Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker” – Spoiler Review

Previously on Game of Thrones – Dany is on her way to Aquaman’s home, Arya supposedly begins her training as a faceless man, Tyrion and Varys have great banter and attempt to control 3 cities from 1, Ramsay is now Lord of Winterfell, Bran chills with Max Von Sydow and Kingslanding becomes more and more tense. Oh yeah… JON SNOW’S BACK B!TCHES!!!!

The Wall

So as we saw at the very end of last weeks episode Jon Snow is back and he is taking no prisoners. He wakes up and it turns out Davos never left the room. He must’ve been taking his time walking out there. Davos runs and gives Jon a hug while he’s naked. I mean, who wouldn’t right? Then Malisandre runs in and her faith is restored. Stannis dead and Jon’s (supposed) failed resurrection drew her to showing us her flapjacks but now her faith is restored and hopefully we will see no more flapjacks. I like flapjacks. THE FOOD! Anyway he walks out and sees his Wildling and Nights Watch mates who now believe he’s a God. Awesome. He has a quick chat with Tormund the Awesome about his “pecker” and a hug with Ed. Then he hangs Sir Douche and Oli. HAHAHAHAHA! Though Sir Douche did go out like a badass and Oli, well, it’s Oli. HAHAHAHAHA! The way Jon hanged them and then left the nights watch made it seem that hanging them was simply his revenge but I can’t complain about it as id like to hang whoever stabbed me repeatedly in the chest.

Dany and Arya

Dany’s part of this episode was just to forward her story (and we do need filler every episode can’t be a red wedding thank god)so we know what is going to happen to her. It seems she’s either going to be able to stay with the Aquamen or die. LOL. And of course she tells us her titles again. Ahhhh… STFU! WE GET WHO YOU ARE! I was recently thinking about this recently; What character would I be most surprised at if they killed them off? I think it’s Dany for me. Yes more than Tyrion. Hmmm. Anyway Arya. Arya has begun her training as a faceless man and become a sort of Daredevil after a short montage. This was definitely rushed and I would have liked to see her go on a blind mission showing off how cool she is without her sight but now she has it back. Oh well. It was cool hearing her list again and what I believe to be some foreshadowing for The Hound’s return. Yeees.

Tyrion, Varys and Kingslanding

Tyrions and Varys’s scenes were cute I guess. We got to see a different side to Varys. He used his Varysness to convince the woman to go away and stop helping out the sons of the Herpes. Wait? Was that the prostitute that Unsullied visited at the start of Season 5. Shyt. Tyrion wanted to play a game with Greyworm and British girl but they were having non of it. He starts to tell them the game we first saw him play with Shae and we saw Tyrion had a mini flashback to that time. Good times ;( Wait? Bronn was there? Where’s Bronn? Kingslanding is just scaring me. So much is going down and this is going to be one scary season for this location. We see Varys’s little birds and I suppose they’re going to get secrets from them. We see Tommen the Pu$$y King do his thing with Commodore Swan who is so clearly getting on his good side. I’m so scared about Kingslanding.

Ramsay (Possible Spoilers)

Oh my God. He’s back everyone. Rickon Stark has retuned after two seasons I think. Wow. Good to know he’s been up to a lot. Ha! But fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! did you have to kill another Direwolf. I did not see Rickon’s return cming an I did not see the death of Shaggydog coming. FFS! Shaggydog R.I.P… Ramsay is probz gonna use Rickon as a hostage and I heard that Ramsay kills two key players towards the end of the season. I also loved the interaction with Ramsay and was it an Umber? IDK but it was funny stuff.

Bran (Tower of Joy)

Holy sh!t. R + L = J is looking more and more promising. Or more and more obvious. I lost it when this scene begun and in my head I said “Here we go”. We see this legendary scene go down with an awesomely choreographed fight scene between Young Ned and a dude of clear importance who I can’t remember because I try to avoid any areas surrounded by theories. Yes I know R + L = J but that’s enough for me. We see Ned didn’t kill dude of clear importance which is a classic Game of Thrones trope. Build up something and it turns out it didn’t go down like that. But then I thought then that Ned allowed everyone to build the lie. Then I realised if R + L = J is true then Ned wouldn’t like to talk of the encounter. Then Bran leaves the vision and we don’t see the end. NOOOOOO! (no). Good. More anticipation. I think we’ll see the end of the vision around episode 6 or 7. Favourite part of the episode I think. Ramsay close second.


Speculation and nothing else because I’m tired. Ramsay will use Rickon as a hostage, Dany will live, Kingslanding is just scary, maybe Commodore Swan will get the king on his side, Varys secrets will be spilled, Tyrion will enforce Sentinels, Arya will join the MCU in her own Netflix series and Jon will either run into Sansa, The Brotherhood Without Banners or Nymeria. Please be Nymeria 😦

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker” – 9/10



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