Assassin’s Creed – Trailer Discussion

By God I’ve been waiting for this trailer for a long time. Ever since this film was announced but now it’s happening. This film was intended to be released last December but now we have to wait till this December. Anyway this is going to be a shorter review because this thing is literally 2 minutes long.

The trailer opens with some shots of Spain which look as if they are taken directly from the game (which is a good thing) and we are introduced to Michael Fassbender’s character. I love a bit of Fassbender so to have him in an Assassin’s Creed film is incredible. We see that he (Callum Linch) is in some sort of prison and he is executed so his character must be dangerous in some way. Oh yeah. Anyway I presume Abstergo take this as an opportune time to obtain the memories of him for information. As it is in the games.

Now Abstergo looks good and I feel like this is what it would’ve looked like in one of the games eventually. We are also introduced to the other cast members; Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons. I presume Irons runs the whole thing and Cotillard is his sideman. Then we see the animus which transports people into their ancestors past.  I’m not so sure about the look of the animus, it is quite a drastic change from a chair but I’m sure I won’t mind once the film arrives.

Then Fassbender’s character is transported into the past. It looks amazing. Super stylish as well. The director did last years Macbeth which was super good looking with some decent action. Anyway we see an eagle circling a tower. Dream come true for any Assassin’s Creed fan. We see some soldiers fighting which looks super gritty (this film better be R rated) and Fassbender perched on a rooftop *giggle*. Then Kanye but we can’t criticise this as it is just the trailer music. You heard me literally everyone else!!!

We see then that Fassbender isn’t the only Assassin in this world as we see him and his buddies perched on a cliff end looking like a true brotherhood (pun intended) *giggle*. Then we see some parkour shots some fight scenes and the beginning of an air assassination *extreme giggle*. Also a female assassin who appears to be a key player. Nice. We see also that in the real world, what I presume is Fassbender learning to become an assassin here and now as well as re-living his ancestors memories.

The final shot of this thing is Fassbender *giggle* doing *giggle* a leap of faith!!! *super extreme giggle*. I really hope he lands in a haystack, that would be a dream and a hilariously bad-ass moment to go down in the history of films. This film looks amazing and people need to stop whining about Kanye. I probably won’t watch any more trailers for this film to be as hyped and oblivious as possible. I will always watch a trailer to get a feeling for the film but then that’s that. Totally hyped and my most anticipated film of this year. CAN’T BLOODY WAIT!

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