were killing their kind. We see the birth of The Night King (I assume) and now obviously it has got out of hand and they all need to die. But then the cock-block  of Westeros takes Bran out of the vision but that won’t stop Bran! Oh no! He goes back into the visions without permission #rebellious. We see him walk amongst the Whites and eventually gets to The White Walkers where The Night King touches him. He wakes from the vision and we are informed that The Night King has made his mark on Bran an he will come for them. A small scene between Meera and Hodor about what they want to eat takes place and it was strangely one of my favourite parts of the episode  because Hodor is so damn cute. Anyway The Night King with his White Walkers and Whites arrive and attack the werewood tree. The score is amazing at this moment btw. Bran is trapped ina  vision throughout the attack and Meera needs Hodor to protect her so she screams at Bran “Warg into Hodor”! Bran does so but with young Hodor in the vision/ in the past. Young Hodor beings to have an attack. Hodor with Meera is now helping and takes them down and out of the werewood tree. Meera takes Bran and shouts to Hodor “Hold the door”! and he does, doing so against The Whites. Hodor in the past begins to scream this whilst having an attack. The Whites eventually break through the door and Bran (In the vision) can do nothing but watch Hodor as “Hold the door” slowly changes into “Hodor”. It was Hodor’s destiny to “Hold the door” and although everyone is emotional about it and so am I, I am more blown away by how George R. R. Martin has these things planned from the very beginning. #riphodor  “Not all heroes wear capes, some hold the door” – NP


The best episode we have got this season in my opinion. I really can’t tell you anything that I majorly disliked. This episode was just full of awesome moments. We got to see the origin of Hodor and The White Walkers, awesome character interactions, Varys in a position we have never seen him before, an awesome fight scene and most of o characters are left on the run or going to a new location. It’s great. I’m glad we finally took a break from Kingslanding cause that was getting a little repetitive and we haven’t seen Dorn since episode 1. Hmmm. Anyway this was an almost perfect episode but it wont stop me from speaking my mind and telling you all the truth…

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 5 “The Door” – 10/10




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