X-Men: Apocalypse – Review (Spoiler Free)

I should really be uploading this weeks Game of Thrones review but it’s hard to do so when I have just seen this so I’m reviewing this. I will have the Game of Thrones review up tomorrow but for now we have this. I wasn’t hyped going into this film as the reviews were mediocre (Total Film – 3/5  and  Empire – 2/5) and the trailers didn’t look too good to me so my expectations were low. However…


So this film kicks off after Days Of Future Past (my favourite x-men film) and Xavier has again started his school for the gifted with the help of Hank (Beast), Mystique is on the run, Magneto has disappeared and Wolverine is… IDK. Apocalypse is an ancient mutant/ the first mutant and due to something going down in the past, he has returned now in the present of the 1980’s. It is again up to the X-Men to bring a stop to the end of the world. You’d think by now us humans would like them already jeez.


Oh my god! I bloody love this character. I love Ian McKellan don’t get me wrong but what Michael Fassbender has done with this character is sooo good. Each of his performances as Magneto has improved on the last. First Class he was amazing. Days Of Future Past he was amazing. Apocalypse he was amazing +1 guys. I couldn’t get enough of Magneto in the first half of this film but because something happens to Magneto (that the trailer ruined but I won’t) he changes and his performance after that wasn’t as powerful but was amazing all the same. I feel like what happens to Magneto would’ve made a great storyline by itself and by including it here is a waste of a great opportunity. Ah well. Still my favourite part of the film. Don’t call me weird it’s good and don’t deny it.

The X-Men

Another thing I really liked about this film is that we got to see the origins of some of our favourite x-men. We got Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Nightcrawler, Angel and others I can’t remember but mainly Cyclops, Jean and Storm. You could’ve made an entire film based on them really and I wanted to spend more time with them than what we got. Everything else was interesting but these and Magneto were the highlights. Professor X’s storyline was very different to any storyline we have seen from him. We see him in a position we have never seen him in before and it was ok. I guess it’s because I’m used to seeing him in the same position all the time but maybe not. Quicksilver! Yeeeees. he’s good everyone he’s good. Does he top his scene in Days Of Future  Past? Maybe…

Action and CGI

As I’m typing this now I’m thinking back on the action scenes in this film and there aren’t many of them. Actually, there are two action scenes that are both right after eachother an that’s it but I still really enjoyed the fil. How? How can this be? I’ll tell you how. You don’t need action to make a great superhero film. You just need good characters and a good story and this film provides both (if not good then decent). Just the interaction between these characters carried this film and I was gripped all throughout it. No lie. I was never bored. The two action scenes we get are good and there are small action scenes here and there but they are small. But good. The CGI is ok. Little overused and there are moments that look bad and look like Uncharted locations. Other than that… Safe.


Right then. The villain. Um… Um… Hmm… Ahhh… He’s ok. I get what people are saying when they say he’s cheesy but I do think overall he’s good other than bad. Apparently there were other concepts for him that didn’t look like a villain off Power Rangers and maybe that was a better idea. Maybe not. You understood where he was coming from and why he was doing what he was doing but the same can’t be said for his horsemen who join him because he gives them cool costumes I guess. Plus he didn’t really do much throughout the run-time so the threat of him wasn’t built up therefore when shizzle went down you were like yaaaay he’s doing something!


I really like this edition to the X-Men franchise. It’s a lot better than what people are saying in my opinion. Total Film and Empire have definitely got it wrong but I can understand why Total Film gave it 3/5 but 2/5 from Empire? Bull! The acting was on point specially from Michael Fassbender who should nominated for the first half of this film. The action was good when it happens but doesn’t top what we got from Days Of Future Past. I love that film. The CGI was decent but bad at some points. It also had decent humour now and then and this is definitely the most violent X-Men film we have had yet. I can’t give it an 8/10 but I can’t give it a 7/10 either and even though I prefer this film to Captain America: Civil War…

X-Men: Apocalypse – 7.5/10


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