Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 4 “Book of the Stranger” – Spoiler Review

Previously on Game of Thrones – Sansa is on her way to The Wall, Jon is back, Dany’s fate is unsure, Jorah and Big D are searching for her, Theon is on his way home, Commodore Swan is scary, Kingslanding is scary, Tyrion attempts to control three cities, Ramsay has Rickon and Osha and has killed one of the last Direwolves ;(

The Wall/ Littlefinger

So Jon is back and has just hanged some of the biggest jackasses in the seven kingdoms. Yaaay. At the end of the last episode it seemed he had just straight up left The Wall but no he probably got halfway out the gate and realised he needs some supplies so he went back and is preparing to leave. His conversation with Ed was amazing. Technically Jon could leave because he gave his life but how can he abandon them with all the white walkers heading towards the wall? I think he should stay but I  understand why he wants to leave. Anyway, then Sansa arrives and I teared up just knowing what was about to happen. Jon and Sansa reunite and it was amazing to see. Even though I wanted them to milk it more. We got a nice scene between the two having  a nice chit chat and the infamous pink letter. That was awesome and I ship Phasma and Tormund. Great moment. And Littlefinger’s back! It seems the knights of the Vale are going to help Jon out in the fight against Ramsay. Noice #cannotwait #episodenine #dundundun

Theon and The High Sparrow

So after three seasons, Theon finally makes it to his home. His sister attempted to rescue him in season 3 (I think) but failed and she believed Theon Greyjoy was truly lost. Now he returns and she is pissed. Really pissed. Too pissed I think. Although her dad did die really abruptly and anti-climactically but no need to take it our on poor Theon he’s been through enough. However, it seems she’s pissed off because she thinks he is here to take the throne as when Theon admits he just wants to help her rule she seems totally fine. And we didn’t get to see that guy who killed Theon’s dad. Strange really. He’ll come into the game soon again I think. I hope. Please. The High Sparrow stuff is just getting  little repetitive now though. It just hit me this episode that I don’t give a damn. His scene with Margery is good and her scene with Loras is good too but with this scene we more or less got the same stuff. However I do like how Margery is telling Loras to keep strong and not give in to what Swan wants from them so I liked that but other than that I was bored af.

Kingslanding and Tyrion

The rest of the stuff in Kingslanding was ok I guess. The scheme is, I think… Margery and Loras will make their walk of atonement and just before it goes down the Lannister’s and the Tyrel’s will march in and wreck The High Sparrow and his chums. Sounds decent I guess. But me and my friend think the Lannister’s may help The High Sparrow and his chums wreck the Tyrel’s and then wreck The High Sparrow and his chums themselves. Sounds like another decent plan but I think The High Sparrow is too clever to overlook this possibility. Plus Margery is strongly against giving up and making the walk of atonement so that’ll put a spanner in the works. Tyrion’s business seems to be going decent also. He plans to make peace with the cities until some other sh!t goes down I think. I’m confused and not very good at explaining things or writing things down so don’t count on me to tell you everything. Grey worm and that girl who’s name I can’t spell disagree with Tyrion but hopefully he’ll have the help of Dany soon… Muhahahahahaha! #foreshadowing

Ramsay and Dany

So Ramsay’s scene was brief this week and that was kind of surprising and a big doo doo as it was only there to kill off Osha which was unnecessary. Ok, we get it, Ramsay is a bad guy. He doesn’t need to kill someone every time he’s on screen for us to know he’s bad. I think we’ll remember his killing his father, raping Sansa, cutting off Theon’s penis and the other stuff he’s done. I feel like they killed Osha just to get her out of the way. Why couldn’t she have stayed alive but just have been a background character? Exactly! So Jorah and D went to rescue Dany. The scene with D’s knife was stupid and Jorah’s greyscale made me gag. Seriously, that sh!t looks serious. Anyway they go to rescue Dany but it turns out she’s gonna kill the Dothraki leaders and leave with their warriors. Good, now Dany has a larger army and she can go back to Tyrion now. Also she had a nude scene. That contract went right out the window. Am I right? Yes I am.


Too tired. Season looks good. Little rushed but ya know. Don’t like this episode as much as everyone else. CBA to do predictions. Soz bros 🙂 #speculationisbadforyourhealth

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 4 “Book of the Stranger” – 8/10


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