Bad Neighbours 2 – Review (Spoiler Free)

Bad Neighbours 2 is (funnily enough) the sequel to Bad Neighbours. Bet you didn’t know that. Anyway the first one’s synopsis is as follows… After they are forced to live next to a fraternity house, a couple with a new-born baby do whatever they can to take them down. Yes I Ctrl C and Ctrl V’d that from IMDB. Anyway after that Troy Bolton leaves and now he’s back to stop that girl from Kick-Ass with Seth Rogen and the woman from Insidious. I love the first Bad Neighbours so I was excited to see this.


The story for this one basically follows the same one as the first. There are a group of girls that want to be part of a sorority but find out that they aren’t allowed to party in them so plan to start their own sorority that can party just like a fraternity and of course it’s in the same house as the last one. So when Mr Rogen and Mrs Byrne find out (whilst they’re trying to sell their house) they have to shut the party down with the help of Lord Efron.


The cast for this film is great. I think in another life I would be Seth Rogen. He’s one of the coolest people ever. He just seem sound about everything. Not to mention he made a film about the assassination of Kim Jong Un. Just seems like an utter legend and in this film he evokes the classic Rogen vibes we all know and love. Perfect. Rose Byrne is great as his Ausie wife and the chemistry between these two is good but not as good or as believable as the first. That was one of the great things about the first film, the backwards and forwards banter between the cast. I don’t know his name, but the guy who plays Seth Rogens mate in the film is awesomely funny again and underutilised. I think this is one thing that this film didn’t do (It seems weird to say), it didn’t improve on the first one. His mate was one of the highlights of the first film and they put him in a minor role. Big mistake. Efron is good again but his banter with Rogen should’ve been similar to the first #whosyourbatman. Moretz was ok I guess. Maybe it’s because I’m a dude, maybe not. I just get the feeling girls are gonna like this film more than guys #notsexist.


Most of the funny moments in this film were so predictable. It opens again with a sex scene and as soon as Byrne burped whilst riding Rogens Rogen I knew she was going to throw up and unlike Deadpool shooting Ajax in his face, it wasn’t funny. The laughs were all lazy and about penis or boobs which annoyed me as it became so repetitive. There were funny moments in the film but they were in the trailer or in a montage. Also there seemed to be not as many party scenes in this film which were the funniest part of the first one. As I said, the chemistry between Byrne and Rogen was great, it seemed like they were secondary characters behind Moretz and that lot. There were definitely 3 or more moments where a character would say something and then they would stand there and think about what they just said in hopes for a laugh. Sometimes it worked #pastaandeggs and sometimes it didn’t #noexample.


All in all I think this film was a disappointment. As a big fan of the first film I was excited for this film and hoping to get loads of laughs out of it. It should’ve had call-backs to the previous film like Garf and his pubes, Rogen and Efron on Batman and Moretz should’ve had a themed party like the Robert Deniro one. Aha! I should’ve wrote this film…

Bad Neighbours 2 – 6/10

I would’ve given it 4/10 if I wrote the review straight after I saw the film but I have had a while to think about it so 6/10 it is. Damn my inconsistencies!


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