10 Cloverfield Lane – Spoiler Rant

So it’s a little late to do a review for this film since it’s been out for a few months now but ever since I’ve seen it I’ve been sitting on a sort of confession. I kind of didn’t like it. And going into this film I was buzzing! The reviews were great, the cast was great and I watched the original Cloverfield to hype myself up. Now I know you aren’t supposed to hype yourself up for a film just in case the final product is a load of cinematic waste but I couldn’t help it.

1 hour and 33 minutes into this thing I could see why everyone was raving about it… but then the final 10 minutes happened and I have no idea why  one else has brought this up because it was so glaringly obvious to me! Baring in mind this is just my opinion and everything I talk about is in the final act of the film.

Alien Fight

Now this point in the film was totally unnecessary and out of left field and not investing at all. To be totally honest I didn’t care. The entire film had been a great psychological thriller up to now and then the film suddenly becomes an action film and it was just unnecessary. The whole thing had made total sense all throughout until now. Even after the fight had finished the protagonist wasn’t even shocked. Aliens attacked you and you were totally chilled about it #10cloverfieldlanelogic.

What About Cloverfield?

Right. I’m not a Cloverfield expert and forgive me if I’m wrong here Cloverfield nerds (I’m  nerd myself so no racism to Nerdism here) but doesn’t this film cancel out the first one? I mean wasn’t that satellite that crashed into the ocean the reason the monster attack New York? It crashed into the ocean and woke up the monster so it attacked NYC. In this one the monsters are aliens and there are different kinds of them. A cockroach alien? I thought it was a one off thing. A monster and that’s that. But again I’m not a Cloverfield expert.


Hmmm. The title. Yes. Ok here comes my lack of knowledge again. Cloverfield is what they called the attack on NYC after the monster came out of the ocean. In this film the house Fred Flintstone lives at is 10 Cloverfield Lane. This (To me) makes no sense. How is this possible? The only possible explanation I can think of for this is that I am a complete fool or its just coincidence. I thought 10 Cloverfiled Lane was just a cool name for the film  and a good use of incorporating the original title into the spin off but not the actual name of the house the film takes place in (No significance to the plot). Then again I am as thick as most so I may be totally oblivious to something obvious.


Of course the film ends with the hopes of a franchise. Why?! Not everything has to be a franchise FFS! Again we’re going to get a Hunger Games resistance franchise #nooffensetothehungergames. I love The Hunger Games franchise. In fact the first one’s my favourite. I know right? Anyway… Off topic… I heard this from someone but they should be doing sidequels like 300: Rise Of An Empire. That would be cool. Different events happening at the same time as the original Cloverfield was going down. I think it would be cool to have a film taking place during the exact time as the original, following different people and we could see events from the original from different angles. That would be cool right? No? Ok…

Just to be clear I did like the film but I do believe it would’ve been better around 10 – 15 minutes shorter. Just in case you were wondering…

10 Cloverfield Lane – 7/10


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