The Good Dinosaur – Review (Spoiler Free)

Yes this film has been out a while but I’ve only just seen it and haven’t been to the cinema in a while so I thought I would share with you my thoughts on this film. This is the latest of Pixar’s films I think, maybe it was Inside Out which is great but yeah I’m not reviewing that I’m reviewing this so let’s do this.


We’ve seen the story for this done a thousand times. It’s kind of like Spirit (DreamWorks), an animal is taken away from his family so he has to find his way back. Spirit is great but (again) I’m not reviewing that. The Good Dinosaur follows Arlo who is the runt of the litter as he struggles to maintain a farm (yes a farm). When a child (human) is in a way responsible for Arlo’s fathers death he must learn to work with the child as they are both swept way by a storm and have to find their way back. Thinking abut it this film is kind of like The Lion King. Great film! Sh!t I’m doing it again. Stop!


The animation for this film is really good. The world this takes place in looks real. Every tree and strain of grass has a life of it’s own. Not to mention the water. That blew me away more than anything. The voice acting for this film is also good, Daddy Arlo and Tyrannosaurus Sam Elliot standing above the rest. There’s also a Triceratops that is so funny. He’s in it for like 2 minutes and that’s it but he is so easily the star of the film and is totally my humour.


I don’t know why but the rest of the voice acting in the film felt off. I have no Idea why. I found Arlo annoying at times and every other time someone spoke it kind of pissed me off. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know why. The blending of the realistic animation of the environment and the cartoon animation of the dinosaur just didn’t work for me. It may for you but not for me. You could really tell this film went through production problems. The story is unstable and too like other films. It also goes oddly dark at times and it just doesn’t work with the plot. Plus dinosaurs farm.


Well this was a short one but there really isn’t much to say. They are my thoughts and I can’t help but admit that throughout this film I was bored, even in it’s off dark moments which I should love. Ah well.

The Good Dinosaur – 5.5/10




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