The Jungle Book – Review (Spoiler Free)

The Jungle Book is the new live action remake of the original Disney animated film released back in the day (I don’t know when) and its directed by Elf and Iron Man’s Jon Faverau. Plus space Jumanji. Remember that? Me neither. Anyway this film stars Neel Sethi as the man cub and Bill Murray and Ben Kingsley as his trusty gang of jungle monsters in this sound remake.


The story of this film roughly follows the same beats of the original which I am a huge fan of which was kind of hard to get past while watching this film but I’ve tried to ignore that fact and look at this as a fresh film. Anyway, Mowgli is being escorted to what the jungle freaks call the man village and he bumps onto many different creatures and adventures along the way which involves all the things you want to see in a kids film like being taken away from your home, being eaten by a snake (almost), climbing up cliffs and being hunted by Idris Elba. Yes throughout his adventure he is being hunted by the tiger Shere Khan who turns up to try and kill him ever so often which is one of my major gripes with this film. Shere Khan didn’t have enough to do. Songs occur now and then but we needed more! More jungle tunes! And there are some things that went down in the original that were some of my favourite parts and struck emotional chords that didn’t happen in this film. But again, forget the original! This is new! Never herd of The Jungle Book before!


Nah for this kids first film he has a lot resting on his shoulders. He is more or less the only real thing in this entire film. An I can say he does a good job overall. I can tell this guy has the chops needed and I think if he carries on doing what he’s doing I think he can be really good. We’ll just have to see how he does in the sequel. Yeah! Think its gonna be like the originals sequel? It better be! #forgettheoriginaljunglebookitisinvalidwtfisthejunglebook. But I have to say sometimes you could tell he was acting to nothing but you gotta give him a break it’s his first film. But he definitely has the charisma. Have you seen him in interviews? The levels of swag $$ and confidence are too high. It made me feel like a little French girl. But I guess we all know what that feels like. Anyway good job kid, the force will be with you, always.

Voice Acting

Wow! What a cast! Murray, Kingsley, Walken, Elba, Johansson, Nyong’o and Esposito. Yeah, Gus Fring is in this film. You know, Breaking Bad. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! BOOM! aha. #takeonme. Ok I’ll stop. I loved all of the cast but If I had to pick one for my favourite it would be Ben Kingsley as Bageera. I just love the way he says “Run Mowgli”. Just me? Hope not. But Christopher Walken was a close second as King Loui. He was awesome and ginger. And everyone seems to be raving over Idris Elba as Shere Khan and yes he did have his moments but I don’t think I was as into him as everyone else. But the kids in my theatre seemed to love it. Crying with joy. Or was that just crying? Hmmm…


One question. Have we ever seen more realistic animals? Yes. Life of Pi. But since that film was kind of boring no we haven’t OMG the jungle has the greatest looking CGI animals I have ever seen. They honestly seemed like real animals and there were moments particularly with King Loui and Baloo where I thought they were real. To sit back and watch a film like this knowing it was done entirely on a sound stage in Los Angeles was kind of incredible to witness. I believed it was a jungle. This film was immersive as hell and probably (in terms of the world of the film) the most immersive film so far this year.


This film had a solid cast, incredible animation and jump scares for the teenage girls to freak out at. Also the score by John Debney was utilised very well at some points. My emotions were manipulated. Shout out to Grey! What an adorable little piece of jungle vermin he was. I want one now! I also want Scarlett Johansnake to “keep me close”.

The Jungle Book – 6/10

THE ORIGINAL IS BETTER! Ahh. Glad I got that out of my system.


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