Captain America: Civil War – Review (Spoiler Free)

Well then it’s here. We’ve all been waiting so long to see this bloody movie ever since it was announced with the rest of phase 3 at comic con. Was that two years ago? Doesn’t matter. It is here and the big question everyone is asking… (cliché warning) Is it good?


This is definitely the most vulnerable we have ever seen our favourite X-Men (JK I know they’re The Justice League) which is great as they are humanised and yeah. Who cares. TBH I’m tired right now and just don’t feel too good but ya know let’ do this. Our heroes are split into two sides. One is for the government to keep track of the superheroes and for them to only enter the scene when necessary. The other side is all about freedom and to quote Cap (Kind of) “The safest hands are still there own”. Which is the side I leant towards although you understood both sides even the villain who is the popular comic book character The Unnecessary. But Caps line settled me on his side.

Team Cap

Team Cap is going full Braveheart, wanting freedom for all superheroes to allow them to act when they deem it necessary and not when that guy from The Incredible Hulk wants you to. The members of Caps team are Bucky, Hawkeye, Antman (Who stole the show and improved the film the moment he arrived with needed humour. Needed more.) and Scarlet Witch. Although I do think Iron Man has the coolest and most interesting participants I’m still Cap. The most interesting part of Caps team was his friendship with Bucky and Bucky himself. Cap was with Bucky all the way even if it meant betraying all his Avenger friends which was really brave of him because I wouldn’t do this but just as a small fact, I’m not a super soldier. Bucky’s story was so good and shocking and emotional and WTF. The showdown because of this was awesome and yeah. TEAM CAP!!!

Team Stark

Though I am Team Stark in Game of Thrones I am not here even if all my fiends and dad disagree with me. Starks team is all with General Hulk except for Unstable Widow who is conflicted between the two. She would if she’d spent the last Cap film with Cap and Iron Man 2 with Stark. They want Supers to turn themselves in  so the government can only use them when they need to. Which is understandable but no. Ok. Other big question… Is Spider-man good? Yes. The best? In my opinion no but I did grow up watching Sam Rami and that was a big part of my childhood but Holland over Garfield any day. Black panther is my second favourite super of the film after Antman and the Spidey if ya were wondering. And one thing I was confused about was how would Vision even be challenged? He is.


Reyt. The film did take its time to set up and was a little slow and repetitive some points but was never boring because Iron Man vs Captain America. There were some unnecessary scenes and unnecessary moments but they were very few and outweighed by the awesomeness of the fight scenes and all round drama. However Baron Zemo was good but should’ve been Crossbones so the conflict between them all already had weight. Maybe some moments were too dark but maybe not but I definitely think it needed more humour. And just as a little thing I wanted General Ross to have a moment where he spoke of The Hulk. That would’ve been nice. And Henry Jackman’s score was something I was really looking forward to as The Winter Soldier had a great soundtrack. Though it was good to me I don’t think it tops The Winter Soldier. Baring in mind I hated Man of Steel when I first saw it in the cinema and now I love it. Anyway…

Captain America: Civil War – 7.5/10




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