Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Spoiler Review

Civil War is upon us people and the hype has never been higher. Except for The Force Awakens that is. But other than that, this is it. Except for The Battle of the Five Armies (For me anyway). But other than that, this is it. I guess. But right now all I can do is wait and re-watch The Winter Soldier.

As this is a spoiler review prepare for spoilers. Spoiler alert, there will be spoilers. Did you hear that? Spoilers! All you fools who haven’t seen this excellent film gone now? Good! Ahhh. The Winter Soldier follows Cap after his first adventure killing sun burnt Elrond and becoming a “Capsicle” and he is now in modern times. Poor Cap. He left evryhting he knew behind. Lost his friend, his future and to top it all off he lives in modern times. Things aren’t working out for Cap. Especially when he is blamed for the murder of Mace Windu and the rest of the Jedi Council are after him and his sideboob Black Widow. They will have to go on a action packed adventure to prove Caps innocence and solve whatever is going on with the Jedi. Probably Palpatine again. Cheeky bastard.

One of the coolest things about this film was that we got to see Cap in our times and as I would do, he makes a list of all the key things he must watch. Though I haven’t seen or done everything on Caps list (Yes I’ve seen  Star Wars I’m not a my granddad) I took the liberty of making my own personal list for Cap… Star Wars, Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. I call this THE FIVE STEPS OF NERDISM. Anyway yes he meets this dude called Anthony Mackie and they have great banter about exercise. Something I know everything about. HAHAHAHA! Cap gets called in and he does an awesome extraction of some of his allies. Kicking goes down and other shizzle. It’s awesome. Then Nick dies and yeah. Caps on the run.

He’s not alone though. He has a sideboob in the form of Scarlett Johansideboob. They go to the most thrilling action set pieces you’ve ever seen in your entire life like an apple store, Anthony Mackie’s house (Where Mackie makes the greatest breakfast and in doing so becomes the cockblock of the MCU) and an abandoned WWII base camp. Actually that last one sounds pretty cool. And I am hungry so the second one doesn’t sound that bad either. And I do need a new phone. Hmmm. Why can’t I fault this film. The romance of Cap and Sideboob is teased all throughout this movie and the lumberjacks in my theatre couldn’t help but express their feelings about this e.g. “Make out”! Bloody Lumberjacks! Go chop some trees down and destroy the world not my life! After fighting an AI (supposedly Skynet) cap fights The Winter Soldier for the very first time. Yaaaay!

I gotta give the film extra credit for its action though. Man oh man oh man (#americanbeauty) is it good. And The Winter Soldier is in my opinion the best villain the MCU has had so far. He’s just so cool and his arm is so cool and his hair is so smooth. My god he’s so cool. Anyway he fights Cap and this is some of the best action/ hand to hand combat I have ever seen guys. The funny thing is I’m not even overreacting its just the truth. Baring in mind I haven’t seen every kung fu film in the world. Apparently they’re awesome. As said, they fight and it is revealed that The Winter Soldier is in fact his BF who we thought had died in the previous Captain America (Captain America: The First One). They share a look and if anything this is my one small gripe with this film. Cap should have been more emotional when finding out his BF is still alive. That’s it. I think.

Then Cap gets captured and rescued by Robin and Mace isn’t dead because no good guys die in a Marvel film. Coulson survived, Loki survived (kind of a good guy I just started this joke and realised it was only Coulson and Fury that survived so yeah) and now Fury. They fill Cap in on what’s going down and hatch a plan to blow up some snow globe ships in order to stop Hydra *hail hydra* from killing me because I will eventually become a Shield agent. I will! STFU Mum! Cap goes to the ships and yep, shuts them down. Robert Redford dies. Cap gets punched a lot by Bucky in the face. Emotional climax (how crude). Cap survives. Buckie’s F’d off. Shield is no more. BTW Hydra have been building inside shield the whole time #awesometwist.


This has to be one of the best Marvel films we’ve ever got and is defo in my top five for the MCU. I didn’t see this film in the cinemas for some foolish reason but I bought the DVD and watched it in the comfort of my own underpass. I honestly didn’t take my eyes of the screen. I know everyone says that but I didn’t. Didn’t look at my phone, didn’t do nothing. I can’t remember another film that’s done this. Also a great score by Henry Jackman.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 9/10



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