Top 10 XBOX 360 Games

Yes it’s official, ladies and gentlemen, The Xbox 360 is dead. Or stopped production that is. Because I’m wise and all knowing like a great oak tree, before getting my PS4 I kept my Xbox 360 and still have it with me now so as a send off to the great console I put together my own personal list of the Top 10 XBOX 360 Games. Baring in mind I haven’t played every game ever and there may be possible spoilers…

10 – L.A. Noire

When this game first came out I was in high school and it seemed not everyone was so pleased with it. Everyone (except from me and my friends) expected a GTA style game but what we got instead was something different where you followed up realistic cases and engaged in repetitive shootouts and spunk covered corpses. Towards the end however you do drift off into the role of another detective making the death of Cole Phelps less impactful but its a game and I enjoyed it so.

9 – Batman: Arkham Asylum

Now I love Batman. Batman is my favourite superhero and before this we had only had stupid superhero games that had no story or anything like that (I think). Now this is a good Batman story. Trapped on an island with no help fighting Gotham’s most wanted. It’s just classic Batman and the way we want to see him.What else is there to say about this game. I know. Mark Hamill! Yeeees. But it’s not my favourite.

8 – Red Dead Redemption

The wild, wild west. No not Will Smith, John Marston. I don’t know how to spell his name OK. Anyway JM is out to earn his freedom and get back to his wife and child but first he has to travel the west in truly immersive landscapes and a gripping story and a heart breaking ending that sees JM go out full Boromir. Yes I know how to spell Boromir. I am a nerd. There are a  great variety of weapons, great characters, great story and a protagonist that you actually give a damn about. Huh. Best Rockstar game so far.

7 – Modern Warfare 2

Now this is a game that hits you right in the feels. Who would’ve known it. A Call of Duty game that hits you right in the feels. You know what I’m talking about. DON’T TRUST SHEPARD! Poor roach. This is genuinley not just one of the best Xbox 360 games, or one of the best Call of Duty games. This is one of the best games of all time. If they made a film out of this I would wet my pants. I’m probably going to do this with this years Assassin’s Creed film but this is not about Assassins Creed. This game is truly awesome and I don’t want to spoil anything so go check it out for yourself.

6 – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

I’m getting this off my chest. Assassin’s Creed is my favourite game franchise of all time. I love them and wish that I was an assassin like these guys. Don’t we all? No? Just me? Ok. Anyway Black Flag follows Edward Kenway as he adventures in the Caribbean and as I love the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise also, this was a bonus in location. It was also a refreshing change after Revelations and the underrated Assassin’s Creed III but again, it’s not my favourite. And I cry every time at Blackbeard’s death. R.I.P.

5 – Mafia II

I hardly hear anyone talk about this game which is kind of upsetting when this is such a great game. No it’s not a revolution in gaming. No it doesn’t bring anything new to the table when it comes to shooters. However, it is one of the best stories put to a game and delivers unique missions as you climb the ranks of the Italian mafia. As with Modern Warfare 2, if they made a film out of this I may pee myself. The story follows Vito after he spent time in the war and returns home to start a different kind of war. Classic mafia. Always messing around. Utter legends. Check this one out people.

4 – Call of Duty: Black Ops

This is the best Call of Duty game of all time. Now it does have competition with MW2 and World at War but this one beats them for me. This one follows Alex Mason through various missions to defeat Dragovich, Kravchenco and Steiner who have brainwashed him and who all must die. You’re not alone as you are accompanied by your wing men Woods and Ice Cube who you get very attached to when they die. Or do they? Does both of them die? Muhahahaha! #blackops2

3 – Batman: Arkham City

Yes I am a Batman fan boy and yes this is the greatest Batman game of all time. The stakes are risen since Arkham Asylum, this time Batman is trapped in an entire city with his criminal mates. Hugo Strange is developing a chemical compound to poison Gotham and it is a up to Batman (who has been poisoned by Joker) to get to the bottom of this and find out what the chemical compound is and how to stop it. You meet an awesome variety of Batman’s villains and they all flow into the story so well and don’t feel forced at all. As always the combat in these games are the best.

2 – Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed character of all time and he is developed so well. You understand why he’s doing what he’s doing and not just being an assassin because he can. He has to defeat the Borgias with his assassin crew. This game takes it’s time to introduce it’s characters and explores more environments than any other Assassin’s Creed game. This would make a great film OH WAIT WE’RE GETTING AN ASSASSIN’S CREED FILM THIS YEAR AND IT STARS MICHAEL FASSBENDER AND IT LOOKS SO GOOD AND IT’S MY MOST ANTICIPATED FILM OF THIS YEAR AND I SHOULDN’T BE HYPING MYSELF UP BUT I CAN’T HELP IT ANYWAY MOVING ON.

1 – Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V)

Yup. Everything I want from a game is right here. Swords, shields, armour, dragons, creatures, adventure, mountains, caves, castles, clans, magic and many more that should be said but I can’t be arsed. The scale of this thing is unbelievable. It’s endless just like it’s missions. No other game has taken my breath away like this game has. It’s score only enhances the atmosphere of the world making it more immersive and more believable than any other game. You are the Dragonborn, a legendary warrior who is the only one who can stop the return of the dragons. Oh my god this game is awesome and I can’t say everything about this game here. This isn’t just the best game I’ve played on Xbox 360, this is the best game I have ever played.




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